Michael Bay Says He’s Now Considering Mark Wahlberg for TRANSFORMERS 4

     November 7, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that director Michael Bay was considering Mark Wahlberg for a role in his upcoming sequel Transformers 4.  The casting made sense, as Bay recently wrapped a small-budget dark comedy with Wahlberg called Pain and Gain and the purported plot of Transformers 4 involves an adult character.  Bay quickly took to his website to squash the rumor, explaining that he’s talking with Wahlberg about doing a different project that’s not Transformers 4.

Well, it appears that Bay has had a change of heart.  The director recently took to his website again to note that all the internet chatter actually got him thinking about a part for Wahlberg in T4.

mark-wahlberg-transformers-4Bay posted this update on his blog on Halloween, but it somehow went unnoticed until today when CBM picked it up.  Here’s his message in full:

I squashed a rumor that was on the internet last week. It was about Mark Walhberg. Mark was rumored to be staring in Transformers 4. We are working on another movie together, not T4. I had such a great time working with Mark on Pain and Gain, and he gave such a great performance – well let’s say that very internet chatter gave me some ideas. We are at the inception of our story process right now on T4. Let’s say some ideas are gaining traction with me and my writer – so I’m here to say thanks internet chatter.


Who says the internet is only used for evil?  Obviously Bay notes that it’s still early in the story process, but it would be kind of neat if a role for Wahlberg was borne out of a false rumor that influenced Bay’s development of the pic.  We’ll likely know more soon, as production on Transformers 4 will get underway next year in anticipation of the film’s June 29th, 2014 release date.


  • Jones

    I always hated Michael Bay. He is so Full of shit. Mark Wahlberg was in talks for the role, Bay denied in, and now to “cover up” his denial, and to make his fans like him, he even thanks his “fans” and the internet for “false rumors”… Good job again Bay! :)

  • murdernexxus

    dude its only movie news….dont get so mad about little things.. thats the Republican way lol.. i hope T4 is good tho

    • dogg

      Bringing politics into everything…the douchebag way.

    • Jones

      Hah, I guess i had that on my mind for quite some time. Wanted to throw it out there. I do like Wahlberg though and the work he’s done so far, but i don’t think that he can safe Transformers. We will see.
      And yeah, dont bring Politics into this. Obama won, that all that matters ^_^

  • tarek

    wake me up before you go go

  • Mr. Me

    I was actually down for a fourth Transformers until I heard about Wahlberg’s likely involvement. :(

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    Pretty sure CBM’s contributor found it via my site (www.tflive.com) which had the story “first” (if don’t count Bay’s site). Seems once I posted about it, spread across the other Transformers sites pretty quickly, and from there a few middle sites (like CBM) got the story before jumping to the main media sites. Just wish these citizen contributors were as conscious about credit as most blogs try to be.

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