Dave’s Top 10 Movies of 2013

     December 28, 2013


It’s a verifiable fact that the most important thing an entertainment blogger can do at year’s end is to compile a list of ten films, out of the hundreds available*, that have proven themselves most enjoyable and memorable.  It’s a trial to whittle the full calendar of release dates down to ten – not nine, nor eleven, but ten, a magical tally agreed upon by the annual consensus of global bloggers – but we’re professionals trained in both the mystical art of arcane list creation and the economical practice of reducing an entire spectrum of creative talent down to a bite-size list of bullet points meant to be consumed in the time of the average lunch break.  So after 364 days of relentless toiling, I present to you, with utmost sincerity, reverence and confidence in your ability to comment in a civil and respectful manner, dear reader, my top ten favorite films of 2013.  Hit the jump to bear witness the to pinnacle of movie blogging achievements (at least until this time next year).

10. Getaway


Man, did this movie get trounced by both critics and audiences alike.  Maybe it was Labor Day weekend crankiness on the part of everyone else, but I actually had fun with this movie.  When a movie sets out to do as much practical (and often illegal) car racing stuntwork as possible, I’m in.  I’d rather see a whole-hearted practical attempt fall short than watch endless scenes of physics-defying, computer-generated nonsense (looking at you, Fast & Furious 6).  Sure, Getaway had lots of problems (characters, dialogue, general plot, etc.), but it was more fun than critics would have you believe.  However, audiences didn’t agree with me, so I’m obviously on the short end of this one.

9. Blackfish


Imagine for a moment that you’ve been kidnapped from your family as a child and are then forced to live in a prison cell for the rest of your life, occasionally being wheeled out in front of a paying audience to do a few tricks before retiring to your cage for the night.  You’d be well within your rights to turn violent on your captors or develop psychoses (right, Oldboy?).  Well, that’s the case that this documentary aims to make, claiming that entities such as Sea World have not learned from their previous transgressions, but rather have only gotten better at public relations.  While it’s not the best documentary out there (there’s only the briefest attempt at establishing a balance of view points or true objectivity), it does serve to remind people of the common-sense notion that a caged animal can prove dangerous and unpredictable, and that it’s inhumane to use them for the purpose of entertainment in the first place.

8. Short Term 12


While it’s not exactly the “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”, Short Term 12 surprised me for the fact that it did not turn nearly as dark as it could have.  When the staff of the foster facility for at-risk youths are revealed to have as many issues as the charges they watch over, it would have been easy to fall into the cycle of perpetual doom.  Things certainly get dire for the characters, but there’s a little light of hope at the end of the tunnel that pulls them through.  (I only wish those poor children afflicted with “affluenza” would spend some time in these facilities.)  It’s a tough watch, and there’s a scene in the third act that threatens to derail the whole thing with its departure from the subdued manner of the majority of the film, but Short Term 12 turned in some of the year’s best performances from some of the least-known talents.

7. The Wolverine


You really can’t question Hugh Jackman’s commitment to Wolverine, regardless of the fact that the character has become Jackman’s bread and butter.   If not for the gimmicky 3D and forced, “big action” sequences, The Wolverine would have been the most thorough character-focused superhero movie ever.  A full two-thirds of the film are dedicated to Logan’s personal demons, his struggle with immortality, and what he chooses to do when that burden is lifted.  It’s unfortunate that a speeding bullet train, a giant robotic Silver Samurai and a refusal to play by the rules established in the plot (Logan loses his healing factor but still takes bullets like a champ), degrade an otherwise classic and complex look at Marvel’s wandering ronin.

6. You’re Next


In an age of comic book movies in which audiences are waiting for a strong female lead to stand front and center, we find their wish fulfilled in a rather unexpected genre: the home-invasion thriller.  You’re Next isn’t the first film of its kind to turn the tables on the invading psychopaths (The Last House on the Left is another that comes to mind), but it achieves this genre switch in such a believable and effective way as to make it one of this year’s stand-out films.  Here’s hoping there are strong roles for Sharni Vinson moving forward as well.

