Plot Details for TRANSFORMERS 4 Revealed; Filming Will Take Place in Detroit

     March 20, 2013


As Michael Bay gears up to direct yet another Transformers movie this year, some plot details for the fourth installment in the franchise have started to surface.  We know that Transformers 4 won’t include any of the human characters from the previous films (save for a possible Josh Duhamel cameo), with Mark Wahlberg leading the series’ new cast.  Bay also previously said that they’ve “redesigned everything” for the pic so they will be showcasing some shiny new toys robots.

Now a production notice from Michigan granting Transformers 4 permission to shoot in Detroit with a hefty tax incentive this spring has revealed some of the first solid plot details for the film.  Hit the jump to read on.

michael-bay-transformersPer the Michigan Film Office (via CS), Transformers 4 is expected to film in the metro Detroit area this spring.  This isn’t the franchise’s first time in Detroit, as portions of Dark of the Moon were shot there as well.  The synopsis for the pic, according to the press release, is as follows:

As humanity picks up the pieces, following the conclusion of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Autobots and Decepticons have all but vanished from the face of the planet. However, a group of powerful, ingenious businessman and scientists attempt to learn from past Transformer incursions and push the boundaries of technology beyond what they can control – all while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs. The epic adventure and battle between good and evil, freedom and enslavement ensues.

So it appears that the old adage from Jurassic Park—“They were so busy trying to figure out if they could, they forgot to think about if they should”—applies to the Transformers 4 storyline.  It’ll be interesting to see if Wahlberg plays one of these aforemented businessmen or scientists, or if he’ll simply play a regular guy in the wrong place at the wrong time a la Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky.  Whatever the case, expect to hear more news concerning Transformers 4 soon as production gears up to begin in anticipation of the film’s June 27, 2014 release date.


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  • MovieExpert


    • mad man

      I can.

      • MovieExpert

        you’re a homo though, your opinion doesn’t count.

      • Steve

        Trying to insult someone by calling them a homo only happens among virgin trolls on the Internet and states where people still have sex with their cousins. So, yeah.

    • Mitt Romney

      Why are you obsessed with gay sex?

    • HalofDuty

      I don’t even know if Megatron is gonna return

  • burlivesleftnut


    • Anonymous

      please, NO. JUST, NO!!! Dont want bay touching him!

    • HalofDuty


  • Oviraptor


    • Unicron


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  • Robby

    Anyone else have trouble envisioning Wahlberg playing a scientist? :P

    • Chris

      Hey, if Denise Richards can play one…..

      • Yahzee

        ↑ that

      • Steve

        I think Denise Richards proved she couldn’t.

      • EVM

        Maybe he’s playing a Transformer….
        …With a South Boston accent.
        …Who boxes.
        …And raps.

    • MovieExpert

      he played a science teacher in the happening, minus some hilarious lines that weren’t meant to be funny, i thought he did a good job pulling it off. but i dont think he will play a scientist though.

      • Alex

        Whaaaat? Noooooooooooooo

      • MovieExpert


  • SeanPhilly

    Transformers 4 will have a plot? That’s news to me.

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  • mattedscreen

    As a film school grad and Michigan native, I hope they shoot a majority of the film in Detroit, with the kind of money these high profile films(OZ the Great and Powerful) can bring into the state, as well as smaller indie films, I hope this gets the Mi legislature to shut up about killing off the tax credits, that saber rattling has cost them plenty of high profile gigs(several I was hired to crew on but got let go when they threatened to pull the tax breaks) – When you want business to come to your state, you can’t be choosey of what business that is. That said, as bad as these movies have been, I do enjoy grabbing a bucket of popcorn and sitting down to these

    • terry

      And who gets the money? The 1%.

      • Sean

        I wouldn’t say that. If they hire a lot of local talent, which most often these productions do, that employs a bunch of people. Plus, all these people coming from out of town have to get lodging, shop, eat, injecting several dollars into the local economy. So these things are definitely a solid economic injection. And it bums me out there aren’t more of them here in Michigan.

