Trades Finally Report About J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise Producing MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4

     June 17, 2009

mission_impossible_3_jj_abrams_tom_cruise_01.jpgBecause various sites already reported on it days ago, it’s pretty much old news now that J.J. Abrams will join Tom Cruise as a producer for “Mission: Impossible 4” or as I’m sure the marketing will try to dub it “M:I 4” or “M:I-IV” or anything else other than the freaking title because I guess focus groups responded negatively to the words “Mission” and “Impossible”.

To their credit, THR does have a new piece of info.  They note that Paramount (who infamously parted ways with Cruise after the poor box office returns of “Mission: Impossible 3”) wants their fourth “Mission” movie by Summer 2011.  That may prove difficult since Abrams will have his hands full with “Star Trek 2” (which, considering the rate at which studios want sequels on screens, could come out in 2011 as well).

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mission_impossible_3_dvd.jpgAnd what about Cruise?  If Paramount seriously wants a new “Mission: Impossible” in two years (because apparently just having “Transformers” and “Star Trek” isn’t enough), then it’s doubtful Cruise would return to lead the film as special agent Ethan Hunt.  Cruise is already circling multiple projects including David Cronenberg’s “The Matarese Circle”, Billy Ray’s “Motorcade”, and James Mangold’s “Witchita”.  THR speculates that a new film might focus on the team dynamic of the original television series and/or having Cruise’s Hunt serve as a kind of mentor figure.

But I think we’re all missing the larger question which is what audience is clamoring for more “Mission: Impossible” movies?  And if they serve solely in a producing capacity, is the involvement of Abrams and Cruise a negative or a positive?  Abrams, with his “Trek” success would certainly be a positive but has Cruise’s career gone through enough rehab to make audiences interested in his projects?  “Valkyrie” didn’t exactly set the world on fire (although it was far from the bomb many predicted it to be).

Do you want another “Mission: Impossible” movie?  In what form?  How much involvement should Abrams have with the project especially when he’s focused on the “Trek” sequel?  And does the involvement of Cruise dissuade you or are you neutral because you have the ability to separate an actor’s personal life from his professional life?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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