Director Joseph Kosinski Talks TRON 3; Two Weeks Away from Draft With “Much Broader Appeal,” Still Working on Title

     March 31, 2013

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With WonderCon happening this weekend, Universal brought out director Joseph Kosinski to talk to a few press outlets about his sci-fi action-adventure flick Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and out in theaters on April 19th.  While we will run the full interview soon, we wanted to share what the filmmaker had to say about a third TRON film today.

Expanding on what he already told us in an interview back in December 2012, Kosinski said that it absolutely feels like Disney wants to make it happen, that he’s two weeks away from getting a draft of the script, that they’ve been working on this story since 2009, and that the story will open up the world and give it a much broader appeal.  He also said that the movie will have a title that is not just TRON 3, but that it’s not officially set in stone yet.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

tron-3 sequel-joseph-kosinskiQuestion:  Does it feel like there really will be another TRON and that Disney wants that to happen?

JOSEPH KOSINSKI:  Yeah, it absolutely does.  I think I’m two weeks away from getting the draft.  This is a story we’ve been working on since 2009, so that’s four years now.  I’m really excited about the idea that we have for it.  I think it delivers on the promise that both TRON movies have made.  It opens the movie up, in a way that I think is going to give it a much broader appeal.  Whereas TRON really, ultimately, in the end, catered most to TRON fans, this idea broadens it some more, in really exciting ways.  But, it’s all about the script and making sure that that story is compelling enough to get all of us back together.  Those movies are hard to make.  It’s a two-and-a-half to three-year journey.  So, to go back in there and go back to the Grid, it’s going to have to be a pretty spectacular script.  We’ve got a great writer on it, so we’ll see.

Does it have a title that’s not just TRON 3?

KOSINSKI:  It has a working title, yeah.  TR3N will be our code name.  We have an idea, but nothing is set in stone yet.  We have some exciting ideas.

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  • Alan B

    The second film was ‘Star Wars Redux’ (to the first film’s ‘The Wizard of Oz Redux’): the audience could have been huge. However, the film was a mediocre blockbuster with great music and special effects but middling writing and performances, that’s the problem. So let’s not pretend that ‘Legacy’ was some ‘Solaris’-style art film (or even a blockbuster-as-a-political-metaphor like ‘Robocop’) that had limited appeal to a mass audience.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      I don’t really know what your point is. It’s not like Legacy is up for an oscar.

      • Alan B

        So ONLY Oscar-winning dramas should have stories and strong performances, then? Sheesh, I guess you DON’T understand the point, that’s the problem.

  • Aaron

    It did have limited appeal to a mass audience but no one suggested that it was an art film or political metaphor. There was no pretension about that from anyone but you as far as I can tell. In fact, the director mentioned it was more geared towards Tron fans didn’t he?

    I really like Tron Legacy. I like the performances and the tone despite the simple plot, minimal character progression, and shallow depth of theme. The franchise is ripe for something meatier and more relevant, and that’s why I like the potential of a sequel. I’m a bit surprised there might be one after the performance of Tron Legacy, but I’ll take it!

    I’m also very intrigued by Oblivion because I like getting to know the style and substance of directors.

  • Lance

    No one is pretending “Legacy” was an art film or a brilliant political commentary! We’ll have to wait for Christopher Nolan’s new scifi movie before we get something on that level of mastery.

    Actually, I think “Legacy” could have been a very good movie, but the story just wasn’t there. You need someone with a strong story sense and I wonder if Kosinski was just thinking of “Legacy” in terms of “cool scenes” to be connected to each other. If that’s the case, this screenwriter for the third movie needs to have enough clout to push for a working story, and Kosinski needs to have learned enough from “Legacy” to listen.

  • Phoneix

    I like how on Collider they devote a paragraph to these snippets from interviews that are relevant to other projects the actor/director/producers are involved with where they basically summarize all the main points of the interview. Its a great way to save some reading time because some interviewee go off on tangents before making their point.

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  • The Blue Elephant

    Tron Legacy was sweet, though I agree the story was a little lacking, i really enjoyed the world and music. I’m definitely down for another sequel.

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  • JohnTrollinski

    This film…. Will be… Amazing as we are still working on it. I am a casted member for this movie…. Its going to be a thrill.

  • flynns_w

    Tron Legacy wasn’t successful not so much of the weak storyline but because the style and aesthetics of the director is not as artistically iconic as the ’82 version and made too much leather/rubber to the costume which looked very gritty and cheap as opposed to what the true nature of tron world was suppose to be – fantastical and exciting hence the bright neon and pastel new wave 80s colours.

    The vehicles had some ugly industrial parts and not as stylistic as syd mead’s as can be seen in oblivion. I guess thats his style and its subjective but I believe its not a popular look compared to the ’82 because the artist mobius and syd mead were truly accomplished graphic artist at a period where the graphic sci-fi literature where also at the creative height.

    I believe that Disney should seriously consider a change in the vision and style closer to what original fans in the first place fell in love with – the story and aesthetics of the early 80′s new wave and their colour schemes. not this post grunge era director. If its just the weak storyline the toys would have great sales regardless, but it didnt which shows that the designs were the main reasons as toys collectors know good designs sells toys even if the movie has moderate success.

  • Jack

    Bring on the next TRON movie please! Can’t wait!
    End of line.

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