Cinemax Picks up THE TRANSPORTER TV Series

     March 31, 2011


Last December we learned that a major broadcast partner was teaming with Luc Besson to bring a TV series adaptation of The Transporter film franchise to life. Now Deadline reports the pay channel Cinemax will be behind the series. The series will follow Frank Martin, the same character played by Jason Statham in the films as he transports anything, anywhere, anytime and by any means necessary. But he has three rules: Never change the deal, no names and never open the package. The series order stands at 12 episodes with a budget of $48 million, so this should be quite an upscale adaptation. The question is who will step into Statham’s shoes to get into the action.

  • Dedpool

    I think Luke Goss should take the role.

    • GhostD

      I’m with you 100%. I’ve always liked for actors that bring a little something different to the table (with their roles) to get that one ‘breakout role’ that get them more notice and Luke is one of them. He’ll have to do some martial arts training for sure, but seeing that he did a great job in preparing for his role in Hellboy 2, which showed in his performance, I think he’d be fantastic. Hopefully Corey Yuen will oversee the fight choreography in the series.

  • Pgitt
    Goss is a good call–I had not even thought of him. I’m worried it will end up being Vinnie Jones or someone like that. I like Jones plenty, but he’s not going to be a martial artist. This might sound crazy, but go with me here–what is Jean-Claude Van Damme up to? It would certainly create some immediate buzz. Whether that buzz would be good or bad is hard to say. I do have to say: JCVD was pretty damn incredible. One rule: no splits.