Is Disney Close to Green Lighting a Sequel to TRON: LEGACY?

     January 13, 2011


TRON: Legacy has underperformed at the box office, but Disney may be close to taking viewers back to the Grid anyway.  AICN reports that the film is close crossing $300 million worldwide, which would be fantastic…had the film and its epic marketing campaign been inexpensive.  Harry Knowles reports that TRON: Legacy “is getting close, incredibly close to having its SEQUEL announced.”

For thoughts on where the potential sequel could go and what’s in store for the TRON franchise, hit the jump.

tron_legacy_movie_poster_international_rinzler_01If you haven’t seen TRON: Legacy, I’m about to go into spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

Cillian Murphy makes a brief cameo as the son of Ed Dillinger, the corrupt ENCOM CEO played by David Warner in the original TRON.  Of course, the film never makes mention of him again, but it’s possible he’s being set up as the villain in a sequel.  Also, “Rinzler” reverts back to Tron near the end of the movie and although he’s seen crashing into the sea, we also see him rebooting, his bad orange color gone and his good blue color restored.

But as sequel ideas get tossed around, Disney is already at work on a TRON animated series for Disney XD.  TRON: Uprising is a new animated series that will feature the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens, Lance Henriksen, and Bruce Boxleitner.  There’s also a ten-part “microseries” in the works that’s slated to air in the fall.

So why is Disney still plugging away at TRON even after the disappointing box office?  One of the reasons could be because Sean Bailey, one of the film’s producers, is now Disney’s head of production.  Also, we don’t know how well the film’s merchandise is doing.  The reason we’re getting Cars 2 isn’t because Cars had spectacular box office, but because it moved a lot of cheap plastic crap.  If TRON: Legacy has done the same, then I wouldn’t be surprised if TRON 3 is headed our way, especially since Disney has already commissioned the script.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    I think it’s important to make note that *everything* underperformed during the Holiday season. For some reason, no one went to the movies, and even with only $300 Million world wide TRON: Legacy still outperformed anything else that’s come out in the past month.

    I’m hoping that a sequel goes through, because I genuinely enjoyed TRON: Legacy and see clear potential for a great sequel.

    • Ivanthedread

      Agreed, I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. A sequel would be fantastic in my mind. That’s just Matt being Matt as always…
      Frosty, you should be the only one to report on Tron info, as you bring the positive out, not like the negative nanny…

      • IllusionOfLife

        I definitely agree with you, I enjoy Frost’s TRON articles much more, but in this case I have to commend Matt for actually reporting the facts without trolling like he has the past couple articles.

        TRON: Legacy *didn’t* meet Disney’s expectations, it *did* have a massively expensive marketing campaign, and many critics *did* give it bad reviews. Those are all facts that can’t be denied and so I’m very glad that Matt reported on those rather than just trolling the fan base again.

  • shamus

    TRON Legacy has a fantastic first half only marred by lethargic writing in the second. Disney may have overestimated the budget. TANGLED, an animation with no big movie star cost, gasp, $260 million? These movies make tons of profits for Disney. Everything else is just ..uhm, creative accounting. Bring on trOn 2, I say.

  • Ryan

    I enjoyed it, but I grew up watching Scarecrow & Mrs. King reruns in the early 90′s. When I first saw Tron at age 8 I didn’t have a flipping clue who Jeff Bridges was, but I knew Boxleitner. I hope they bring him back more substantially in a sequel. He’s the the title character! That was my qualm with Tron Legacy.

  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    I hope they do make another one. There’s a lot of room for improvement. And now they won’t have to focus too much on the visuals.

  • tzaylor

    I’d love to see another one. Loved the 3D visuals, now marry that to a great story.

  • Brenno

    i hope they make another too…. i swear the critics are a hit and miss affair. There are so many times when they have near universally panned a movie that i found great popcorn entertainment, and then given critical acclaim to a movie i damn near fell alseep in. One of life’s many mysteries

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  • mothersmurfer

    I hope they hire a writer this time.

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  • G

    I think one of the reasons why Tron: Legacy has underperformed, becoz it’s in 3D only. 2D is rarely seen in cinemas. And the ticket price would go way up for the 3D movie. It’s a major reason why 3D movies could not be as popular as 2D.

  • aaronsullivan

    There were some great themes brought up and potential never explored in favor of action and levity. I was okay with that in Legacy, though it seems many critics and haters were not.

    I’m with them in the sense that I’d like to see some greater depths plumbed in a sequel. The cool part is that there is nothing overtly off-puting in the first movie and I’d like to see any and all of the characters return.

    I also enjoy the fact that Cillian Murphy’s Dillenger character is already not just a simple one-dimensional villain from the brief moments he was seen.

    Bring it. :)

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