Ehren Kruger Returns to Write TRANSFORMERS 4; Shia LaBeouf Definitely Out

     April 26, 2012

transformers-4-Transformers_Dark_of_the_Moon_image_Shia LaBeouf_slice

If you were hoping the script for Transformer 4 would be better than the previous movies, it’s time to let that hope go.  THR reports that Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and took sole credit on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, will once again be breaking out his cocktail napkins for Michael Bay‘s reboot of the series.  Paramount Pictures’ President of Production Adam Goodman also confirmed that Shia LaBeouf will definitely not return for the franchise’s next installment.

Hit the jump for a recap on what we know about Transformers 4, and click here for Goodman’s updates on other Paramount projects.  Transformers 4 is slated for June 29, 2014.

Michael Bay had previously said he was no longer involved with the Transformers franchise, and was focusing on his smaller-budget picture Pain and Gain (currently in production), he eventually decided to return and signed on for the next installment this past February.  Additionally, we learned that the franchise would be a “reboot”, which means  the original cast probably won’t return.

As for rumors regarding the tone and new direction for the series, it was reported that the new film would be more like the last hour of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, i.e. a lot more action and less silly humor.  I also assume this means there will still be plot holes the size of Texas if Kruger is back on board.

As for a positive rumor, the reboot might change the point-of-view from a human like Sam Witwicky, and bring the Transformers front-and-center.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the reboot will be better, but it at least has the potential to be a fresh direction even though it’s the same director.


  • Movies

    God damn. I was hoping he won’t return to write Transformers 4. Damn they really need new screenwriters because Dark of Moon storyline was stupid. They need to focus more on Transformers and less on humans. And they to give Mirage and Sideswipe more screen time.

  • Edward Lee

    Good riddance to Shia. Now, can we leave all of those unintelligible robots out, too?

  • Leo

    You really can’t blame the script for all the problems. It’s something that we really haven’t seen and therefore can’t judge. Major plot holes can be associated to Bay and his style of directing cool looking scenes and the editing room where filmed shots are thrown together to make those small segments look awesome regardless of how it fits with the overall product.

    As an example, in the scenes with Dylan Gould in Chicago, he is up in the penthouse with Sam pointing a gun in his face screaming where is she, but the next time you see him, he is getting flung over a slab of broken road and goes running, screaming Megatron! The script could have easily said something like Dylan Gould has now made it downstairs as he exits the building to look for Megatron, but that’s not cool enough for Bay, so he decides to film that scene and cut out the part where he leaves the building and goes straight to him jumping over a slab for no apparent reason, or just gets a random idea and decides that it would be cool to have someone jump and roll over a slab screaming Megatron, and that he could easily fit it into the movie.

    Basically, don’t just assume the script sucks. It was written to be martketed towards a specific demographic, and it most likely was. Then Bay butchered it.

    • thekken

      Oh shut up. The script/story sucked balls, and THAT combined with Bay’s apparent disregard for logic in the script led to the stupid Transformers movies. Give Bay a good script, and he’ll deliver a decent movie. He just has his signature style. It depends on the script. For all movies, not just Bay.

      • Mike

        To all of you who have said that the original Transformers shows/cartoons were great and that the movie should follow them, I dare you to spend a couple of hours on Wikipedia researching ALL of the generations of Transformers and think of a better way to make a 2 and a half hour movie from one of them. It is damn near impossible. There are so many characters and plot lines. I think the writers and director did the best that they could by means of framing a storyline, making a movie that attempts to satisfy all age groups, and in a short time frame. Moreover, do you think that Bay and the writers could actually make a big budget blockbuster using Unicron from the original cartoon movie? It would be a bit ridiculous and insane to have a Transformer the size of a planet while trying to satisfy the largest possible demographic. If you don’t like these scripts, I DARE you to try to come up with one on your own that could actually work.

      • Venom

        Il take u up on that dare
        well it took me less that 5 sec to think of a script that would be perfect. Its called Transformers The Movie (1986) guess i just did the imposable huh Mike.

    • Modigliani

      What about the whole “Optimus Prime gets stuck in a bunch of wires for 10 minutes” part of the script? You don’t have THE COOLEST CHARACTER IN YOUR MOVIE get stuck in a bunch of wires. If you need to remove Optimus from the script for 10 minutes, you have Optimus off fighting something, or saving someone, or accomplishing something only Optimus can accomplish. You don’t have him stuck in wires, grunting, and impotent. It’s stupid. Was that Kruger or Bay?