5. Monsters University


It’s rare to find a film that says, “No matter how hard you try, you just might not make it.”  It’s even more unusual to find a family film with that message.  Growing up on a steady diet of Disney platitudes and positive vibes might lead a young someone to believe in the unrealistic idea that yes, anything is possible.  Monsters University took the road less traveled to remind us that you can try your absolute best and still manage to fail, but the point is to stay in pursuit of your dreams.  Things might not go the way you expected, but the truth is that the only time that happens is in fairy tales.

4. Man of Steel


Let’s be honest, other than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, DC has been in rough shape as of late when it comes to feature films.  Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot got them back on track in a big way, setting up the anticipated sequel in Batman vs. Superman, which brings Batman back in the form of Ben Affleck and introduces Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to the big screen.  I took issue with some of the screenwriting choices in Man of Steel, but it’s my hope that those decisions will pay dividends when it’s all said and done.  It certainly wasn’t the only superhero film this year, but you’ve got to give the spotlight to the Big Blue Boy Scout when he makes his way onto the stage.

3. Pacific Rim


For as promising as 2013 looked to be at the outset as far as sci-fi was considered, only a handful of films delivered.  As a longtime Gundam fan, Pacific Rim was by far my most anticipated film of the year.  It didn’t quite live up to expectations as being a movie I’d love to watch over and over again without a second thought, but hey, there were still bigass robots slugging it out with gargantuan monsters on screen, so I can’t really ask for much more.  Wait, yes I can, because Guillermo del Toro’s world in Pacific Rim was so rich that I just wanted to keep peeking around the edges of the frame.  I’d love to see more in this world, but the characters need some major overhauls.

2. The World’s End


I was anxious for Edgar Wright’s conclusion to his Cornetto Trilogy by the very definition of the word; I was uneasy, even nervous for its release because a part of me wondered whether or not the growing success of the writer/director had begun to affect his work negatively, or if the jokes among the same cast of characters had grown stale by the third installment.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that The World’s End was the perfect complement to both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, with enough new approaches to help the film stand on its own.  And once you start to pull back the layers of meaning within the film itself, forget about it; this is a definite “must own” for the home library.

1. This Is the End


This was, by far, the biggest surprise of the year for me.  I was already a fan of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s screenwriting work, but the sheer number of surprise twists and turns throughout the plot of this insane comedy kept me engaged throughout its entire runtime.  The cameos were obviously the big selling point of the film (along with the actors playing heightened versions of themselves), but rather than just having Emma Watson or Michael Cera or, I don’t know, Channing Tatum pop up and say a throw-away line before leaving, this movie had them doing some pretty ridiculous stuff.  Those moments would have made the picture memorable enough, but the surreal third act of this batshit crazy comedy made it my favorite movie-going experience of the year, just edging out The World’s End for sheer good times.

*While there may be hundreds of films available each year, it becomes rather a job in and of itself to see them all, especially when one is not able to attend press screenings, travel to film festivals or take advantage of other alternative methods of cinema consumption, save for the ones that are none too friendly on the old wallet.

2013 Year in Review:

  • Marissa Evans

    This is the weirdest top 10 list I’ve seen so far, but hey, that’s cool bro. The only ones there I liked are Short Term 12 and The World’s End (which would probably also be in my top 10 if not 5).

  • mattinacan

    good list, but you are sort of missing about 20 better indie flicks in favor of this big budget nonsense. i surprisingly liked wolverine also, i thought his adamantium was protecting him from the bullets which is why he could take so many and although phased, could continue on. MOS was great for the first hour, once Zod invades it turns into a big action CGI snoozefest, very disappointing. I am hoping for more substance and less action in B Vs S, but with Snyder still at the helm i’m not holding my breath.

    • awera

      If you want less action superman just go watch Bryan Singer’s superman.

      • mattinacan

        if i wanted less action i would send your mom home

      • awera

        how original…

    • George

      Couldn’t agree more about Man of Steel.. I had such high expectations, but it didn’t come close to matching them. Had some cool moments, especially in the first half of the film like you said, but once they got into that non-stop CGI action/destruction porn, it became really generic and boring. I’m just glad they finally brought on a credible writer from Argo to help rewrite the script so David Goyer doesn’t ruin another DC movie. Who the hell thought it’d be a good idea to put him in charge of writing these movies, and overseeing the DCCU? Bring in someone from DC Animation who actually knows these characters (ala Bruce Timm, Paul Dini), not some overrated hack who was only successful because he had the Nolans to help him.

