TRON: EVOLUTION Trailer, the Video Game Tie-in to TRON LEGACY

     December 13, 2009


Video game tie-ins to major motion pictures are painfully ubiquitous and almost always crap, but a Tron sequel without a video game tie-in would be downright offensive.  When your main character runs an arcade and is a video game programmer, a video game tie-in is a must.  A couple weeks ago we saw the first glimpse of the Tron Legacy video game, but at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards, they showed off the full teaser as well as the game’s real name: Tron: Evolution.

Being a teaser, it’s basically just the game’s announcement with no gameplay details and only the barest hint of the story.  The best piece of info the teaser provides is the tagline, “Before the Legacy Starts, the Battle Begins,” which leads me to believe that Tron: Evolution could serve as a link between the original Tron and Tron Legacy, which takes place 30 years later.  However, there’s really only one thing I can be sure of with Tron: Evolution: Light cycles.  There will be light cycles.

Hit the jump to check out the teaser, which informs us that Tron: Evolution hits shelves “Holiday 2010″.

Head over to to see the teaser in HD.

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