Paramount Announces Remastered IMAX 3D Re-Release for TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON

     August 22, 2011


Did you miss a chance to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon on IMAX in its initial run?  No, you did not.  It has made over $1.1 billion.  Still, if Michael Bay did one thing right (and that may be the case), it was the production of a truly IMAX-worthy spectacle.  Consequently, Paramount has decided to re-release Transformers 3 in 246 North American IMAX theaters from August 26-September 8.  Even better:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: An IMAX 3D Experience has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology for presentation in IMAX 3D.”

I couldn’t tell you exactly what all that means, but I imagine the trademarked remastering process will take a pretty awesome experience and make it marginally better.  Are you in?

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  • charlie

    I am most certainly not in. I don’t want to see that loud, piece of garbage make a single cent more.

    • Keith

      Fuck you Charlie. That movie was amazing

  • PatLang

    Why? Why, why, why? This was by far, the worst one. Looking back now, it should have ended after the first one, so all of the fans would not have been this angry.

  • SkaOreo

    What they should do: Just release the last 40 minutes of the film in theaters, since that’s the only thing people actually liked from that piece of shit.

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  • Nick Reynolds

    Am I in? No im not.

  • Jeff T.

    LOL at the predictable trolls rushing to spread their pathetic hate on here.

    Hey nerds, does it hurt when you know that this movie is making so much money? Does it hurt that you are just a small, insignificant group of sad, lonely haters that NO ONE outside the internet cares about?

    Does it hurt when you know that the audiences all across the board liked Transformers 3?

    Oh, I bet it hurts like hell and I’m very happy that you are agonizing right now. It makes me smile.

    Back on topic: I’ll definitely see the movie again and I’ll bring as many people as I can with me, just to make sure that it’s even more successful.

    • Reggie

      LMAO!!! Priceless and I could’nt agree more.

    • butthurt?

      Yes, let the butthurt flow through you. We can tell how mad you are that people have a different opinion from yourself.

    • Carlos

      It’s sad how unintelligent lowlifes such as yourself will accept and promote shit like this as entertainment and good filmmaking while other great indie movies will never see the light of day.

      • Jeff T.

        Hey look!

        Little Carlos here is not happy with the way things are. Do the world a HUGE-ass favor you ignorant imbecile, and stick to your indie gods Jim Jarmusch and David Lynch. Lick their buttholes and stay as far away as possible from mainstream movies like Transformers. Because you’re poisoning the air.

        I mean yes, blind moviebuffs such as yourself are funny to read and easy to make fun of, but have some dignity and try to accept the reality. And the reality is: most people loved Transformers 3 and that’s why the movie is now the fifth most successful flick of all time. Yes, of ALL TIME.

        These are the FACTS, not your own completely subjective opinions. Try to keep all of that in mind the next time you decide to act all tough on random websites.

    • C.D.

      It’s funny how you think the movie is successful. You useless cunt bags feed yourself with the insulting of others, probably because in real life you’re that pile of dog shit on the sidewalk pavement. YOU face the facts. Every reviewer I’ve read so far says the movies a pile of shit, and as you can clearly see the majority of average people hate it as well. Get out of your little world and face the facts you stupid bitch.

      Source: search for transformers dark of the moon on the search bar. (had to direct you because you’d probably be too stupid to understand.

  • ken

    Im in!! this was not only the best movie of the trilogy but probably the greatest movie ever made! I loved it. I want to see it beat avatar.

  • jjjjj

    Hell no, piece of shit

  • Liz

    I’m in!! I usually HATE movies like this, but got dragged along by my bf opening weekend… And wow! It actually kept my attention the whole time, and was a fun experience. I bet it’s ten times better in IMAX!!

  • J.R.

    ahh Mediocrity at his best, i prefer to erase with shit all of the TF movies, but you have to admit the third one with all of the flaws was a summer entertainment, you know the one that usually the masses who dont care this days goes to the movies and enjoy this kind of crap, i for one will not support this, and for those who are exited for this announcement great! enjoy! hope someday you grow up and realize that Crap and TF are one of the same……. my two cents today