      • Frank

        If Man of Steel’s story was executed half as good as it looked, it would have been a great film, but it favored pomp instead of substance. The terse emotional scenes and monumentally generic action made the film an utter failure on so many levels that it’s saddening.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Argo was a very fairly standard film, especially in terms of the writing (he has a son that he barely sees. Sad. That’s Affleck’s character development in the entire film), so him now working on MoS doesn’t exactly make me confident.

    • October_1985

      The best thing about Man of Steel was that last trailer with Zimmer score (the only good thing that had come out of the movie) that made us believe that this was going to be a great movie. If only the movie had been half as good as that trailer promised…

      • Aquartertoseven

        Best con in a very long time, that was some great marketing.

  • Guest

    This is the worst top 10 l’ve ever witnessed.

    • axalon

      Getaway. Getaway is on a list for top 10 best films of 2013.

    • pinkincide

      Yeah, I have to agree.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      we all have different tastes :)

    • stylus59

      top 10 list – genre style

  • TimeTravelMan

    Fast and Furious 6 had plenty of practical effects.

    • mattinacan

      yes, practically terrible

      • TimeTravelMan

        If you think they were terrible you haven’t seen many movies

      • mattinacan

        maybe you should watch some of my list above and get educated dipshit

      • TimeTravelMan

        I have

      • Zox

        What a prick……. It’s called personal taste…20 indie movies? Do you sit in Starbucks and tell people about your “screenplay”?

      • james

        Hahaha! Best post

    • edshrinker

      Vin Diesel’s acting was NOT CGI. Nor his bald head.

  • edshrinker

    despicable me 2 was better than all but a couple on your list. And I unapologetically would list Into Darkness somewhere in MY top 10 (it was TREK for godsakes and hate on the writing all you want – it had a better more original plot and dialogue than Pacific Rim) Otherwise – hey – it’s what makes the world go ’round…differences of opinion. I’m glad this is a year we can have 10 favorites. There have been some lean years where it was hard to list 5.

  • Adam Heatherly

    No mention of the hobbit

    List invalid

    And im never returning to this troll site

    • dean

      These are his choices. His opinions. Your top ten probably looks very different. Mainly because you liked the hobbit. People like different things whoda thunk it.

      • edshrinker

        Hobbit is just falling short of the majesty of the RINGS trilogy. And to be fair – they have enough literature for 1 movie, not 3. So just because it’s Peter Jackson doing Tolkien doesn’t mean it is an automatic top 10. It was good. But I could find 10 better. Next guy might not. God bless diversity

      • Adam Heatherly

        Fact: the hobbit the desolation of smaug was the best movie of 2013

      • edshrinker

        Well gosh, thank you so much for pronouncing that. It was such a pain to form my own opinions. Now I have you to do it for me! You are so awesome and knowledgeable.

      • Marisa

        As a huge fan of the original trilogy and books it deeply saddens me how much I loath the Hobbit films. Pretty films but I fell asleep twice watching the first film and I wasn’t much happier with the new one. A book that is half the size of one of the Lord books turned into 3? And I could care less that they are padding it with material from some of the other books. Way to take the money Jackson and Company.

      • Person

        Hobbit 2 was terrible. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • mattinacan

      lol, hobbit

    • edshrinker

      Funny. You pop in and invalidate somebody’s opinion and honest interests then say you’ll never come back. Who is the Troll again?

    • Matt Lane

      later, bitch

      • Adam Heatherly

        If there being honest how come NO ONE has mentioned it i refuse to belive everyone on. This entire site hated the film

      • Matt Lane

        the hobbit was good, not great – that is probably why

    • Jebus
    • -

      The Hobbit was good but it’s only like an 8/10 film to me. The length is still unjustifiable.

    • CobaltGhost


    • Jeremiah

      The hobbit movies have been terrible, absolutely terrible. I wouldn’t put it in the top 20.

  • edshrinker

    Lists are addictive.

    1. Gravity

    2. This is The End

    3. Star Trek Into Darkness

    4. Europa Report

    5. Despicable ME 2

    6. Bad Grandpa

    7. Monsters U

    8. Man of Steel

    9. Anchorman 2
    10. The World’s End
    Remember – this isn’t the DEFINATIVE list of movies everyone MUST love!! Just what I enjoyed this year. To each his own.

