New Trailers Released For TREME Season 3 and Remaining Episodes of TRUE BLOOD

     July 16, 2012

On the heels of naming a premiere date for its New Orleans-based drama Treme (Sunday, September 23 at 10pm to be exact), HBO has released a new extended trailer for the series’ third season.  “I’m thinking about doing something different this year,” Albert Lambreaux (Clarke Peters) says to his son in the opening seconds.  “I mean really different.”  It could be a reference to series creator David Simon commenting that the new season will focus more on crime. Two new characters – a restaurant investor and a reporter based on A.C. Thompson – will also be joining the cast.  Bottom line, the new trailer (featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing “Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing”) gets one’s soul stirring for whatever’s in store. For the full trailer as well as a preview of the second half of True Blood‘s current season, hit the jump.

As for the True Blood preview, though some scenes are familiar to viewers caught up on Sunday’s episode, the rest portends even greater things to come from a season that has been firing on all cylinders.  From the video clip it looks like there will be much more exploration of Sookie’s fairy powers (finally …), LaFayette’s newly found medium abilities, the politics of the wolf pack, and the set up of war between vampires and humans.  Most importantly, the Reign of Russell (Redux) begins (and was that a flash of Godric?). “Time to get back up on that pole!”