TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON World Premieres in Moscow on June 23

     May 23, 2011


Transformers: Dark of the Moon is easily one of the biggest films to come out this summer and if history has proven anything, it’s that the movie will break box office records and Linkin Park will contribute a future chart topper for the soundtrack. While neither of those statements can be confirmed as true until June 29th when the movie hits theaters, they’ll both likely be validated at the movies world premiere in Russia this summer. Michael Bay’s 3D robot fighting extravaganza is set to open the Moscow International Film Festival on June 23rd. In attendance should be most of the film’s stars as well as Bay.

The very same night as the movies premier, the franchise’s favorite band Linkin Park (ugh) will play a free outdoor concert at Vasilyevsky Spusk of the Red Square in Moscow in honor of its release. Linkin Park has provided two #1 singles for the franchise, “What I’ve Done” for the first Transformers, and the underwhelming “New Divide” for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The concert is free and tickets are available beginning June 1st through June 21st on or  Hit the jump for the press release.

Transformers_3_Dark_of_the_Moon_PosterHere’s the press release:



HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 23, 2011) – In celebration of Paramount Pictures’ TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, Linkin Park will perform a special outdoor concert at Vasilyevsky Spusk of the Red Square in Moscow – with the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Basilica as the backdrop – on June 23rd at 9PM. The 3D Michael Bay film will open the Moscow International Film Festival on the same night.

Linkin Park will perform several of their hit songs including the single, “Iridescent,” which is the end title song in the upcoming third Transformers film. The movie opens worldwide beginning June 29th.  Stars from the film are scheduled to attend, along with director Michael Bay.

Tickets for this free concert will be available beginning June 1st through June 21st, to learn more about obtaining ticket information go to or beginning June 1st.

One of the most successful collaborations between music and film, the previous Linkin Park singles to appear in the first two Transformers films,  “What I’ve Done” from the first Transformers film, has sold over 4 million downloads worldwide, and “New Divide” from 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, crossed the 3 million mark. Both songs were top selling singles for the band, and went to #1 on the modern rock radio charts (with “New Divide” spending 14 weeks there).

The special show in Moscow is produced by Live Nation and will occur during Linkin Park’s upcoming European tour, which begins June 11th in Austria with stadium, festival or arena shows in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Switzerland, Italy & Belgium.

Linkin Park European Tour Dates:

June 11 Nickelsdorf, Austria @ Nova Rock Festival

June 12 Donington, UK  @ Download Festival

June 14 Stockholm, Sweden @ Ericsson Global Arena

June 16 Helsinki, Finland @ Kaisaniemi Park

June 18 Leipzig, Germany @ Festweise

June 19 Oberursel, Germany @ Hessentag

June 21 Hamburg, Germany @02 World Arena

June 25 Munich, Germany @ Messegelaende Riem Stadium

June 26 Imola, Italy @ Sonisphere Festival

June 28 Arendal, Norway @ Hove Festival

June 30 Werchter, Belgium @ Rock Wercher Festival

July 1 Arras, France @ Arras Main Square Festival

July 2 St. Gallen, Switzerland @ OpenAir Festival

July 4 London, UK @ iTunes Festival

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON is the third film in the Transformers franchise and the first shot in 3D. It is directed by Michael Bay, written by Ehren Kruger and produced by Don Murphy & Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce. The executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian. The movie opens in the United States on June 29, 2011.

  • l4b0Mb4

    This is sooo stupid. I’m sick of these movies being released overseas…only to have them leaked BEFORE the American theatrical release (aka Thor). AND THEN to have it release in Moscow, the HUB of all pirated movies–it is just idiotic. I don’t want the movie industry to bitch anymore about their precious films getting leaked when they do stupid crap like this.

    The majority of ‘dvd-quality’ movies that get pirated in the U.S. come from early versions of Russian R5 video muxed with English audio. Certainly they have to be aware of it if I am. Yet it seems like they are rewarding them instead. So f it, my hands are in the air…I give up.

    • Rabbit

      Dude…don’t sweat it. We all know it’s going to be a shitty movie. Now we can watch it at home for free and save some coin.

      • l4b0Mb4

        Amen to that…I want to go see these movies, but it’s like you said; most will save some coin if a decent copy gets to them BEFORE they can even have the opportunity to watch it here in a theater.

        At any rate, the best plot in the cartoons was the death of Optimus and the rise of hot rod into Rodimus/death of megatron and the rise of galvatron…and they’ve so far completely ignored most of it while introducing obscure junk that never had relevance in the franchise to begin with. oh well, I tried.

    • BrandonHeat07

      It probably works better for the studios to release it worldwide first. A film with such international appeal will make more money outside the states… Either way, all films are “leaked” outside the states, before their foreign release dates. Ultimately, the world is a much bigger market place than the US alone…

  • Lord Hoffman

    It will be a really intense and dark film. It’s played a lot more straight and really epic.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Patrick Dempsey’s role. He’s playing the first human villain in a Transformers movie.

    I don’t want to ruin it for people who are still interested in the story, but it’s at the very least one of the more interesting and intriguing plot developments that’s happened in one of these films.

  • Carla

    Woooo! Freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be absolutely breathtaking!

    Oh, God, the only thing that’s going through my head to describe this movie, it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it! Whereas the first two movies were like you have sex but you never get the orgasm. A lot of stopping and starting but… oh, I wish I hadn’t said that.

  • Clayton

    Well, here’s one LP fan that gives an “ugh” to your unnecessary personal commentary. You may have not liked New Divide, fine, but I’d hardly call 3 million copies and 14 weeks atop the rock charts “underwhelming.”

  • Alex–

    Nightwatch is the biggest grossing film in russian history, which proves the russians have the worst pop cinematic taste of any nation.

    Hence Transformers is released there first since the russians will love it, since their standards are so low.

    • Nick

      Nightwatch is very far even from top 10 grossing movies in Russian box-office, dummyface.

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  • Chad

    TF3 is going to be the summertime boxoffice movie to see in IMAX and 3D. This film is going to be the kick ass ride of the summer. Cant Wait.