      Regardless, this is perfect:

  • Spock Jenkins

    I don’t hold out much hope for Trans4, Shia or no, it’ll suck like the last two and Battleship, and any other hollow HAPPY MEAL tie-in Fast Food trash movie.

    The only decent Transformers movie was the animated one from decades ago…

  • Jeff T.

    Why would you reboot a (movie) franchise that’s only 5 years old? And here I thought Spider-Man was too soon.

    • Liam_H


      • Jeff T.


  • tarek

    The problem is Michael Bay. Take it out of the equation and everything will be fixed.

  • Jimmy Love

    Well with Bay back it looks like i’m in for another disappointment!

  • ScaredForMovies

    It’s too bad that someone who truly loved the original transformers wasn’t involved with these projects. Bay just took in all the mythology and mashed it together. Should of just stuck with the original series at first and moved on from there. Instead Bay is like lets throw in an ass shot there for all the horny guys, lets throw in some lame campy humour for the kids, lets give humans more screen time than the actual transformers for whom the movie is named, and mix in some explosions and slow motion to hypnotize those that seek no substance. In all 3 movies wasn’t the bad guy hidden somewhere. Megatron-Trapped in Arctic, The Fallen-Stuck in spaceship, & Sentinel Prime-Trapped on the moon. Then it’s about getting some device that does something. 1. The Allspark 2.The Pyramids 3.The Pillars. For all intensive purposes its the exact same movie in a slightly different package. Wash, rinse, repeat. I guess if your making money innovation is unnecessary. Oh well maybe the Go-bots movie will get made. Could you imagine how funny it would be if it was better then Transformers?

  • Larry

    Michael Bay, hopefully, is taking notes from the people at High Moon Studio. The cut scenes from all 3 Cybertron games, are better than the past 3 Transformer films. What I find to be so confusing is that the story of the Transformers is amazing, but all 3 movies have missed the point. Even if someone add their own twist to the story, it shouldn’t be this hard.

    • ScaredForMovies

      I agree. Highmoon Studios did an amazing job. Everything from their designs to storytelling was far superior to Bay’s movies. They should just get Highmoon to make a new all cgi movie.

  • Wes

    Why not just make a Transformers Prime movie? The first 4 episodes alone made me think it could work.

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  • mattinacan

    how can it be a reboot if the two worst things about the others, the writer and director, are still on board? please people, i beg you, stop buying tickets to this garbage. i walked out half way through the first one.

  • luke

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! all wrong!!!!

  • Frank

    I think that a reboot it’s one of the worst ideas I ever, the franchise is only 5 year old and if they make a reboot it’s more than possible that the models of the robots will change and I think that they look awesome, the history should be more focused on the transformers but it should be maybe a prequel(but that costs a lot) or a continuation of the saga against unicron and get all the dinobots and that kind of transformers.

  • Jesse

    Maybe someone who doesn’t even proofread his own articles should spend less time criticizing other writers.

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  • Mobius_Neo

    Growing up and watching the cartoons in the 80′s were great. The first was alright but they just went down hill after that. It sucks watching something you admired as a child get bashed by some overzealous director.

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  • tim

    i think its cool at least bay gave the movies a shot right

  • netstaruk

    please get a new director WE WANT A REBOOT! MICHAEL BAY SUCKS BIG TIME!

  • Gardier


  • jim

    I think hotshot ameasurpream and the dinobots and airbots should be in trasformers 4

  • sphinx lotus

    Will. I. Hope. U. Have. Some great time great And. Powerful. Mind. Have. A great. Tim e. At. Transfromers. 4. Mr. Bay

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  • Tralalalal

    Omg , guys stfu !!!!! There are so many different storylines in the franchise , Bay is like Sam raimy , he is giving hes own storyline in the franchise so thats that ! The films visual effects are awesome , the action scenes are awesome , all it needs its more work in the plot and storytelling , Bay is a good director he needs more work with the storytelling part etc..

    Sorry for my bad english

  • thatboy

    I think the problem is the writers. Everything Bay has control over has been pretty good so far. I don’t understand why he didn’t get new writers.