TRON: LEGACY Sequel Moving Forward with New Screenwriter

     December 5, 2012


The sequel to Tron: Legacy looks to be back on track.  Disney has been developing a follow-up to the 2010 Tron sequel for a couple of years now, though movement had slowed considerably as of late.  Apparently new Disney Studios head Alan Horn sees the sequel as a priority, with Heat Vision reporting that Jesse Wigutow being tapped to pen the latest draft of the script as development on the project moves forward “with a renewed urgency.”  Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is set to helm this next installment, though a timetable for production isn’t given.  Kosinski is currently finishing up post-production on the Tom Cruise-led sci-fi pic Oblivion.

Last we heard, David DiGilio was writing a new draft of the script for Tron 3Legacy screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz stepped back to a producer role on the follow-up given their commitment to the ABC series Once Upon a Time, which they created and run.  With this “renewed urgency” on the project, we should hear more about the sequel sooner rather than later.

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  • Strong Enough

    it’s never going to happen. he might write a draft but the movie isn’t going to be made

    • Carl

      It will be made, 2038

  • Lance

    The cartoon is pretty good. Disney needs to splurge on the SFX for the movies a bit more. Also, a better story than in Legacy wouldn’t hurt.

    • CamdenGreen

      Well, they own ILM now. lol

  • tarek

    Tron Legacy sucked hard. Even the Dude couldn’t save it.

    • Russ

      I wonder what your movie that sold millions of theater tickets was like… oh wait.

      • Anon

        Cmon dont insult the Twlight fanboys!

      • Rev

        How about your body of film work, Russ?

      • Bb

        Jesus Russ, I hate you faggot fanboys. He doesn’t have a body of work that sold millions.. Cool.. So the Wayans brothers could make another crap spoof movie and make millions off of it.. Does that mean anyone who has a brain can’t hate it? Your on the comments section for movie news and this guy isn’t allowed to have an opinion? And tron sucked… The original too. Crap movie, bridges face looked like shit, there was nothing to hold interest other than the visuals which weren’t even great, they were just unique.

      • stove

        @Bb at least Russ can give his opinion without using the word ‘faggot’ like a mongoloid, fart sniffer.

    • Jay

      It was a really good movie that suffered from dumb people not understanding it. The A.D.D. culture of today wants shaky-cams and eye-sore quick edits to keep their attention.

      • ZAR

        It was a dumb movie made by dumb & greedy people who consider every audience to be dumb too.

  • ZAR

    The most depressing sequel of the decade is going to receive another sequel. :P

    As soon as I heard that they kept Lisberger (et al.) out of the story for Tron: Legacy I knew it was another shitty Disney-merchandise-fest. And, bingo!

    Had they turned the video game Tron 2.0 into a film, it would have been better. But, no, obviously “too much” Lisberger.

    Repairing this mess is pointless – and most likely not going to happen anyway. It’s either Schlock: Legacy 2 (think along the lines of Transformers 2) or a prequel – or maybe something a bit more unrelated.

    No big hopes here.

  • CDK

    what has this guy written that would make them choose him for the sequel??



    Strange choice

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  • des

    damn you sorry hoes you just can’t be pleased, can you?

    anyways, tron and tron legacy were the shit. can’t wait for part 3! :)