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The first images from the first Toy Story short, Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation, appear in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.  The new short will center on the toys play-acting a trip to Hawaii.  Director Gary Rydstrom (who previously directed the Pixar short Lifted) said that even toys need a break from playing all the time and that Woody will function as the group’s “Captain Stubing” (the kids dig The Love Boat references).

Hit the jump to check out the images.  Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation will play in front of Cars 2, which opens in 3D on June 24th.  A second Toy Story short is slated to play in front of The Muppets on November 23rd.

Update: Disney has sent over high-resolution images.

Click on either image for high resolution:

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  • EFGOVER2000

    They just can’t let it die peacefully eh? Gotta milk it for all it’s worth.

    • IllusionOfLife

      People never cease to amaze me… over the past 16 years Pixar has made 11 films that have consistently been as good if not better than anything else that had been released, not to mention that their shorts have all been spectacular as well. Perhaps one day Pixar will make a bad film, but until then there’s no reason to assume anything but the utmost excellence from them.

      Pixar is not any other studio, Pixar knows has a reputation as being the best of the best, and they’ve shown that they aren’t willing to let that standard down.

  • chris

    ummm how are they milking it??? it a free short before a movie you can only cal it milking when a franchise begins to lose quality. That being said you and i have not seen the short so the quality of it is unsure but seeing pixars track record and its use of shorts to experiment with new tech and ideas it will most likely be enjoyable not a milking of a franchise.

    This isn’t toy story 4 find something else to complain about.

  • zillabeast

    Um, more Toy Story is a GREAT thing! It’s not like they’ve gone and made it The Lion King 1 1/2 yet. As long as Pixar continues giving their flagship franchise the first-class treatment, I see no reason not to continue.

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  • ingmar

    Disney’s big restort on Oahu, Hawaii opens in Aug 2011 – corporate edict for product tie-in?

  • pat

    woody looks like eduardo saverin in the social network during caribbean night

  • Kapua

    This is just publicity for the Disney Resort in Hawaii that’s opening up this summer. Come on…look at that timing.

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