Ethan Hawke to Cameo in TOTAL RECALL Remake

     May 10, 2011


Ethan Hawke has joined Len Wiseman’s upcoming remake of Total Recall.  The film stars Colin Farrell as a factory worker who begins to believe he’s a spy for either the nation stat Euromerica or New Shanghai, but he doesn’t know which.  The movie is based on the Philip K. Dick story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” and was loosely adapted back in 1990 as an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie directed by Paul Verhoeven.  The movie has ditched the concept of going to Mars because I guess as a country we’ve given up on that dream.

Heat Vision reports that Hawke’s role is being kept under wraps and that it’s a cameo in nature.  I’m not exactly sure why you’d cast Hawke in a cameo when he wasn’t in the original film, but I’m not going to argue against his participation.  The film also stars Bryan Cranston as villain Vilos Cohaagen, and Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are in talks to play the female leads Lori and Melina, respectively.  Total Recall opens August 3, 2012.

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  • Moses Ashford

    I predicted back on July 29, 2010 when it was announced that Len Wiseman would direct Total Recall that Kate Beckinsale would be cast as Lori. Check it out!

    I hope former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger will have a cameo in Total Recall and share a scene with Colin Farrell, perhaps telling him to have fun.

    My first thought was that he had been cast as Richter until I read that it is merely a cameo appearance. Nevertheless, it would be good if Colin Farrell and Ethan Hawke have a scene together.

  • Jason

    So, is this a remake of the Arnold film, or is it based on the Dick story?
    It would make more sense to base it on the story, especially if there’s no Mars… and they don’t need to call it Total Recall, and then more people will go see it. A lot of people are suffering Sequel Fatigue these days…

  • Templeton

    Hawke will cameo as the martian woman with three breasts.

  • SeeYouAtThePartyRichtor!

    This is rediculous, how the heck can you NOT go to Mars!!! INSANE! This remake makes me want to…well, its not making me want to do good things. This remake does not have anything going for it. It is going to take a lot to beat the original…

  • dude

    I’m guessing it’s a cameo as the guy who gives Quaid the breifcase.

    • SeeYouAtThePartyRichtor!

      Good Call! If they ever have ANY similarities to the original. Maybe he can be Quato and be a face in some guys chest.

  • J.R.

    Everybody get to the Chopaa!!

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