TRANSPARENT Trailer: Amazon Could Have a Big Hit on the Way

     August 28, 2014


Did you know that the first episode of Amazon’s Transparent has been available to watch since February?  Now that the show’s season 1 trailer is also up and running, I’m disappointed I wasn’t aware of it sooner.

Transparent is a new Amazon original series from Jill Soloway who snagged the Directing Award in the U.S. dramatic category at Sundance for Afternoon Delight.  Her new show focuses on the Pfefferman family.  Jeffrey Tambor steps in as the patriarch, Mort, who reveals that he’s actually Maura, triggering a slew of different reactions from his ex-wife (Judith Light) and their children, Ali (Gaby Hoffman), Josh (Jay Duplass) and Sarah (Amy Landecker).  Hit the jump to check out the new Transparent trailer for yourself.  You can also watch the pilot episode right now on Amazon Instant Video.  The rest of the series is due to arrive on September 26th.

Thanks to this trailer, watching the Transparent pilot just hit the top of my to-do list.  It’s a wonder the thing didn’t wind up on my radar sooner considering the slew of very positive reviews that popped up all over the place as soon as the first episode was made available back in February.

There is humor in this trailer and it all lands, but it looks as though Transparent will take an especially grounded approach to the situation, putting the focus on the emotional repercussions of Maura’s big reveal rather than just the hijinks.  It all plays exceptionally well here, rocking a number of stunning and very poignant moments that are then further amplified by Vance Joy’s “Mess Is Mine.”

Here’s the official synopsis for the pilot episode:

“An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone’s secrets to spill out.”


Amazon Original Series Transparent Trailer

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  • I Am Oscar

    That isn’t Mort or Maura. HE’S OSCAR!

    • joeblow

      That’s his pop secret!

  • GrimReaper07

    This is a series? It looks like a film! Gotta watch this now.

  • SorryNotSorry

    Jeffrey Tambor is the best.

  • alk

    I don’t really care for these vapid fake “our family is special” I’m only gonna watch it for Jeffrey Tambor, since it looks like a really interesting role. his scenes are the only ones that stood out from the trailer. everyone else, meh

  • Caitlin

    Yes, Tambor is a brilliant actor who has been underappreciated for many years. Hopefully, this show will bring him the recognition he deserves.