    • mattinacan

      this is a good list. i haven’t seen bad grandpa and was extremely bored by star trek and MOS, but that’s because i can’t take CGI action scenes without falling asleep. Good stuff though.

    • Marisa

      Decent list Ed, i favor smaller films but I like yours better than Dave’s.

  • Steven

    1. Escape Plan
    2. World War Z
    3. The Hobbit: DOS
    4. About Time
    5. The Wolverine
    6. The Frozen Ground
    7. Anchorman 2
    8. Evil Dead
    9. The Butler
    10 .Prisoners

    • edshrinker

      Yeah – forgot Prisoners. That was really good. Probably would knock out The WOrld’s End. Escape Plan #1? Really? I liked it for all it’d Ahhhnald Sly goodness but #1 …wow! Good for you!

      • Steven

        I dunno, I think Escape Plan is the one I’ll be able to rewatch over and over and I love Arnie. I went to see it twice, the only other film I did that with was the Hobbit this year

    • The Flobbit

      1. Gravity
      2. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
      3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
      4. All Is Lost
      5. Pacific Rim
      6. Thor: The Dark World
      7. A Hijacking/Captain Phillips
      8. The Way Way Back
      9. Upstream Color
      10. Oblivion

  • mattinacan

    in no particular order:

    Short Term 12
    12 Years A Slave
    Enough Said
    Blue Jasmine
    Fruitvale Station
    All Is Lost
    Inside Llewyn Davis

    In the running somewhere:

    Dallas Buyers Club
    The Spectacular Now
    The Act of Killing
    Before Midnight

    this was a good year

    • funkmasterflex

      now this is a list

    • Marisa

      That’s about what my list would be. The level of acting this year is incredible.

    • pinkincide

      Yep, that’s pretty close to what mine would be. Any list without Gravity on it is a bucket of fail.

    • George

      Just watched Mud last night. Absolutely fantastic!

    • Doug_101

      Good list. Enough Said was a real gem. Might make my list too.

  • powbamboom

    I hate to be rude but lists like this are why I no longer read Collider. Sure some of these films were enjoyable but to call them the best of 2013 is just heinous. Fail.

    • Steven

      It’s called having an opinion. At least it isn’t some boring snob list of movies that “we have to like”.

      • powbamboom

        Oh absolutely, I’m just pointing out the fact that there is a reason why I no longer digest opinions that come from this publication which clearly has very little intellectual integrity. I’m totally fine with bloggers having their opinions but we, the consumers, choose who we read and who we do not read. A list like this inspires me to not be a Collider reader. This is just a list of mostly trash and doesn’t deserve to pop up on a google search of ‘Top Tens of 2013′. Sorry.

      • Kevin

        What an elitist prick.

    • Hiff Cluxtable

      You’re kinda failing at the whole not-reading-Collider thing right now.

    • Aquartertoseven

      This is one editor’s opinion. There are like 5 others too, why would you base an entire site on one editor’s opinion? That’s like me basing a team on 1 player that’s not doing well; dumb.

  • João Paulo

    Completely honest list man, congratulations. Some people are so fake when they are doing this things.

    • Steven

      YES. My thoughts exactly.

  • Julio Navas

    By putting Getaway in this list, I feel that you are just doing it to bash Fast Six. I get and respect the fact that you might have liked it, but in your top 10 list of movies of the year, you are describing one of them as problematic, and I don´t see a movie with character, plot, and dialogue problems making it to someone´s top 10 list.

  • Julio Navas

    Mine so far is:

    1.- Rush
    2.- Captain Phillips
    3.- The Place Beyond the Pines
    4.- Trance
    5.- Pacific Rim

    • axalon

      I’m amazed Rush somehow fell under the radar, I thought it was great.

  • God of Collider

    Behold the definitive list for this year:

    1. Her
    2.The Wolf of Wall Street
    3.The Conjuring
    4.Behind the Cadelabra
    5. The Place Beyond The Pines
    6.The Great Gatsby
    7. Stoker
    8.Ironman 3
    10.The Wolverine

    • awer

      saw Her yesterday. What a fantastic movie.

    • Lex Walker

      The Great Gatsby? Really? Pretty as it was, like all things Luhrmann does are, it was pretty vapid and sloppy everywhere else.

