Updates on TRANSFORMERS 4, MICRONAUTS, and Other Hasbro Boardgame Movies like RISK, CLUE, and MONOPOLY

     October 17, 2011


On a conference call to discuss third-quarter earnings, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner gave updates on a number of movies. While much of what he said we’ve previously written about, this was the first time anyone had given an update on the status of Transformers 4 and when it might be officially announced.  Here’s the highlights of his conversation:

  • Goldner hopes to be able to announce Transformers 4 next quarter as they are talking with Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and Paramount.
  • The Ouija script is “in good shape and is being polished now, meaning that the film could be back with a studio shortly.”  via THR.  We previously posted how Universal dropped the project but maybe with a lower budget the film could move ahead.
  • A Micronauts movie script is being written with J.J. Abrams producing and it’s set up at Paramount.  We’ve know this for awhile.
  • Goldner doesn’t see Hasbro producing their own films like Marvel.
  • Hasbro is still developing movie scripts for Monopoly, Risk, Clue, Stretch Armstrong and Candyland.

With every kid growing up playing Hasbro board games and name recognition being so important in marketing, it’s no surprise the studios are trying to make these projects work.  However, many of these board games seem like long shots to ever hit the screen.  The big info is Transformers 4.  With Bay saying the 3rd Transformers movie would be his last, who will Hasbro get to replace him?  Matt wrote about the six directors who could take over the franchise.  I think a few of them would be great choices.

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  • Arthur Marcus

    This franchise is hungry for greatness.

  • Billie

    A fourth film! Yes … yes. This is a great opportunity.

  • whatever

    More rampant corporate greed masquerading as wholesome family fun. I wouldn’t mind a little Occupy Hollywood action about now.

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      Hear, hear! I’m with you.

      I think one seemingly small step people can take is decide not to see the crappy movies that Hollywood releases every week.

      But these people wouldn’t know logic if it hit them flush in the face.

    • GIDAVE

      you are a complete moron.

    • Sugreev2001

      Oh shut up,you hippie commie ! Move to North Korea,why don’t you.

  • Tarek

    Double Meh.

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    Where’s “Board Game: The Movie?”

    This new, ahem, “genre” is ripe (or perhaps rotten is a better term) for parodying.

  • ari

    Dammit, where is “Slinky: The Movie”? COME ON, YOU GREEDY BASTARDS! I’M FUCKING SERIOUS!

  • Cool Man

    How about this. Send in Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Man of Steel) To direct Transformers 4 and rest of the series instead along with Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg produced them as well.

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  • marcos

    man they better make this better and they need to keep their characters and stop replacing motherfuckers!

  • matthew

    all of you are complete morans now being banshees and write some good comments for once like marcos said it better be good

    • lolz

      ^ why don’t you write a good comment you illiterate “moran”

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