Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger Among Actresses Reading for Female Leads in TOTAL RECALL Remake

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Now that Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall has Colin Farrell in the role originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film, the film is casting for the lead female roles.  For those who haven’t seen the original film, the two lead female roles are Douglas Quaid’s (Farrell) wife Lori (played in the original film by Sharon Stone) and the other is Martian freedom fighter Melina (originally played by Rachel Ticotin).

Deadline reports that Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth have read for the role of Lori; Paula Patton, Jessica Biel, and Eva Green have read for Melina, and Eva Mendes has read for both roles.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on the casting.  Total Recall is set to open on August 3, 2012.

I don’t have much of an opinion on who should play Melina (the only actress I don’t like among the names being mentioned is Biel, who seems better suited for Lori), but I think of the actresses reading for Lori, Bosworth should get the gig.

[spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the original film]

The whole point of Lori is that you would never suspect a sweet homemaker is actually a trained assassin.  Both Kruger and Mendes give the impression that they could kick some serious ass, but Bosworth has a softness to her that would make the reveal of her murderous ways far more shocking and impressive.

Of course, this is all assuming that the characters are basically the same as the ones in the original and that no drastic changes have been made.  All we know about the remake is that it’s a “new, contemporized reimagining”.  Personally, I think the original Total Recall is half of an interesting movie.  Everything that takes place on Earth is a wonderful mindfuck of unreliable reality.  But when the movie gets to Mars, it swings wildly to a campy B-movie that’s still enjoyable, but not as rewarding as the story that’s set on Earth.  While it would be nice to see a remake that can reconcile the two sides of the story, I don’t have much faith in Wiseman’s ability to make a movie that’s superior to Verhoeven’s.

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  • Infinitemonkey

    Zoe Saldana for Melina!
    The others can fight for Lori.
    Diane Kruger and Eva Green should stay away from this rubbish. LOL

    • Wolstenholme

      On the contrary…I think Diane Kruger for Lori and Eva Green would be perfect for the respective roles…

      I just don’t want Eva Mendes to ever work again….besides, I didn’t think they had those types of aliens of Mars

    • Guns Of Navarone

      I’m with you on Zoe Saldana for Melina. I can’t help but feel Len Wiseman is going to fuck this up. I’ve never seen him do anything story intensive. Don’t know whether it is beyond the guy.

      • Joe

        “While it would be nice to see a remake that can reconcile the two sides of the story, I don’t have much faith in Wiseman’s ability to make a movie that’s superior to Verhoeven’s.”

        I do. Verhoeven is one of the most criminally overrated hacks in the world of directors. He rarely gets good performances from his actors. Starship Troopers has some of the worst acting and dialogue ever seen. Total Recall isn’t much better with it’s campy shlock.

        Wiseman has shown himself to be very good with the camera. The guy did a fantastic job on the Hawaii Five-O pilot, and made Die Hard 4 far better than it had any right in being. Critics liked it as well, and it was by far the highest grossing of the film. In my opinion, it’s easily the second best film in that series. The two Underworlds, both of which had hideously low budgets in the 20+ million dollar range. The guy is great with visuals and action sequences, and he gets competent performances from his actors.

  • chelle

    Bosworth should not be cast in anything ….she couldn’t act to save her life

    • Steven

      Listen, this is a movie site, not somewhere for the crazy jealous Skarsgard fans to rant. I agree that Bosworth would be perfect in the role. Kruger and Farrell aren’t a good fit.

    • Lame Duck

      Thank GOD im not the only one who thinks Kate Bosworth isnt that great of an actress. I saw Superman Returns and Blue Crush and I was not impressed.

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  • charhamblin

    Don’t know what a “Skarsgard” fan is, but I have to agree that in the few movies I have seen of Bosworth, she just can’t act. Seems so fake, plus, with her bones sticking out, I don’t see how she could play a housewife role. That is not what a housewife would look like. Maybe a WW2 movie being in a concentration camp would work better for her. Kruger for Lori, and Mendes for Melina is good too.

  • Mathieu

    Matt Goldberg – you’re completely wrong on two counts regarding Total Recall.

    1) It’s an entirely interesting movie.