      • God of Collider

        I found Great Gatsby to be a perfect cinematic adaptation of a classic novel, the best to date. I’m not a Luhrmann fan or apologist but his style was in perfect keeping with both the themes and style of the book. What sets Great Gatsby the book apart from other Jazz era novels is the style in with which Fitzgerald rendered his narrative, not simply the narrative itself. Fitzgerald’s opulent prose draws you into Gatsby’s world using the beauty of its words just as Luhrmann’s film adaptation draws you into Gatsby’s world using his opulent style and beautifully rendered images. I find The Great Gatsby to be the most astute use of 3D to compliment the themes of the feature to date. Your mileage may vary but I found it to be brilliant.

    • God of Collider

      Behold the definitive list for this year:
      1. MOS
      2. Trailer for Interstellar
      3. Trailer for Transcendence (Anything Chris Nolan Related)
      4. Men in Black Men
      5. Irondildo 3
      6. The Great Anal Gap
      7. Stoker my Anus
      8. The Place Beyond My Anus
      9. Behind the Poopshoot
      10. A Troll in Central Park – what can say, I love my own work.

      • God of Collider

        I chuckled at a couple of these. You’re upping your game. Kudos.

  • deireyv

    This is my list:
    1. Gravity
    2. Captain Phillips
    3. Frozen
    4. The Hunt
    5. Amour
    6. The Croods
    7. Pacific Rim
    8. Star Trek: Into Darkness
    9. Ender’s Game
    10. The World’s End

    • mattinacan

      Amour is a good flick, too bad it was nominated for best picture last year.

    • deireyv

      Honorable mentions: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

  • thank you

    You have the right to have an opinion: Your right is expressed in this list. And here’s how I’ll express my right to an opinion: This is a terrible top ten list. Thank you.

  • Marisa

    My List, my opinion:
    Place Beyond the Pines
    The Spectacular Now
    Before Midnight
    Catching Fire
    Short Term 12
    The Act of Killing
    Man of Steel
    Blue Jasmine
    Fruitvale Station

    • awer

      Her was too good.

  • Marissa Evans

    It’s nice to share your favourite movies with others, but please guys, don’t be rude in return. If somebody has Movie 43 or Fifth Estate on there, don’t judge them, they just might have different taste than you.

  • Matt Millen

    Here is my unofficial list:
    12 Years A Slave
    This Is The End
    The Place Beyond The Pines
    Spring Breakers
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Worst Film:
    Man of Steel. Biggest disappointment I’ve ever witnessed only due to the marketing and anticipation that was set in before it’s release. Such a letdown and with some of the worst pacing ever put on film.

  • Jeez

    2% on RottenTomatoes speaks for itself, friend.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    I stopped reading after getaway
    This guy is obviously missing a few chromosome

  • Strong Enough

    why do people get mad at others opinions? lmao

    • Woopshaw!

      Suck mah balls, Goldberg!

      • Strong Enough

        just whip em out for me

  • Tom

    My TOP10 list:

    1, The Kings of Summer
    2. Mud
    3. Captain Phillips
    4. Frances Ha
    5. The Prisoners
    6. Gravity
    7. The Hunt (with Mads Mikkelsen)
    8. The Way, Way Back
    9. Before Midnight
    10. Trance

    Well, my list probably suck, because there no Furious 6 :(

    • Marisa

      Totally forgot The Way, Way Back and The Hunt on my list need to remove 2 from my list because I enjoyed those way more than Man of Steel and probably Fruitvale

  • Drake

    I don’t watch a whole lot of “non-mainstream” movies, and there are definitely a couple of movies from this year that I want to see/would possibly make the list (Gravity, Captain Phillips, and so forth). But at any rate, here’s my top 5:
    1. Mud
    2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    3. Monsters University
    4. Oblivion
    5. Star Trek Into Darkness or World War Z

    Just my two cents.

  • Jhan

    Yikes, this list.

  • Moppusan

    Can’t we all be glad Goldberg didn’t have a list? The page would have been blank.

