Rumor: Jason Statham Being Considered to Take over TRANSFORMERS Franchise

     July 5, 2011


Take a grain of salt.  Then find a way to make that grain into smaller grains and then take one of those micro-grains of salt and use it with this rumor: Jason Statham may be the new lead for the Transformers franchise.  In between stories about Zac Efron still being “hot” for Vanessa Hudgens, and Ricky Martin being protected by the gay community, Showbiz Spy reports that the franchise could go in a “darker direction” and that Statham is being mentioned as the man who could take it there.  It’s a franchise about giant robots who can turn into vehicles.  How dark can it possibly get?  Oh, and the fact that Statham is dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley “would be an added bonus in marketing the movie.”  Yep, that’s what Transformers fanboys care about: who’s dating who behind the scenes.  Showbiz Spy reports that this information comes from a “Hollywood Insider”, which may as well mean that it comes from someone who lives inside the Hollywood area.

You can click here for my suggestions for who could take over the director’s seat of the franchise. I won’t speculate on who would make a good lead for Transformers 4 because I don’t know what kind of movie they want to make other than an expensive one.

  • Majestinius

    If Statham was in the current Transformers I’d actually go see it.

    • BobaFett

      Zack Snyder, Jason Statham and Gerard Butler and REBOOT!

      The Turturro and Mexican Internet guy, and Urban Twinz killed it for me…

  • Jack

    Your salt divisions are very confusing… that saying doesn’t really work that way… However, if what you’re getting at is that the rumour is likely false, and we are to read it with skepticism, we’d be well advised to take a POUND of salt.

    Come to think of it, why are you reporting this at all? You clearly don’t believe it but are mining it from another source, a source you’re bashing at the same time. What exactly is the purpose of this site anyway??

    • Yahzee Skellington

      … to get hits with incredibly stupid article titles like this? I get the internet is a place where anybody can say whatever they want, but then again this is not (I think) a personal blog, it is meant to inform people and things like this are the exact opposite. I guess the goal is to just get clicks, which I think it works, cause I’m already on this page :P

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  • Carmichael

    His character name will be Frank Witwicky, and old and experienced race pilot who found a wrecked Camaro in a junkyard that turns out to be a Transformer. Together, man and machine will kick balls in the new intergalactic race wars. In Space!

  • saadgkhan

    that’s the worst and sh*test rumor ever you’ve started.. they want to make more money out of Transformers not tank into C grade action movie.

  • Sorc

    Ick. Not interested. I am all for the series going darker but not with this guy. Not a fan.

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  • Strong Enough

    what? thats the exactly what i said in the comment section on the 6 directors posts. I thought someone older should take the reigns and make it more adult. I hope this is true but not with this dude. Get like Chris Pine or some sh**. I think they should get an asian for the lead role. idk why but that would kick ass

  • Deliga

    So… Matt. You clearly haven’t read the comics, or played the numerous video games, or even watched any of the cartoons or movies, right?

    The Cybertronians as a race are locked in a civil war that has decimated their home planet, and thrust them into a post-apocalyptic scenario as they battle their way toward extinction as a whole. For a franchise based on transforming cars, that’s pretty damned grim.

  • nawtnt

    Transformers- A great movie.

    Transformers 2- Over the top and also crap.

    Transformers 3- 100% way better than the second one.

    With Shia LeBeouf and Michael Bay gone, I think Jason Statham as the main lead would work and maybe reboot or contnuie where the last one left off.

  • Old Soldier

    “What’s the first rule when getting in a man’s autobot!?”

  • Ryan

    T3 was across the board for me. Need a second viewing. I think just let the focus of the film drift to the military and let Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson lead the franchise

  • Tarek

    Jason statham ? Yeah. We just have to add also Angelina Jolie, Jet Li , Ben Affleck and Mark Whalberg and call it CrapFormers. ^^

  • battleangel

    Hell yes I’d see a Transformers movie with Statham in a heart beat!

    Btw, Transformers: The Animated Movie is still ten thousand times better than the Bay films. It’s like Shakespeare traveled through time to write the screenplay for it.

    One shall stand… one shall fall… Jason Statham is bald.

  • Tony

    Love Statham. As an action hero and an actor. He has tremendous screen presance and almost always has good chemestry with his co stars. However I don’t think he should be the lead of a new Transformers film. Maybe a supporting role, like Tyrese Gibson or Patrick Dempsy but not a lead. The Transformers work well with an “every man”, kind of lead which I don’t see Statham doing all that well as.

  • Alex–

    Statham is already kicking ass with machines in the transporter series. Where he drives around and kicks ass.

    In transformers that would change into kicking ass, driving around and giant robots. Sounds good.

  • John

    I think Statham would do a great job as the lead in the next Transformers movie.

    As for story, I would like to see Unicron brought in at some point. And I’d aslo like to see some more of the Autobots brought in, specifically Hot Rod.

  • Chris

    Finally, remove that idiot Lebouf from Transformers for good. It seems like the scriptwriters only give Lebouf a few words of dialogue most consisting of RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, GO GO GO, GO GO, and OPTIMUS!

  • Karl

    I think the fourth movie should take place seventeen years after the battle in Chicago or some years later. the story be about Unicron, and Sam and Carly have a 17 year-old son named either Danny or Daniel:

    Zac Efron can take over as Sam or as a new replacement character for the 4th film. forget Jason Statham besides he’s too bald and old. ppl would not like him takin over the franches. i vote Zac Efron or even Bobby Edner. that is all

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