June 30, 2009


As of Sunday the estimates for Michael Bay’s “Transformers” sequel put the film at over $201 million – just shy of the all-time five day box office record.  By Monday afternoon, however, it appeared that Paramount Pictures had been a bit over zealous in reporting their weekend estimates (they’re called estimates for a reason).  The actual weekend numbers for “Transformers 2” came in at $198.2 million – three million under what had been reported.  But here is where it gets really complicated – Paramount also apparently UNDER reported its grosses for Wednesday and Thursday.  In the end the domestic five day total for “Tf2” stood at about $200 million so it all evened out – pretty much.  Now on to better news for you robot lovers – Monday’s $14.8 million estimate, when added to the film’s international box office haul of $204 million brings “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” above $418 million total!!  Those fabled first five days have also given the film the biggest June debut of all time as well as the highest grossing non-holiday, non-Friday opening and the seventh biggest debut weekend overall.  I know this is getting kind of confusing so I have included an updated chart to help make sense of all the crazy:

Daily Total
Wednesday $62,016,476 $62,016,476
Thursday $29,094,472 $91,110,948
Friday $36,740,666 $127,851,614
Saturday $40,205,083 $168,056,697
Sunday $32,020,558 $200,077,255
Monday (est.) $14,800,000 $214,877,255

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