  • Robby Richmond

    1- Gravity

    2- Stoker

    3- A Place beyond the Pines

    4- Mud

    5- Rush

    6- John Dies At the End

    7- Pacific Rim

    8- The Act of Killing

    9- Blackfish

    10- Zero Dark Thirty

    • mattinacan

      John Dies at the End and Zero Dark Thirty are from 2012

      • Robby Richmond

        Not in the UK they weren’t…

  • http://www.beatific-design.com Beatific

    Gravity and Alpha Papa for me I think. Enjoyed The World’s End too.

  • Nice!

    This is a fun list. I like Dave so much better than Matt Goldberg.

  • ya

    My top 10 list

    1. R.I.P.D
    2. Smurfs 2
    3. The Host
    4. Scary movie 5
    5. A good day to die hard
    6. Big Ass Spider
    7. Assault on Wall Street
    8. Identity Theft
    9. Turbo
    10. Pain and Gain

    • Lex Walker

      I think you just guessed all the Razzie nominations

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  • playa787

    Are you 16?

  • Alberto

    OUT OF ALL MOVIES RELEASED IN 2013, Getaway is on your TOP 10? Even if it wasn’t as bad of a movie as audiences and critics said, I’m sure it was still 10x better than movies like 12 Years a Slave, The Spectacular Now, American Hustle, and soo many others.
    Not even judging you for the rest of your choices. But maybe you should’ve named this Top 10 Underrated Movies or something.

  • Jay

    fuck you dave

  • anthonyg1500

    Getaway? I know you’re entitled to your opinion but there are no other movies, besides this list, that you saw this year that you had more fun in than Getaway? That’s surprising.

  • Fiz

    I read through the list almost immediately after it was posted and considered commending Dave for opening himself up to an inevitable onslaught of criticism. I didn’t think it would be quite *this* bad, but Dave, I hope you at least saw this coming.

    • Mark Tornits

      lol – i don’t think I even want to comment on how bad his choices are – Its like the line from Anchorman “you pooped in the fridge?? That’s amazing, i’m not even mad.”

      • Lex Walker

        It’s “You ate the whole wheel of cheese” not “pooped in the fridge” that he found amazing, pretty sure the latter would have made him mad.

  • Doug_101

    I really liked The Wolverine too, but I just can’t forgive those last 15 minutes with the robot samurai. The limited series it was based on was pitch perfect – don’t know why they felt the need to plug in all that crap that didn’t need to be in there. Man of Steel was also good, but it fell short of being great for me. Looking forward to the next one though and, like you, I hope they address all the destruction and such that happened in the first film.


    Yo fuck you guys, it’s his opinion.

  • Doug_101

    Keeping in mind I have yet to see “Her,” here’s my top 10 in no particular order:

    12 Years a Slave
    American Hustle
    The World’s End
    Enough Said
    About Time
    Wolf of Wall Street
    This is the End

  • Atlas2036

    Were you on crack or any other from of drugs while making this list? You can honestly look at me with a straight face and tell me you enjoyed GETAWAY more than Gravity? The Hobbit? American Hustle? 12 Years a Slave? Wolf of Wall Street? Despicable Me 2?

    I’m guessing your number 11 would be ’47 Ronin’?

  • Dave Netherton

    It’s all a matter of personal taste but here is my Top 10 so far:

    1) 12 Years A Slave
    2) American Hustle
    3) Gravity
    4) Captain Phillips
    5) Saving Mr. Banks
    6) Prisoners
    7) Mud
    8) Dallas Buyers Club
    9) The Wolf Of Wall Street
    10) The Butler

    Movies just outside my Top 10: Star Trek Into Darkness, Man Of Steel, Pacific Rim, The Conjuring, This Is The End, The Wolverine.

    Movies that were just OK (Didn’t Love or Hate): Oz The Great & Powerful, World War Z, The Heat, Elysium, Kick Ass 2, We’re The Millers, Carrie, Thor: The Dark World, Catching Fire, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, Anchorman 2.

    Movies I should get my $10 back on: Iron Man 3, The Purge, After Earth, The Lone Ranger.

    I also just realized I haven’t seen ANY animated movies this year yet in the theater or on DVD that’s weird…LOL

  • derek

    Wow, this list blows major donkey balls. I am going to completely judge you. You write for Collider and post this???? If i was your boss, you would be fired based on creative differences (if thats even possible). I’m going to post my top ten now; and not in spite of your list but just because I’m bored and need to work on a list anyway.

