TRON 3 Update from TRON: LEGACY Screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis

     March 19, 2012


Before Joseph Kosinski‘s TRON Legacy even opened, Disney was preparing for a sequel in the event that the movie was a smash hit.  Instead, TRON Legacy opened to mixed reviews and middling box office.  It wasn’t a flop, but it wasn’t the success Disney wanted based on the amount of marketing they had poured into it.  However, Legacy reportedly moved enough DVDs and merchandise (where the real money is made) to keep a sequel in the cards.  There’s also the upcoming TRON Uprising animated series, which could influence whether or not the sequel gets a greenlight.  However, all has been quiet on TRON 3 since June 2011 when Disney hired Dave DiGilio to write the script.

TRON Legacy screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have now moved on to run the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time, but they’ve remained co-producers on TRON 3.  Hit the jump for what they had to say about the sequel’s current status.


Here’s the question and answer regarding TRON 3.  We got it during a roundtable interview for Once Upon a Time at WonderCon.

After the experience of working on TRON Legacy, the movie did well and made money, and I hear that the toys and the merchandise also sold very well, but maybe it didn’t quite do well enough to get its own sequel, but it did well enough to get a cartoon series.  Is that frustrating—

ADAM HOROWITZ:  They are working on a sequel.  Eddie and I aren’t writing it because of the show, but we’ve move to being co-producers on it—

EDWARD KITSIS:  Dave DiGilio is currently writing the script, Joseph Kosinski is currently shooting Oblivion, but we’ve had a lot of meetings and conversations, and we’ve seen the first draft of the TRON sequel.  Sometimes movies don’t happen as quickly as you want.  Joe was always going to shoot Oblivion before that, and movies just work slower.  Our goal is to get something going soon.

Personally, I’m indifferent to a sequel.  I’m not in love with either TRON or TRON Legacy but I don’t hate either movie.  I think TRON Legacy has a neat aesthetic and a terrific score, but the story and world are an absolute mess.  As I noted in my review, the world of TRON Legacy is “all form and no function.  There’s no culture or reason to the world.”  I’m not opposed to heading back to the world of TRON, but there needs to be a strong emphasis on story and characters rather than neon and iconography.


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  • Slingshot

    Excellent news, I for one can not wait!

  • zootcatchy

    they definetely need a better script writers
    DiGilio has had a couple of good projects, but still remains a dark horse.

  • valery

    Coolest news! After hideous bombs like Green Lantern, Prince of Persia and the horrible John Carter, this is an exciting news. Hoping for all the cast to return, including Jeff Bridges, but also aiming for a better director and script this time around.

  • springdog21

    Whoah I cannot wait!! Sam Flynn and Quorra relationship in real life! I definitely wanna see THAT.

  • Fravit

    As much as I love both Tron movies, I agree with the “all form no function” sentiment. The universe doesn’t make any sense if you stop and think about it for more than a few seconds. This was okay back in the 80′s when the concept of being inside computer was relatively new to people and they could just make up computer terms and the fly. Now, with the world revolving around the internet, it doesn’t really work as well.

    I’m still on board for a sequel though, I’d love to see if they do something cool with Cillian Murphy’s character.

  • hijack34

    Tron Legacy was a visually stunning movie with really likeable leads in Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund. Just needs a better director and a better character/dialogue/story developement, that’s all. I predict a better, more successful film than the previous one. Best news ever.

  • Donkey

    No light cycles in the real world, please.

    Quorra still needs to be digital inside since we watched her grow her arm back, if Sam bled when he fought tron, then quorra keeps her body in the human world as well.

    If there is a bad guy he builds the world Flynn built then somehow sam and quorra get involved and Sam brings the power back to Flynn who is now dead, his legacy lives on. So Sam isn’t going to build the virtual world since that world would be good, if the virtual world is rebuilt somebody bad has to build it.

