Freightliner Argosy Autobot Revealed for TRANSFORMERS 4

     June 28, 2013


I’m quickly becoming convinced that the cast of Transformers 4 will be made up entirely of cars.  Paramount and director Michael Bay have been releasing images of the pic’s vehicles piecemeal over the past few weeks, as we’ve already seen the Bugatti & Optimus, Bumblebee’s Camaro, Hound, Lamborghini, Sonic, and the Pagani, and now the studio has unveiled an image of a new autobot played by the 2014 Freightliner by Argosy.  I don’t really know what to make of any of this other than the fact that these are vehicles that will turn into anthropomorphised aliens at some point, but there you go.

Hit the jump to take a look at the image of the Freightliner.  The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Jack ReynorNicola PeltzStanley TucciKelsey GrammerT.J. Miller, and Li Bingbing.  Transformers 4 opens on June 27, 2014.

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  • Lizard King

    Sooo…rather than making it seem like any car could prospectively be a transformer, children will now grow up thinking only the most expensive cars on earth can be transformers. Greeeeeaaaaat. Michael Bay, I will never give you any of my money. Go find a new career.

    • Ronald Nicholls

      I’m sure you boycotted Dark Knight because Nolan made it seem like only really rich people could be super heros.

      • Scurvy

        That does not even follow logically. Batman/Bruce Wayne has always been an ultra rich person who could afford to do this.

        Transformers were almost always just NORMAL every day cars. Hell, the original Bumblebee was a fricking BEETLE. They weren’t the rarest of the rare and most expensive cars. They were supposed to be ‘robots in disguise’ not ‘robots posing as the most ostentatious vehicles possible’.

      • Ronald Nicholls

        Alright, I can see your point when you put it like that.

    • Travis Gowen

      I’d rather watch these cars transform than the ones at the local used car lot. It’s a movie. Should go without saying that Bay isn’t someone trying to teach kids life lessons or equality. I realized long ago that Transformers films are 25% glorified commercial, 74% special effects/action and 1% attempted story line…and I dig it.

  • schoolfigures


  • Sorrin_Rykkor

    Which transformer could this truck be? My money’s on Ultra Magnus.

    • Deadlock

      its not Ultra Magnus because Sentinel Prime/Zeta Prime in transformers 3 was Ultra Magnus but as a prime

      Ultra Magnus = Sentinel Zeta Prime

      Orion Pax = Optimus Prime

      Hot Rod = Rodimus Prime

      so it may be Rodimus Prime

      • Convoy

        You’re wrong about Ultra Magnus. He was never a Prime in any incarnation of Transformers. Ever.

      • Deadlock

        you sure about that?

    • Christopher

      Scourge, the evil Optimus Prime from Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The color scheme is almost identical.

  • The Dude Abides

    “I’m quickly becoming convinced that the cast of Transformers 4 will be made up entirely of cars. ”

    Well shit, shouldn’t that be the norm? I’m pretty sure the movie is called
    “Transformers” and not “Shitty humans nobody cares about, with special guests, Transformers!”

  • TJ

    Ultra Magnus

  • Christopher
  • jk


    • Glar Farump

      Hells Yeah! Motormaster = Menasor = combiners beating the hell out of each other!

    • Doug

      I’m voting for Motormaster. That would imply a mess of other cars as well.

  • Hop


  • vindex

    “Transformers 4 will be made up entirely of cars.”
    That’s right as I expect it to be. No more humans.

  • sense11

    Sooo Michael Bay finally uses the correct Optimus Prime truck model but he uses it for a different character???


  • Joe

    The worst thing about these movies are dweebs sticking an Autobot or Decepticon logo on their cars. Seriously corny.

  • Convoy

    Black Convoy… or maybe Motormaster?

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