TRANSFORMERS 3 to Start Filming This May; on Track for July 1st, 2011Release

     January 11, 2010

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie image (1).jpg

While some of the other high profile sequels in town are dealing with script issues and behind the scenes turmoil, it looks like Transformers 3 is set to begin filming this May.  This fits in nicely with the already announced July 1, 2011 release date.

While we can all agree Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a big letdown after the awesome first film, with plenty of pre-production time for the third film (which was missing on the 2nd due to the writers strike), I’m extremely optimistic the next chapter is going to be good.  Also, there is no way the studio is going to stand by this time and let Bay have complete control after watching the 2nd film. No way.  Even if TF2 made $834 million at the worldwide box office.

With production set to begin in a few months, expect plenty of updates.

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  • Brandon Avery

    im not even excited. Trans 2 was suuucccch a let down!!!

  • Bill Graham

    I have avoided TF2 like the plague to this point. I loved the first. I MIGHT rent the second. MIGHT. We will see. How long is it again? :|

  • joe_6285

    Yes Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a big letdown after the awesome first film.I hope they put their effort on writing a good script instead of the visual effects.

  • Skaplja

    Both Transformers movies were GREAT! Can't wait for the third!!!

  • Octoberist

    it's really hard to like Transformers 2 unless you're under 18. Seriously. The first one was fun but the second one is so tasteless and pointless, that it was absurd.

  • undead646

    I with you love both movies can't wait to see the third and to Octoberist I' m over 18

  • ashley c

    can't wait to see

  • Aaron Sullivan

    i haven't been able to muster up enough interest to watch the second one, but there was a lot to like in the first. From what I've read/heard it seems like all the stuff I didn't like in the first got amped up to 11 in the sequel.

    I guess I didn't know Michael Bay was a lock for directing #3. My interest level has plummeted. He probably has other good movies in him, but he can't actually CARE about the material in these movies can he?

    Someone should ask him that in an interview, “Do you care about telling the story in Transformers 3? Do you care about the characters and their journey? Is this a story worth telling or just a cash grab. Be honest.”

  • cuteview

    “While we can all agree Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was a big letdown after the awesome first film”…WHAT ARE YOU SMOKIN'? BOTH MOVIE SUCKED BALLS…BOTH WERE A COMPLETE PIECE OF SHIT…

  • Alex

    I also liked very much ROTF. It has some flaws but it's really exciting. And the ending is truly epic.

  • Bob

    The awesome first film? Sorry to hate, but both movies were ass.

  • Allm0st

    It's worth a rent, and it's not HORRIBLE like Spider-Man 3 or Knowing but it's just not as good as the first it doesn't come close. Worth a rent more so Netflix if you can lol.

    Edit: Er forgot to say it's 1h 30min long.

  • Amy

    Well the script has already leaked online, so I'm not at all optimistic. It's already all over the internet. Cool script, but Bay will screw it up beyond belief

  • rohrerprime

    i dont know what people thinkin the 2nd one was awsome a lot more fightin sences if u look at the frist one it was ok there was barely frightin in it the cartoons had more frightin in it then the frist movie come now i hope that they talk in car modes u know that be cool a when they do make i hope that they bring the dinobots in it that wood be awsome

  • corby01

    20 times,2 times at the movies.It was awesome 2 movies

  • tf fan

    tf 2 was amazing what are you talking about

  • garkboy

    I wish that Barricade will appear in this sequel not like in revenge of the fallen!

  • rICKY


  • Al

    it's 2:30mns

  • dropatx

    you guys are all idiots rotf was way better than the first(not that the first one was bad,i loved it)the second one had a better script better characters

  • D'metrius Grant

    as a Transformers fan the first one was good as hell the second one was kind of confusing and i beleive it was rushed. like in the first one they introduced the autobots in the second they should have did the same for the decepticons and the fallen shuold have been tosted around in the movie more beings that its about his revenge, megatron should have been brought back in to the movie a little bit more better and stronger. at the end the fallen, megatron, and optimus should have had a better more epic battle. devastator should have been in some of the battle seens to as well, it also needed a story line as well…but overall it was still good just a couple of flaws in it but still watchable and as a Transformers fan i still liked it…

  • Chris

    ah yes, that peice of tripe, or robot porn, or whatever best fits it but a movie? it was anything but
    the fact that they couldnt even keep track on its own cast, ie barricade, it just goes to show that bay couldnt care less what happens so long as fox is on screen, explosions and he gets his money
    while i love to endure this 3rd one and not even james avery can save it, ill pass

  • Gavilan1972

    I loved both movies i did feel ROTF was rushed and had alot of unnessasary side stories but it still rolled on. The final fight scene was too quick sure Prime is gunna win but it was pretty weak. it was a great idea having defecting deceptercon Jetfire merge with Prime. Sorta opens the idea for the Aerial-Bots.. We'll see what Michael bay comes up with..hopefully he wont have dead characters pop up again.. ie Bumble Bee gave Barricade a belting and later ol Barricade is chasing them..Oh didnt Prime give bone crusher a bladed punch to the face and he returned.. If this is gunna happen I wanna see Jazz doing some Toyo drifting accross the screen..

  • Joe Bob

    WTF R U TALKIN' ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE 2 MOVIE WAS AWSOME! U GUYS SUUUUUUUCK!

  • Joe Bob

    WTF R U TALKIN' ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE 2 MOVIE WAS AWSOME! U GUYS SUUUUUUUCK!

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