TOTAL RECALL Remake, I HATE YOU, DAD and HERE COMES THE BOOM Get Summer 2012 Release Dates

     February 25, 2011

Sony has just announced a few new 2012 release dates and they include their Total Recall remake (August 3, 2012), I Hate You, Dad (June 22) and Here Comes the Boom (July 27). Commenting on the announcement, Jeff Blake, chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures said:

“Not only do we have two of our most exciting franchises back in theaters with Men in Black 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man, but the three movies we added to the slate today round out a fantastic schedule.  We love comedy in the summer and you can’t ask for better stars than Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Total Recall has us excited not only because of its incredible pedigree – we love the original story and the first film – but we think this new project will really hit home with a new generation of moviegoers.”

Hit the jump for new synopses and more info on each film:

According to Sony:

I Hate You, Dad centers on a father (Sandler) who moves in on the eve of his son’s (Samberg) wedding and promptly begins feuding with the bride-to-be.  Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo and Heather Parry are producing, Barry Bernardi serves as executive producer, with the screenplay by David Caspe and David Wain & Ken Marino.

In the comedy Here Comes the Boom, Kevin James stars as a high school biology teacher who moonlights as a mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to save the school’s music program.  Director Frank Coraci, who recently directed James in Zookeeper, which Columbia and MGM are co-financing and will be released  this summer, re-teams with the star.  Here Comes the Boom is produced by Todd Garner and Kevin James.  Executive producers are Jeff Sussman, Marty Ewing and Sean Robbins.  The screenplay is written by Allan Loeb & Kevin James.

Total Recall is a new, contemporized reimagining of the science fiction saga.  The film will be directed by Len Wiseman and produced by Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe, with Ric Kidney on-board as executive producer.  The short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick served as the source for the 1990 Motion Picture screen story by Ronald Shusett & Dan O’Bannon and Jon Povill and screenplay by Ronald Shusett & Dan O’Bannon and Gary Goldman, with the updated screenplay being written by Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback and James Vanderbilt.

As most of you know, Total Recall is going to star Colin Farrell and when I recently spoke to him, he told me the “script is cool. Script is smart.”  I then asked him if it’s loaded with action.  His response was:

“There’s a good bit of action. I don’t know that it’s… it kind of sits on the fence in a really good way. It kind of sticks to one half or the other.  It’s clever. It’s clever and it’s well written. And there’s loads of action. I saw some of pre-visualizations already, that have been done for the world that they’re going to create and it’s wicked man. It’s the first time in years where I went, ‘Wowww, I could be part of that? In that frame?’ It’s gone back to the original. Am I definitely doing that, are you going to ask? I dunno. I dunno.”

While I love the original Total Recall, if done right, I’m onboard with the remake.  Either way, Sony is throwing down in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man, Men in Black 3 and Recall. I can’t wait.

  • Mathieu

    I have no respect for anyone who thinks a Total Recall remake is a good idea. That film is one in a million – and I’m guessing this travesty will be PG-13 and devoid of all the magical gore, swearing and nudity that used to characterize blockbusters of yore. Count me out.

  • Yahzee Skellington

    Fuck this… I agree with Mathieu, this will replace all great things of the original with… updated special effects…

  • h dot

    Agree with mathieu’s comments.

    “you can’t ask for better stars than Adam Sandler and Kevin James.” What a tremendously ridiculous statement.

    Colin Farrell will forever have my respect for In Bruges but when he agrees to a movie like this I worry he’s gonna steer back into the PG-13 action-garbage genre. His studio pictures have been his worst and I think he knows that. Not sure why he’d wanna get on board with this.

    • h dot

      I also gotta add that I can’t help but see from the perspective of Mark Harris’s “The Day the Movies Died” lately. I think the glass has officially shattered…for me at least.

  • SeeYouAtThePartyRichtor

    A piece of me died when I heard Total Recall was being remade. Its a flawless movie! Classic Schwarzenegger at his finest, awesome story, great huge big budget, so many amazing one liners that only Arny could deliver. This is like saying “We love the Mona Lisa, but we think we can make her hotter!” WTF. Bad idea, pick a new movie. The fact that its Colin Ferrel makes me sick. Not at all who it should have been if there was EVER a choice. Sad day in movie history when that movie comes out.

  • GiveThesePeopleAir!

    After reading all of your comments, I couldnt agree more. I fear this will go the route of the pg13 blockbuster. Terrible terrible terrible. How can you beat 3 tits!?!

  • ManIveGotFiveKids2Feed!

    How the hell could you improve Venusville!?

  • YourNotYouYourME

    So many great lines. Damn it all.

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