New Set Photos from Len Wiseman’s Remake of TOTAL RECALL [Updated]

     July 13, 2011

I’m not necessarily opposed to a remake of Total Recall.  I’m opposed to a remake when the original was from interesting director Paul Verhoeven and the remake is by Len Wiseman, a director who thought blue was the only color his Underworld movies needed.  The remake takes Mars out of the equation and has protagonist Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) trying to find out if he’s a spy for the nation state of Euromerica or its rival New Asia.  New set photos from the film have leaked online and they provide a look at storm trooper outfits, a car that looks like it was taken from Demolition Man, and a neat New Asian passport (I like that the passport has a QR Code).

Hit the jump to check out the set photos.  The film also stars Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, John Cho, Ethan Hawke, and Bryan Cranston.  Total Recall opens August 3, 2012. [Update: We've added more set photos after the jump.]

Click over to AICN, OnLocationVacations, and This Little Film Blog for more set photos.


The person who sent in the last two set photos into Aint It Cool wrote the following [potential spoilers]:

“In the scene, a massive spaceship apparently breaks through to the area and a big riot starts in which the New Asians try to overcome the robot police… the adaptation is more faithful to the original novel by Philip K. Dick than the previous film with Arnold.

You can’t go wrong with robot police whether it’s police officers who are robots or officers who police robots.

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  • kenny

    HALO SUITS!!!!!

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  • runaroundace

    I love the idea of a Total Recall remake, because the story is great but it was staring arnold. the remake should be better with colin ferall. I hope so anyways.

  • aces15224

    Hell no! The first Total Recall was one of Arnold’s only good acting gigs! This reboot is obviously going to suck…storm troopers or not

  • Jack

    If you had any f*cking clue what the hell you were talking about, you would know that there was no Mars in Dick’s story, which is what Total Recall was loosely based on. The fact that you hold out Verhoeven as some great director, is also hilarious. The guy was a hack. His best film was Robocop. Total Recall was merely a fun, cheesy action flick. Almost everything else he produced was garbage, and he rarely got good performances from his actors.

    As for hacks, as a writer you fit that bill perfectly. You’re often ignorant of basic facts.

  • Jack

    “The first Total Recall was one of Arnold’s only good acting gigs!”

    LOL! Arnold never had a good acting gig. He sucked as an actor, and he sucked in Total Recall.

    “This reboot is obviously going to suck…storm troopers or not”

    I didn’t know you had seen this film. Can you give us a review? I didn’t think so.

  • RecallWorker

    The person who leaked these photos and gave the little blurb about the plot line/spoiler. Must have been one of the 500 plus extras there, who had no fucking clue what he/she was talking about.

    Dicks short story “We can remember it for you” Was NEVER a novel. It’s a fucking short story for christ sakes.

  • mike

    to the crew and dumbass extras. I hate extras, No respect for what is involved in making a film. Most of you are LA shit emo, hollywood douchebag hipsters. And if its a crew member who leaked these, well then fuck you. You don’t appreciate the hard work that goes onto filmmaking. Remember what you are, a slave to the studios. You work your ass off, don;t make residuals and still have to spoil the film with some shit stills leaked on the internet.
    Way to go. Slave away with the bates cable.

  • Bob

    Gotta say I wish they wasn’t remaking my favorite movie, total recall was a great movie and I have a feeling this is going to be a massive let down to anyone that enjoyed the first. Why storm trooper police? Why colin farrell? he’s a awful actor I’d rather see ethan hawk play the main roll.

    Anyway thats just my opinion so dont break my balls, I hope it’s great but seriously doubt it.

  • adam

    Really!?? Hollywood…make up your own damn movies and stop remaking the classics. they ALWAYS suck!

  • nathen doorson

    jesus guys it a fucking film. if it shit its shit if its great well theres another 2 hours to enjoy, otherwise grow the fuck up get a life and stop bustin ass on peoples comments cause it just makes you look like the knob, wich you probably are

  • Julie Wyatt

    It’s ripe for a remake. It should be really intense, much darker in tone, no campiness and more straight. This is a second chance to get it right. This is an opportunity.
    I hope the Euromerica and New Shanghai storyline will incorporate elements of current affairs in international relations.
    I hope Colin Farrell won’t get kicked in the balls in this. Arnold Schwarzenegger was kicked in the balls three times in the original film.

  • Me

    Is Jessica Biel going to have 3 boobs?? ( . Y . Y . )