      • mattedscreen

        I drink skim milk myself

      • mattedscreen

        While I was a student in Chicago I crewed/extra on The Dark Knight, 4 days of work payed my rather expensive rent for 3 months with the hourly rate and the over time I got.

  • Chris

    That wasn’t a synopsis. That was Michael Bay’s entire script.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha awesome

    • MovieExpert

      lol, best post.

    • ThorinWoofer

      Best post ever.

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  • XKRED27

    These movies are so bad. Maybe its time for a Gobots movie.

  • Chachi

    I seriously don’t get the Transformers hate. It all started with a gimmicky toy (of which I was a huge fan when I was a kid in the 80′s) and grew from there. How anyone can get worked up over these movies when the basis is a toy that can transform from a robot to a car is beyond me. Michael Bay is best suite for these flicks as they should be almost nothing but spectacle. Yes the second one was too long and they tried too hard to make it deep, but the bottom line is I go into a Transformers movie looking to see bad ass alien robots beat the shit out of each other which the series has completely delivered thus far. And come on, no one blows shit up better than Bay.

    • Monkee

      …and if the movies had quality plot and dialogue, you would still get all you want from them without them leaving the rest of the cinematic world wanting. Destroying major cities and having cool explosions is standard fare for films like this. I’d like to see them actually tell a good story.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      They’re watchable but I have to be honest, I’ve never been truly blown away by any of them. The cheesy goofy crap inbetween the action is what bothers me. The cartoons never had it so why bother? It’s kind of insulting to aim movies at such young kids all the time. If they want a laugh, they can go and see some Pixar movie or Shrek or Ice Age or something. It would be nice to bring a bit of maturity to this series. I don’t see the need to break the pace with job interviews, arguments with girlfriends, mums doing weed, dogs humping each other and all that utter drivel.

  • Gerard V Ridge

    I just want to see Dinobots!! f*ck anything else

    • crackerdogsam

      I second that!

  • Monkee

    …and if the movies had quality plot and dialogue, you would still get all you want from them without them leaving the rest of the cinematic world wanting. Destroying major cities and having cool explosions is standard fare for films like this. I\’d like to see them actually tell a good story.

  • Mandy


  • Johnny Boi

    ‘ all while an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs’
    Has to be Unicron and (hopefully) Galvatron eventually to set up a new ongoing villain.
    Curious to see what designs they settle on considering how he looks in the original animated film and which new Autobots/Deceptacons they choose…
    Guardians Of The Galaxy better beat em to the giant, planet-sized-robot-punch with the Sentinels! lol

  • Derp


  • zsp

    My idea for transformers 4 was to go to the home planet, showing the auto bots and decpticons fighting it out in the war they always talked about in the first three movies No human characters just transformers. It would have to be a prequel but I’m sure all the fan boys would be happy ita not on earth.

    • RichardTheNerd

      Agreed. They should make a War for Cybertron movie.

      • The Blue Elephant

        I agree as well. The opening sequence for Dark of the Moon was badass.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      I’d like to see that movie developed by High Moon Studios. Their game was one of the most faithful adaptions of the franchise and I thought Cybertron was beautifully realised.

  • RichardTheNerd

    They should be making Voltron instead.

  • TheRealBukzit

    a scientist with muscles
    something like Tony stark lost the suit
    and became Asgardian

  • David

    Be nice to see some of the dinobots, Aerielbots and others!!

  • D k

    What was walberg’s last decent movie? Think he needs to fire his agent.

    Walberg jumped the shark…

  • D k

    What was walberg\’s last decent movie? Think he needs to fire his agent.

    Walberg jumped the shark…

  • Ben

    Someone please tell me Bay has jumped on calling this “Trans4mers” – lol

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  • Good Movies Bad Movies

    Doesn’t sound terrible at all providing that they don’t ignore the previous films.

  • Tim

    What’s funny is that everyone commenting here will see it. Priceless.

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  • Anonymous

    any anybody know who to submit for an extra role???

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  • Tyler Hill

    i cant wait to see the new tf4 in detroit and the characters