Tom Hanks Says Pixar is Working On TOY STORY 4

     June 27, 2011


One of the most critically praised and highest grossing trilogies might not be a trilogy after all. That is, if Tom Hanks, voice of Woody in the Toy Story franchise, is to be believed. Hanks was doing international press for his upcoming film Larry Crowne when he sat down for an interview with the BBC’s Breakfast News (via Bleeding Cool) and spilled the beans. When asked if there would be a Toy Story 4, Hanks responded:

“I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go.”

Hit the jump for my thoughts on news of a fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise.

There are two immediate gut reactions to the news. One of elation and one of awe. As a Pixar fan, I would love to see another Toy Story film but I also do not want the franchise run into the ground with endless sequels. Considering the Hawaiian Vacation short that played in front of Cars 2, it is obvious that Pixar is at ease with the characters and it just feels right. Not to mention the fact that Toy Story 3 made over $1 billion worldwide, so there’s a bit of a financial incentive to keep going as well. So far, this is the first mention of a fourth installment that I can recall, as it did seem quite clear that Toy Story 3 was the final chapter, sending the gang off to live in a happily ever after way.

What do you think readers? Are you game for a fourth film, or is this going overboard? Alternatively, do you doubt they are even going to make a fourth movie? We did mention an untitled Pixar film set for a November 27th, 2013 release, but the studio specifically said it would be an original film and not a sequel. For now, I’ll side with Hanks, but we will definitely keep y’all posted on future developments.


  • Linus

    Sound to me like Hanks could have been ironic in that statement.

  • nawtnt

    Toy Story 3 was the best movie in the series and the series is the greatest trilogy ever.

    The ending where Andy says farewell to the toys was the greatest emotional ending ever, it was like the audience saying farewell to the toys.

    Just leave it the way it is so the next gerenation can be inspired to love their toys and have a nice time being a kid.


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  • ReptarTheTommy

    I hope that was a joke. I love the hell out of Toy Story but Jesus 4 movies is too much. I want to see more originals from Pixar.

  • Thekken

    They’ve already proven through Cars 2 that even Pixar can churn out crap when “financial incentive” is the driving force behind the production of a movie. They should just let Toy Story alone. Its already an awesome collection. A fourth one will just ruin it.

  • @Toriach

    I think that if there is a 4th one planned then perhaps we need to stage an intervention. The movies worked out beautifully as a trilogy. Why risk that with a fourth movie that can’t help but feel like more of “that”. Personally I think it’s time that Hollywood in general adopted the train theory of entertainment. Each movie is like a train. So get people on the train, take them somewhere good and then let them off the train so they can take the next one to somewhere else good. Sequel-itis is like turning a pleasant two hour train ride into an 8 or 10 hour long endurance festival. Eventually no matter how pretty the scenery you will wind up falling asleep.

    Hey did you hear The One About…? Well you will if you check out my blog.

  • Robb

    I honestly can’t see them topping the pure emotional punch of the third film. While I LOVE those characters and that universe, I fear going any further would just weaken the whole thing. Part 3 is such a perfect, beautiful and organic conclusion … I just wouldn’t want that messed with.

    I think this is one of those times when, just because the audience wants more, doesn’t mean they should get it.

  • 1AngryMan

    Kinda would make the ENTIRE third film rather pointless wouldn’t it?

  • Alex H

    I hope Tom Hanks was being…ironic…because making Toy Story 4 would be the biggest mistake Pixar has made and ever will make. It’s ENTIRELY unnecessary. The losing to the trilogy was beyond perfect; making a fourth one would just ruin the whole thing. It would make the ending to 3 feel like a waste.

    Please, Pixar, for your own good and the good of the fans…. DO NOT MAKE TOY STORY 4.

    • Alex H

      closing* to the trilogy

  • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

    I don’t think we need another Toy Story film, as the last one was the perfect ending to the series.

    Given that, though, if they were to make another, I’d see it no questions asked.

  • chris

    I am so done with Tom Hanks and pixar … it was a travesty last year that Toy Story 3 won the oscar instead of How To Train Your Dragon which was a MUCH better movie.

    Toy Story 4 would be no more than search for more parent’s money. Having Tom Hanks attached to a project is an auto oscar.

    • Bill Graham

      I disagree about TS3 vs HTTYD. I much preferred Toy Story 3, though Dragon was a great film. Personally, I still think Kung Fu Panda was the better Dreamworks film.

      If anything, it wasn’t nearly the robbery you make it out to be. TOY STORY 3 didn’t make a billion dollars worldwide because people thought the film was OK.

      • Towers

        Because everyone knows that the amount of money a film makes amounts to the quality.

        Btw Transformers 2 made how much money?

      • Bill Graham

        What other things could I throw out to add to my statement? How about winning the Oscar? How about being nominated for best film as well? How about having one of the highest critical ratings that year?

        But none of those are necessarily indicative that someone will enjoy it. An animated, critically praised film making a billion dollars is far different than a sequel to a well-received critical and commercial success that was disastrously received by critics. At that point, it’s like printing money.

  • feloniousmax

    They should definitely not make a 4th film, as they’ve already made a short I see no reason they couldn’t continue to make shorts in the Toy Story universe without completely ruining the power of the 3rd film (which a 4th installment would do no matter how good it might be).

    • Bill Graham

      I didn’t put it in my review of Cars 2, but that is EXACTLY how I felt about the short. It was perfect. Why not just have a new short attached to the new DVDs or maybe double-bill the shorts so they can continue having an original creation alongside the continuation of the Toy Story gang?

      I wouldn’t mind having that. Who knows. Maybe we are all speaking too soon. This is PIXAR, after all. Outside of the CARS franchise, they really have hit it out of the park continuously, and some still love THAT franchise as well.