    1. 12 years Biggest letdown: 1. Dead man down 2. Inside LLewyn
    2. Mud 3. Thor DW 4. Elysium 5. You’re next
    3. Before Midnight 6. Man of steel
    4. Her
    5. DBC
    6. Gravity
    7. The hunt
    8. Fruitvale Station
    9. Pacific Rim
    10. Prisoners
    Need to see American Hustle and Wolf.

  • Bob

    Fast and Furious 6, American Hustle, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Rush, Thor:TDW, and 12 Years a Slave were some of my favorite of the year. Still have to see Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, and Fruitvale Station. Man of Steel was good, could have been great but the action at the end got a little carried away, it started to get repetitive honestly.

  • YodaRocks

    How can a Top 10 list NOT have Gravity among itself? This author gets a 0 from me.

    • stephenmonteith

      “Gravity” was a visually-stimulating film, but it lacked the other half of what makes a really good movie: a story. You want to set a disaster film in space, go right ahead; but “The Day After Tomorrow” had more of a plot than “Gravity” did.

  • The Flobbit

    Stopped reading at Getaway. Your argument is automatically invalid.

  • Cog

    Not what I would of picked..But I pick movies that are enjoyable.

  • Faiz

    So far…

    2.Before Midnight
    3.Frances Ha
    4.The Past
    5.The Spectacular Now
    6.The World’s End
    7.Only God Forgives
    8.About Time
    9.Blue is The Warmest Color

    Once again let me reiterate this list is not yet final since there are still some essentials i haven’t caught up on like Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, Nebraska, etc but i think it’s shaping up to be pretty good so far.

  • cineast4

    Good lord. Props to the guy for mentioning Pacific Rim (Unashamed and well made fun) & Blackfish there and hey its his opinion and all but good lord…

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  • Pablo Cervantes

    Well, opinions and rectums….everyone has ‘em. These wouldn’t make my top 30, let alone top 10….

  • Bob

    1) 12 Years a Slave
    2) American Hustle
    3) Rush
    4) Fast and Furious 6
    5) Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    6) Star Trek Into Darkness
    7) Thor: TDW
    8) The Wolf of Wall Street
    9) Mud
    10) Pacific Rim

    Still need to see Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, All is Lost, Blue Jasmine, and Fruitvale Station.

    • Bob

      Oh, ans I still need to see Short Term 12.

  • Grayden

    ‘This is the End’ was the biggest disappointment of the year. I expected way more and got way less. Still trying to see what everyone loved about it…

  • Marlboroliteman

    Why did I just read this, I don’t even know who the hell Dave is. I can only assume he’s a 13 year old boy who has dreams of being a professional video game player.

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  • Redemption

    I thought this was a really weak year, for both blockbusters and indies. Still, there is no way a list should be this bad

  • bretthickman

    I respect the list for how unconventional it is, but I also disliked or was not interested in so many of those films. I know I will be taking any reviews written by you with a grain of salt. But again, I respect anyone’s liking what they like as long as they can back it up.

    • Redjester

      Yeah, it’s safe to say that I won’t be reading Dave’s reviews anymore…

  • Grayden

    It’s also interesting to see that the writers for Collider and fan’s “Top 10″ are largely different. A split down the middle between big “Hollywood” movies and smaller, independent/art house films.

  • Lizard King

    Subjectivity and opinions aside, this is just a bad list. Not kind of bad. Really bad.

  • LEM

    “Man of Steel” didn’t set up anything. It was a mediocre retelling of Superman and DC/WB is pushing forward with crossover movies because they’re hoping to make a few billion dollars.

  • Redjester

    Ladies and gentlemen: this sites Armond White.

    This is easily the worst top ten list I have ever seen in my life, no joke! Sometimes it really baffles me how certain individuals get jobs in certain fields when it is beyond clear they are highly unqualified. Seriously, you’re like the food critic who chooses McDonald over The French Laundry…


    wtf did i just read

  • Max Rockatansky

    My incomplete list:

    Pacific Rim
    The Conjuring
    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    The Act of Killing
    Captain Phillips
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    Fast and Furious 6

  • Jon Boriss

    You need to see more movies.

  • Adam Collins

    Getaway is the worst movie I have seen all year. The only way it could have been any worse is if it had Nic Cage. The Wolverine was a giant turd, too.

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