Toronto Residents, Get Ready for the SPACED Marathon

     March 13, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

This weekend, Edgar Wright will be doing introductions and Q&A for a pair of musicals as part of his Wright Stuff film festival. At 9:45 PM on March 14th you can enjoy “Head” and on March 15th you can partake of “Dames” at 7 PM and Brian de Palma’s “Phantom of the Paradise” at 9 PM.

But for devotees of Wright himself and not just the films he thinks are excellent (of course, why wouldn’t you just be both?), you want to be in on the “Spaced” marathon on March 22nd. Wright will also be doing intros and a Q&A on this night but this one is FREE for all Bloor Members and Wright Stuff series passholders (if you’re not a Bloor member, shell out three bucks and get a sixth-month membership you cheap bastard).

The marathon starts at 5 PM and will include all fourteen episodes with two intermissions. Honestly, if you live in Toronto and you’re not going to this, you make me sad and I never want to know of your existence. I would kill to go to this which is probably a little unnecessary seeing as the membership pass is only THREE GODDAMN DOLLARS.

Edgar Wright continues to shoot “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” in Toronto not only because that’s where Bryan Lee O’Malley’s books are set, but so Canada can have something other than Universal Health Care to rub in America’s fat, sweaty face.

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