    What I can see happening is the Flynn company builds trons world again and somehow the mortal human version of tron gets into trouble and then Sam and quorra have to try to help him.

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  • Jordan N.

    While I too would like to see more story and character development, because it is a fascinating universe created, I find it somewhat surprising and disappointing that the author of the article criticizes the Tron movies for lack thereof, especially considering some of the crap championed on this site, particularly of the comic book variety (since the comic book adaptations haven’t exactly been dripping with either, or are they nearly as visually interesting as the Tron universe). I, too, am glad they are moving forward with a sequel. Hopefully they bring back Daft Punk to do another score as well.

  • Matt

    I just hop this sequel gets Daft Punk to write the music again. The storyline of Tron 2 was alright, but it was the music and visuals that made the movie.

  • Joe

    Add interesting story+Daft Punk+the Grid and the money will flow. :)

  • Joester

    COME ONNNNN! Make a Tron Sequel!!!! Tron is totally a different movie than any other movie I have seen.

    Just bring in Daft Punk too. And I’m golden again to see it in iMax.

  • David

    Why don’t they keep the writers they have now and bring back the writers of Tron.

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  • Efrain

    I have to totally agree with the article. I feel that Disney should drop the writers and get new ones. The story was flawed but the visual elements where dead on.

    It really worries me the creative state of Hollywood writers right now…Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are working on Once Upon a Time…I began to watch it and began losing interest after two or three episodes. To be honest…..those two guys have to sit down and definitely think about what they are writing and what the audience wants to see….Tron has always been about light cycles and disc battles…. an adventure. Not about what makes a human being or an ISO.

    There is a lot more ground to cover…..unlike what it was shown. They should have played de PC game Tron 2.0 prior writing Tron Legacy. Tron 2.0 had a strong narrative and a more engaging adventure.

  • J.R. Napier

    Here is my take on Tron 3.0 for Disney.

    Sam Flynn leaves ENCOM to Alan Bradley eventually so that he can pursue his life with Quorra.
    Soon after Alan Bradley dies and his son Travis Bradley becomes CEO, he expands ENCOM dramatically and tends to use his company as a privatized military company, specializing in electronic warfare. Despite international and local outrage.
    Bradley also uses his power and influence to surreptitiously buy up competitors and disassemble their companies leaving thousands without jobs. All while cutting the pay to his employees and raising the executive pay of his own company.
    Meanwhile in the meta world there is a major competition going on. Teams are assembled to fight against each other in the arena, the prize, is a trip to the real world.
    Emma, a long time friend, is secretly from the real world and got sent to the Meta World on accident and she is trying to get home. While Rezzer, a long time rival, is contracted by a mysterious person to win the competition.
    Both trying to convince the best Light Cycle rider around to join their team Travis Bradley.
    Travis likes competition but rejects both of their offers because he knows that at the end of the competition the team must turn on itself, for only 1 person can enter the real world.
    Rezzer threatens Travis to join or else something bad could happen, a threat Travis ignores.
    Rezzer furious about Travis rejection and also under contract to get him to join, proceeds to provide a reason for Travis to join. Rezzer and his crew de-rezzes(destroys) Travis’s dear friends.
    Ensnared by rage Travis enters the competition with Emma, he plans to get revenge on Rezzer and crew and then surrender once he has gotten his vengeance.
    The competition is brutal, betrayal happens within own teams. Friends are lost and pride is shattered. Towards the end of the competition Travis realizes Rezzer’s plan, he intends to take control of the gate between worlds and hold it open for an invasion from the real world.
    With the ultimate goal of merging both worlds.
    In the end, Travis fights Rezzer only to be interrupted by Rezzer’s boss Rinzler. An epic disc fight ensues between Travis and Rinzler revealing that Rinzler is really Travis Bradley from the real world.
    The meta world Travis is a fake created to help the real world Travis take control over the meta world.
    Emma comes to reassure the Meta Travis of his value and tries to help him defeat real Travis.
    However, the real Travis has once ace up his sleeve, he has re-infected TRON. Which is evident by their red glow. He then later proclaims he will make all worlds glow red.
    TRON and Real Travis are too much for Meta Travis and Emma until Rezzer decides to help out. He does so proclaiming to be upset about Real Travis interfering in their fight.
    Rezzer takes on his boss Real Travis while Meta Travis and Emma run for the gate with Tron in pursuit.
    Just before Tron can destroy meta Travis and Emma, Rezzer defeats Real Travis which disinfects Tron who lets them escape to the real world.
    Meta Travis is greeted by Sam Flynn who lets him know what kind of trouble real world Travis Bradley has caused. Sam also explains that he was the one who tricked Emma into going to the Meta world in order to help Meta Travis stay on the right track.
    Emma was real worlds Travis’s girlfriend until he dumped her, citing she was “too good”. Sam knew this and that’s why he used her.
    Meta Travis assumes the role of his fallen counterpart and proceeds to correct all the wrong doing of the ENCOM Corporation.
    Sometime later Meta Travis gets an email from Rezzer saying that destroying one Travis isn’t enough for him. He can’t wait to win the competition and visit him in the real world.
    Meta Travis grins and calls in his secretary, he tells her to cancel all meetings for a while because they are going on a trip to visit an old “friend”.
    The secretary is revealed to be Emma who grins and replies, “I’ll pack light.”


