TRON News Roundup: New TRON: LEGACY Clip Featuring Olivia Wilde as Quorra, Daft Punk Medicom Toys, and a Cool “Modern Trailer” for Original TRON

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If you’re looking forward to TRON: Legacy, today is a great day.  That’s because tonight is Tron Night, and Walt Disney is going to let a ton of moviegoers around the world catch an early glimpse of TRON: Legacy.  I saw the footage a few weeks back and left the theater extremely impressed.  I’m also going to see the footage again tonight in IMAX 3D, so look for a write-up later.

However, while you wait, how about three cool Tron stories.  Up first is a minute clip from TRON: Legacy which features our first real look at Quorra (Olivia Wilde).  If you’re going to Tron Night, you’ll see this in 3D and it leads to a very cool scene with Jeff Bridges.  I won’t say more than that.

The other two Tron stories are our first look at the Daft Punk TRON: Legacy Medicom action figures and someone has cut together a “modern trailer” for the original Tron.  Hit the jump for everything:

Here’s the Quorra Film Clip.  Imagine watching this in 3D.  It’s really great. Watch in HD on Apple.

Up next is a “modern trailer” for the original Tron.  While I love the first Tron, I’ll admit it’s not a fast moving movie.  However, this trailer tries to speed things up.  Even though the trailer hit YouTube awhile back, I only saw it yesterday, so I figure a few of you have never seen it either.  It’s quite good.

Finally, Medicom has created some Daft Punk TRON: Legacy action figures.  Thanks to toyhaven you can check out 1:6 scale Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter figures.  This movie is going to cost me a lot of money…

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  • MCP

    Looking better every time I see something new.
    Less than 2 months away, can’t wait!

    end of line

  • Anonymous

    caught Tron Night this evening, and i have to say I’m disappointed, I was expecting it to better than the snoozefest original and from what I saw in this 23 minute sneak peak was wooden acting, a shitty script and some amazing visuals…kind of like the original, won’t be seeing this in theaters if at all.

    • Anonymous

      THank you for the warning. I will let the hype die down and hopefully I will still dig it.

    • Alex

      Yes seemingly great use of special effects but you can tell the direction is sub par. Although I was surprised by Quorra who comes off as Bill’s (From Bill and Teds excellent adventure), older skater sister.

      Nice to see her show some range in her acting.

  • AnonReader

    I was at a Tron Night Screening, and IMO, the scenes shown were excellent. I’ve been following and participating in the Flynn Lives campain as a player the alternate reality game, which has provided A LOT of backstory than enhances alot of elements of the film. I’ve been watching films for all my life for the past 30+ years, and IMO Garret Hedlunds acting was pretty good. Wooden? No it wasn’t. Within the context of the character and the scenes/the situation his character is in, he hits the right notes of his character and the emotional underpinings are expressed very well.
    Want to see wooden acting? Watch a low-budget “SyFy” movie, or worse see terrible wincing-angst spewage in any of the Twilight films. Robert Pattenson’s acting in Twilight, now THAT’S wooden.

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