Trailer and Posters for EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES Starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser

     November 11, 2009


Not to be confused with Extreme Measure, Extraordinary Measures is the heartwarming tale of a father who risked it all to save his kids as opposed to Extreme Measures where Gene Hackman kills homeless people to cure paralysis.  Fraser plays a father whose kids are sick so he spends whatever he has to so a brilliant/eccentric scientist played by Harrison Ford can develop a cure before the kids die.  No harmless are harmed in the making of this cure.

The trailer and two posters for the film have arrived online and they’re both slightly confusing.  In the trailer, folks keep treating Fraser like he’s crazy to spend so much money and push this scientist to develop a cure for the rare illness.  Obviously, the far more sensible thing to do is let his kids perish.  It will hurt for the rest of his life but think of the savings!  As for the posters, one shows Fraser and Ford as a Venn Diagram while the other shows the two modeling the suits they just bought at the Men’s Wearhouse (and they like the way the look). Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the posters.  Extraordinary Measures hits theaters on January 22, 2010.



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