    2) They never go to Mars in the original. The second half of the film takes place entirely within Quaid’s head – it’s a paranoid delusion/wish-fulfillment fantasy that he had paid for when he visits Rekall for the memory implant. He’s going insane in the latter half of the film and is being lobotomised.

    Watch it again; it’s a far more intelligent and subversive film than its detractors would have you believe. And far more faithful to Dick’s preoccupations with paranoia, memory and identity, and his wacky sense of humour, than most other adaptations of his work. The fact that it’s so much fun and has Schwarzenegger in it means it isn’t taken as seriously as it ought to be. Ignore the snobs – it’s great as it is and we don’t need a damn remake.

    • elduder

      Dude you are so right on the money I love it and Arnie makes it that much more awesome.

      This remake will be as bad as remakes of other classics like bad news bears and longest yard.

    • Agent_Black

      @ Mathieu – For christ’s sake mate I think Matt knew exactly what he was talking about, yes I agree with your point, but why do you have take everything so literally? Have you ever heard of ‘subtlety’? You probably wouldn’t know it if it hit you around the head with a brick made of feathers.

      Also, I watched this film lately and even though it’s a classic, it started sagging in the latter half now and looks a tad dated, it’s just one explosive set-piece to the next ‘when they get to Mars in Quaid’s head’. I hope they go for a bit more ‘subtlety’ in the remake rather than BANG BANG BANG

      • Mathieu

        ‘Taking it literally’ would be to take the film’s plot at face value and assume, as Matt does, that the character actually goes to Mars rather than suffering a psychotic break.

        The film is very subtle, when you consider people still argue over its meaning twenty years later, something I doubt they’ll be doing over the remake. (The key line to listen out for is the mumbled “blue sky on Mars? That’s a new one,” just before the memory implantation procedure.)

        It certainly can be enjoyed both as a straightforward fun adventure movie and, more imaginatively, with the action/adventure conventions of the plot viewed as a comment upon such things themselves – they’re action-packed, ‘unsubtle’ and exhilarating for a reason, because they’re Quaid’s fantasy where he isn’t just a regular guy with a dull job anymore; he gets to be a hero, save the day and win the girl, just like in the movies.

        If I was ‘imposing my views’ then so was Matt by describing his reading of it with such certainty, and judging the film negatively because of the interpretation he sees when he watches it. Verhoeven himself – the man who directed the film and whom I would imagine has a greater insight into the matter than anyone on a blog or messageboard – has said the latter portion of the film is ‘a dream’.

        If it’s okay to dismiss the movie with one preferred reading of it, then there is nothing wrong with defending it passionately by taking the opposite stance, one which is supported by the director himself.

        So therefore you are only half right yourself. ;)

    • Agent_Black

      PS – one of the most successful common factors in every great story with a twist as the events can be perceived differently by each viewer, which makes it personal. When you take that away you have no twist.

      So before imposing your ‘views’ on other people, you should think of considering their interpretation of events, that’s the whole point of Total Recall, not some one dimensional, linear plot.

      So therefore you are only half right.

  • Harris

    Bosworth gets my vote! BTW, she was brilliant in Wonderland and The Girl In The Park.

  • Put Down the Pipe

    Besides Bosworth’s 2 fans, who else thinks she can act? I have yet to sees a good review of her acting. The warrior’s Way was a disaster and critics everywhere slammed her. She can’t act and is totally forgettable. On what planet would anyone believe that this bobblehead anorexic who can barely hold up her own head can kick @ss?

    She’s bland and ineffective in everything she does. Absolute box office poison that will be proven again when Straw Dogs tanks in September.

    Eva Mendez, Rosario Dawson, Milla Jovovich, or Michelle Rodriguez should play Melina. Zoe Saldana can do either roles. I think that Diane Kruger is usually bland and boring but wasn’t too bad in Inglorious Basterds

  • kiki

    Bosworth will destroy the movie. She is without the meat it takes to act. Im not impressed with any of the choices for actresses. but it will be one of those cheap tacky remakes, so i suppose it really doesnt matter who they cast. the bomb will only effect the actors career. which is that case, do not cast diane kruger. she deserves far better.

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