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  • Novas

    Come on people, the antagonist for Tron 3 is right in front of our eyes! They even mentioned his name in the Flynn Lives viral video! It is Dillinger’s son! Nuff said!

  • Adam

    “I think TRON Legacy has a neat aesthetic and a terrific score, but the story and world are an absolute mess”

    Agreed. However, everyone noticed the story and world were a mess – I don’t think nearly enough credit was given to the absolutely incredible design of the picture. It is a beautiful movie to look at, I’d watch a sequel for that reason alone.

  • Ross Palmer

    Dillinger Jr should bring back the MCP and/or Sark.

    • Axel Weaver

      See this is what I’ve been thinking since I saw the Flynn Lives video. Bring back the MCP, I freaking love that guy.
      End of Line.

  • bqllpd

    Before considdering TR3N, read first Goedel Escher Bach, and Eternal Golden Braid. Then read the book’s sequel, “I am a strange loop” by the same author. Digital DNA is in fact a real concept I’ve personally explored and written about in the mid oughts. adh, please get a hold of me. You know who I am…

    • Mike

      “Digital DNA”. a stupid term for “digital fingerprint”. You know, the tracks you leave all over the place. I hate when people invent new words for things that already have a name. Now there is even a game with a foobar ending because they perverted the term even further (Mass effect 3). One of the endings cause machines and biotics to merge their “DNA”. Yeah that’s right, Transformers Beast wars. That is the level of stupidity we are talking about. … “Digital DNA”… sheesh.

  • Robert Kent

    PLEASE do a better job on the sequel. Tron Legacy could have made more than $1 billion. This one could as well if they just don’t BLOW IT!

  • Robert Kent

    Please don’t blow it this time. Tron Legacy had the potential for greatness. it could have and should have done better than Avatar.

  • Your Humble Narrator

    Like others have said, the production’s visuals and sound of Legacy were first-rate. Beautiful, even. The characters were cast well and interesting. However the story and script (in particular) was very lacking. Basically a remake of the first story. The dialogue also had not improved much in between times. Edward Dillinger, Jr. is the obvious candidate for a TRON 3.0. And like the other two movies, it should have some real world scenes but the majority of the story set in the digital realm.

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  • Brad

    Bring……..on!!!!! Can’t wait for TRON 3. Legacy was a blast, hoping for the same when the next one comes out. More Bruce Boxlietner and TRON in the next movie please Disney!
    End of line.

  • Brad

    Yeah, but this is a movie, a sci-fi make believe. Anything and everything is possible!