First Look at TRANSFORMERS 4 Autobot Vehicles! [Updated with Optimus Prime]

     May 28, 2013


While the above vehicle has yet to transform, this robot in disguise will be one of at least two new additions to Michael Bay’s Transformers 4.  Currently filming in Monument Valley, Transformers 4 stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, but the real draw are the massive autonomous fighting robots at the heart of the franchise.  Seen above is the $2.4 million Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, a 16-cylinder engine with quad turbochargers pumping out 1,200 horsepower.  While there’s no word as of yet on just which Autobot this beast will transform into, you can bet it will be nasty.  Hit the jump for another new car that will make an appearance in Transformers 4.

Images of the new Autobot vehicles in Transformers 4 come courtesy of Paramount.  Check them both out below:





Now this is pure conjecture on my part, but a Bugatti has served as the base model for the Transformer Smokescreen, as well as for Jazz and his twin brother Ricochet in the past.  Although, car models will vary between Transformers properties and toy lines, so it’s hard to say just which Autobot this beast will be.  Any guesses?  Perhaps an entirely new Bot?

Transformers-sideswipeAs for the second picture of the Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray – based on the company’s 2014 model – we’ve seen this car before, both in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  The Autobot character Sideswipe – voiced first by André Sogliuzzo and then by James Remar – appears to have gotten a model upgrade and a new paint job, as long as the movies keep consistent.

Also starring Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and Sophia Miles, Transformers 4 is set to debut on June 27, 2014.

UPDATE: And here is the “upgraded, custom-built” Optimus Prime:


  • #ruinedchildhood

    Who cares.

    • jay

      you do enought to come and post here, dumbass. if this is what it takes to ruin your childhood, then you have some serious mental issue you need to take care of.

      • #ruinedchildhood

        Maybe I do have some serious mental issues. No one cares.

      • FmrPapaJohnsDelivery

        with that attitude, it’s no wonder.
        cheer up a bit.

    • waaah

      cry more.

  • Fish

    Blurr for the Veyron because of the color scheme, Springer for the Corvette because of the same reasons and because we’re getting new bots this time

    • Fish

      Also, Smokescreen was a damn Datsun while Jazz is a Porsche… there’s been no Bugatti TF’s before apparently now

  • LEM

    Decepticons should win in this one.

    • speedhog58

      But didn’t they kinda win in the first half of DOTM

  • beetleborg33

    I think they need to stop making all these cars expensive looking I mean it’s okay to look sexy. But, the reason why the transformers are so cool is that they can make the most crappiest/relatable car awesome when you imagine it as a 25 ft bot

  • JIM


    • Frank Gerobauer

      Uhhhmm? What?

      • Speedhog58


    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      There’s greatness in you Jim…

  • Joe

    The guys on Top Gear UK will go bonkers when they see that Bugatti.

  • Harry

    New cars or not, you can’t polish a turd.

    • WAldenIV

      Mythbusters proved that you can, in fact, polish a turd.

      • Duncan

        It’s true!

  •‎ tarek

    Who cares…

  • Phoenix

    As nice as the cars look, I always hated the fact that when they transform they have so many scuff marks and chipped off paint (to make them look battle worn), but when they transform back into cars they look like they just came off the assembly line.

    I know it’s a minor nitpick (since there are so many other things to criticize in these films) but once you notice it it’s hard to put it out of your mind.

    • loonzie

      that always pissed me off too

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  • Fish

    Newly rebuilt Optimus Prime now officially being shown off on Bay’s site…

  • Melissa

    Looks like a car commercial just like the other movies…..I want a good story not a car commercial……he should have stepped down for the 4th movie and let SOMEONE ELSE have a turn so the DIE-HARD fans can have a good pure TF movie for once.

  • sense11

    Doesn’t matter how nice the cars is, it will eventually transform into a huge glob of CGI flying through the screen that no one can make out unless they pause the movie.

    • SlayerJoyDivisionTheDoorsNIN

      Fucking hahahahhaha! :D

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  • Btbcc12859

    I just noticed Optimus has a more pointless side view mirrors than the Vette

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  • doctor_robot


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I still have no idea how Bay persuaded me to see all three of these Transformer movies in theatres. I’ll have to somehow convince myself not to see the fourth, which is easier when I don’t watch those typically great looking trailers [damn TRAILERS!!!]…

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  • Calm down

    Damn no need to freak out, people gonna hate.

  • Calm down

    Damn no need to freak out, people gonna hate.

  • Calm down

    All you ppl are dicks. Stop being assholes to ppl you know nothing about

  • Calm down

    All you ppl are dicks. Stop being assholes to ppl you know nothing about

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  • thecracken

    i’m a bit confused, is it a car show or a movie?????