First Official Image from TOTAL RECALL

     July 14, 2011


After yesterday’s set photos, the first official image from Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall has gone online.  In the image, Colin Farrell is apparently at the mercy of two guys playing paintball.  When the film has its presentation at Comic-Con, will someone please go to the mic and ask Wiseman there will be anything half as creative as Kuato or the chick with three boobs in Paul Verhoeven’s original.  Maybe the Comic-Con presentation will turn me around on this film but neither Wiseman’s filmography nor any of these Total Recall images have made me interested in this movie.

Hit the jump to check out the image.  The film also stars Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, John Cho, Ethan Hawke, and Bryan Cranston.  Total Recall opens August 3, 2012.

Image from the new issue of Entertainment Weekly [via The Film Stage].


For those who don’t know about the plot, Farrell plays a factory worker who discovers that he’s a spy but he’s not sure if it’s for the nation-state of Euromerica or its enemy New Shanghai.


  • shane

    your right wisemans a really boring director with no style so there prob no hope for this film verhoeven’s a legend nuff said

    • mark tornits

      he does have a style, its called drain all of the color out of the image.

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  • cobby

    looks Good Philip K Dick Stuff is awesome , and if they adapt it faithfully this movie will be better than the original

  • LP

    Soooo… no exploding face mask and fat suit?

    Verhoeven’s version is still awesome to watch. I hope the remake will be good, some how…

  • Quato

    I just hope they say at some point “See you at the party Richtor!”

    • Hauser

      Neeeaaaarghahahahahahaahahah. You made my day,

  • Jake

    Underworld is lame but Die Hard 4.0 fucking rocked! it was the best since the original, which is saying a lot since it was PG-13. I don’t care what you say Goldberg, it was awesome.

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  • JoJo

    First of all this movie is NOT a shot by shot remake of the Total Recall movie starring the governator. That movie was was based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”, but was nothing like the book. This version of Total Recall is supposedly closer to the book.

  • Warpcrafter

    The last movie I saw that was enhanced in any way by the presence of Colin Farrel was……

    …Sorry, spoke too soon.

    Anyway, the Verhoeven one had too many awesome one-liners for any crappy pretender to be anything but a joke.

    “Get your ass to Mars!”
    “That’s the best mindfuck yet.”
    “Bennie! Screw you!!!”

  • Wladi


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  • Jack

    Oh God, shut the fuck you whiny little cunt. Only a stupid asswipe like you with no taste, would think a three titted woman is creative. You’ve done nothing but whine about this film from day one. You wouldn’t have the spine to admit you liked anything about this film, even if you did.

    “Anyway, the Verhoeven one had too many awesome one-liners”

    There was nothing awesome about those one liners. They were cheesy, corny, and shitty.

    • Quato

      The Cheesyness of the one liners were what made them great. The whole movie was awesome. Had everythign a great action flick needs. The babes, the action, the one liners, the action…it had it all. I know it wasnt “The Notebook” your fav film, so for that, I’m sorry.

      • Quato

        (Action was said twice on purpose…double the action…)

  • mattdibz

    If anyone actually read the Phillip K Dick short story you would see that its not really possible to make a full length action feature thats any more faithful to the text then the last one was. I dunno why people keep saying its going to be like the book. The book is 20 pages and weird as all hell.

    • Kevin

      Mattdibz, you’ve read it too? I guess that makes two of us!

  • Laurayse C.Lubin

    I read your post and I found it amazing..Your thought process is wonderful about First Official Image from TOTAL RECALL. The way you express yourself is awesome…

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  • Kenny B

    Is it really necessary to have your head that close to the gun man on the left?

  • Tarek

    It looks like the attack of the Rainbow six clones