  • aaronsullivan

    I’m mixed on this. I really like the new owner. I mean, come on, she has a big Totoro dol, I have to like herl. I also like the dynamic of the toys split up by day care and her house. There are some brand new characters to focus on in order to keep things fresh, too.

    I actually thought the set up was great for a high quality TV show.

    As a movie it’s a little weird. You’d need a really good hook. Number 3 felt final in many ways.

    It would be interesting to make the girl’s story more upfront than the toys, they never did that with Andy.

    I think Pixar is interested in sure money however. As much as some people despise Cars 2 (most without viewing it as it happened with the Cars) it’s making Pixar money. It allows them to make the risky films like Up and Wall E. I want them to make the high risk films so I’m okay with them developing the sure money. Most of the safe movies have been darn good, too.

    • Bill Graham

      I love the way you look at things, and feel along the same lines. If they sell a ton of merchandise, it helps give them room to take risks. Without Toy Story, WALL-E would have never existed. You have to play it safe sometimes to build up your chips so you can go all in on some things.

      • feloniousmax

        Without Toy Story CGI animation likely wouldn’t be as pervasive as it is today, that being said they really need to maintain the quality of their properties and not necessarily go for the bucks, they’ve a vary solid record the 2 Cars films aside, and with Disney now financing them they should be able to maintain their original quality ideas without having to resort to whoring out their past.

      • feloniousmax

        very not vary. Though they definitely should vary their properties.

  • William S.

    Toy Story 4 might be a bummer, but say around, Toy Story 6 when Andy is having his own kids and is dealing with the stress and joy of first time fatherhood, if the toys are somehow back in his possession, that could make a really unique story line, and lets face it, with video games on the rise conventional, physical toys are facing the threat of becoming outmoded, and at this phase Woody and Buzz are both retro toys, and as they get older, so to speak, its an interesting question about what sort of story could happen, what if they did end up in attic from the second owner, what if they are old faded and dusty in the fourth or fifth film. If they continue, and I’m not saying they should, they need to do it in a new/different way, because honestly how many times can you do the plot where ‘toys get lost, toys try to save each other, toys deal with fear of abandonment, toys find their way back to their owner in a series of hilarious misadventures, personal growth ensues’ the formula has to evolve a little bit because they succeeded in three films, but it might not work another time around without a new look at how these characters would develop from here on out.

  • Twowolves

    I hated the idea of a Toy Story 3, but they pulled it off with flying colors. If they went for 4, I’d keep my faith.

  • John

    Wait… WHAT!? Funny enough, my friends and I were talking about TS3 being a love letter and some closure to the people that grew up with the franchise. But I’m still blurry about this new idea. Let me tell you a story.
    Long ago, Disney had a rocky relationship with Pixar, so they decided to release a Toy Story 3 with a company called Circle 7 Animation. The story was of a recall of Buzz Lightyears all over the world. The gang finds out that the Lightyears are being destroyed and replaced, so they take a trip to Taiwan to save their Buzz. Or something. Circle 7 folded, Pixar came back, and they scrapped the recall storyline with the TS3 that was released in theatres. Do you think they may rehash this lost story?

  • Kenny B

    A lot of you guys sound like purist wack jobs. Who gives a shit – obviously Andy will be gone. So it can be a reboot of sorts, right(“even worse”)? They can call it something other than Toy Story as well. I’d also rather have another movie with characters we all obviously love than another Cars.

  • Migz13

    I just hope that’s one sick joke from Tom Hanks because the last thing I want for this already awesome trilogy is to get run to the ground by greedy bastards. Three already capped the whole thing beautifully… please don’t destroy it!

  • Joe

    I hope Tom Hanks is joking. I love the Toy Story films, but adding a fourth is a mistake. I would much rather see more original ideas like Brave from the studio, especially after the sub-par effort that was Cars 2.

  • Max

    i agree with most of u guys. the trilogy was perfect. adding a 4th installment will feel weird…. and wrong. we all knew kids would grow up and move on, and the emotions that kids go through was really played out in toy story 3. i agree with the train thing on this.

  • Phil Beta

    I’m gonna be the odd ball here, but I didn’t like the third movie like the rest of the public did. Actually, if this news coe to be true it would be really sad to see how Pixar is slowly turning from an innovative animation studio that never relied on sex or violence OR sequels to make a brand of itself, into another studio sold to publicity, buring its roots in exchange for profits.

    Unfortunately, seeing Cars 2 makes me believe it’s quite real. WALL-E was Pixar’s last masterpiece. I can’t expect much from the nowadays.

    • Phil Beta

      Oh yes. I forgot. Pixar may find reedemption again with Brave. Still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

      • Rob Spears

        You thought that WallE was the last good pixar film? What didnt you like about Up?

  • Max

    it’s like putting a period, only for someone to turn it into an ellipses with the next statement attached. :(

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  • Leticia

    They Don’t Need A Toy Story 4?Toy Story 3 Was Fine All They Need Is Toy Story 3 And That’s It :(

  • T. Van

    If they essentially use the premise as a backdrop to feature a new cast of characters/toys, then this would be good. A part 4 could heavily emphazie electronic toys, as well as s few the classics that weren’t a part of the first three.

    That having been said, I agree that part 3 was an excellent ending to the series, so my *preference* would be for Hanks to have meant the comments to be humorously.

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  • Tony Shark

    NOOOO! Pixar please just leave TS3 alone. It’s already a great original trilogy, not a whoring cash cow franchise. I mean Pixar is supposed to be about great animation & storytelling. Not pulling the Dreamworks Animation move by milking out recycled stories just for profit. However I love Pixar and have faith that(besides Cars 2) Pixar will stick to its roots.

    Ooh Yeah and if they want to make a sequel then make a sequel to The Incredibles DAMNNIT!!