April 15, 2011


Dark of the Moon.  The banner is impressive not because it shows new characters or hints at the story.  It’s impressive simply because it has Optimus Prime wielding a high-tech chain-gun, a massive blade, and looking straight at the viewer as if to say, “Yeah, that’s right: I’ve got weapons on both my arms. You’re going to show up whether there’s a story here or not.”

Hit the jump to check out the banner.  The film stars Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, John Malkovich, Tyrese Gibson, Frances McDormand, Ken Jeong, Alan Tudyk, and John Turturro.  Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in 3D on July 1st.  Click here for all of our coverage on the film.

Banner via ComingSoon.


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  • Jeff T.

    Holy shit! Today is definitely Transformers 3 day.

    Prime looks badass as hell. And the next trailer is out next week with Fast Five. Looking forward to it!

  • Charles Overlay

    looks terrible- reminds me of the terrible 3rd act of the first film but stretched out over the full run time of the film.

    • Golga

      I don’t even know where to begin in asking you to clarify this comment.

      • Charles Overlay

        the film it self is supposedly just one long ass battle-

        if it is like the boring battle at the end of the first movie, it will be lame-

    • charleyboy

      um, that would be battle la

  • Richard

    Optimus Prime just learned he has to pay for all that collateral damage! Nooooooooo!

  • Alex-mansy

    Can’t think of anything funny to say but this is obviously inspired by the ‘This is Sparta!!’ cover for 300.

  • Can’t Wait

    I’ll be in the theater Friday, Saturday, Sunday, at every screening. I will spend an insane amount of money on this movie, and all it’s merch, just to piss off the haters, and it will be glorious!

    Bay is GOD!

    Bring on Transformers 4, 5, and 6! Ha ha ha!

  • Jesus

    Let me get this straight. So if it has plotholes but is visually and audibly superb, like Tron, Goldberg just can’t dump on it enough. But if it’s an endless stream of unintelligible action and sound spread over two plus hours and plotholes every three minutes…Matt can’t stop drooling?

    Just wow.

    • Chasing Skies

      Did you just use Tron as an example to make a point? sure the Transformer series sucks and has HUGE PLOTHOLES and the first one was teetering on being overtly boring… but the second one (as it was a horrible movie.) was atleast more entertaining and didn’t put me to sleep like Tron. pick a different movie…please…Tron was a disaster with nothing to cling to.

  • Andrew

    Optimus just learned he was paying too much for car insurance.

  • Naruto

    It’s amazing, people moan that 1st one went on and the story was too slow but had a battle, the second one was same but the third is suppose to be move battles etc but ppl oanin that it not got plot lol

    Omg I love these film and adore the original series just enjoy the films for what they are not they will not change the world but are a 2 hours of fun and entertainment

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