ILM Releases Cool Special Effects Featurette for TRANSFORMERS

     May 17, 2011


Good news people, we are only a month and a half away from the release of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Very soon cinephiles from around the world will be able to celebrate the universal appeal of watching big robots go boom. Michael Bay has even seen fit to offer a $25,000 reward for anyone who can spot the racist robots from the last Transformers flick, so there’s really no reason not to be excited now that there’s a potential cash award involved. In celebration of this sure to be earth shattering cinematic event, a rather impressive special effects video from the first Transformers that Industrial Light & Magic posted has gone online. Though not a great deal of thought may have gone into the writing of these movies, the artistry behind the special effects is undeniably impressive. Hit the jump to see the massive scale model used for a single stunning shot in the greatest giant robot movie Michael Bay has made so far.

Unfortunately ILM has doesn’t seem to take kindly to embedding, but head over to their ever-growing youtube account to see the rather amazing clip. The scene in question involves Megatron and Optimus Prime flying through a building mid-battle. To achieve the effect, ILM constructed a 1/4 size model of the building that took up an entire sound stage. As a result, the falling debris has a far more realistic and tactile quality than would ever be possible with digital effects. It’s nice to know that ILM still has a commitment to producing old timey model effects. While CGI might offer more fluidity and control than was ever possible with practical effects, there’s just something more believable about a physical effect. It’s always easier to buy something that clearly once existed in the real world rather than simply on a computer.

Inevitably the ILM wizards will have more fancy tricks up their sleeves for Dark Of The Moon and ideally model effects like this will be involved. It makes a huge difference and let’s be honest while a few lonely souls might show up to the new Transformers movie purely to see Shia Labeouf in action, most people will be there for the special effects. Let’s hope at least a few of the items in ILM’s new bag of tricks are this strong and creative.


  • SPS

    This is just from the first one. Is anybody else a little suspicious? Secnod, who’s on the soundtrack, cause it comes out in 2 weeks and yet no artist has been announced. I’m growing more suspicious with these ambiguous headlines.

  • X-tian

    I agree with SPS, the poster is a complete and utter fake. How can we know? Megan Fox is there instead of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

  • Bay Defense Force

    Boring action due to a lack of interest in the characters or story.
    Action scenes ruined by whole movie being shot and edited like a tv commercial/music video.
    Linkin Park power ballad.
    Actions scenes shot zoomed in.
    ADHD editing.
    Quick cuts.
    Shaky cam.
    Excessive lenses flares.
    Lazy story.
    Plot holes.
    Terrible comedy.
    Excessive continuity errors.
    Pacing problems.
    Terrible cliche and excessive ad lib dialogue.
    Horrible acting.
    Incoherent messy robot designs.

  • Jim

    The first two Transformers movies were excellent despite all the hatred from competitors paying so called critics to write negative reviews and many people following like sheeps on the hatred path.
    There is no Megan Fox, Michael Bay was so dumb and unprofessional to fire her and ruin characters and plot. It’s a fact.
    Everything about this 3rd movie looks cheap as hell. Even the official novels they fired Alan Dean Foster to get the cheaper Peter David.
    They didn’t pay Linkin Park for a new original song, they paid for a cheap remix of an already published song that even doesn’t fit instead.
    The useless 3D thing won’t help the movie, Bay shooting style won’t work, full Digital IMAX 2D is the best way to watch Bay movies (and 3D is just an awful marketing scam causing some serious eyestrain).
    Maybe if they waited 2012 as it was originally planned to film Transformers3 and Michael Bay didn’t go stupid firing Megan Fox this 3rd movie could have been a real jewel. BUT instead it’s going to be a lame wannabe reboot movie that won’t work.
    The new Rosie Huntington-Whiteley top model is surely not hot, she is barely average looking at best and she can’t act a little bit.

    • Dogg

      Uh…yeah. The people who don’t like Transformers are sheep for rejecting some of the most dumbed-down, plotless, cynically conceived movies ever made. Let me guess, you’re also a huge fan of Spider-man 3.