December 16, 2010

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TRON: Legacy is an odd sequel as it attempts to capitalize on the technologically groundbreaking but commercially unsuccessfully 1982 film TRON.  The original film has built up a cult following over the years and even managed to occasionally find its way into pop culture with South Park‘s depiction of Moses resembling the Master Control Program and the YouTube celebrity “TRON Guy”.  The sequel attempts to reinvent the series as sleek and cool, but the result is a simplistic visual style that attempts to mask a poorly-paced story filled with bland characters.  TRON: Legacy comes alive with an amazing score and some eye-catching set pieces, but the sequel makes this franchise look like it should be shutdown rather than rebooted.

It’s been over twenty years since Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the hero of the original TRON, disappeared.  His son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) believes his dad to be “either chilling on a beach in Costa Rica or dead or both.”  It turns out that Papa Flynn hasn’t been relaxing on the Bernard Lomax Beach for Deceptive Corpses, but is actually stuck inside “The Grid”, a virtual world he created with the help of Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) and an avatar, Clu (a digitally de-aged Bridges).  Unfortunately for Kevin, Clu took control of the world and the portal that would have allowed Kevin to return home.  Sam, responding to a page from his father’s office, ends up getting sucked into the Grid and only has eight hours to make it out before the portal closes again.  It turns out Clu was behind the page and wants to use Kevin’s identity disc to get out into the real world.  In its broad strokes, TRON: Legacy follows the exact same plot of TRON: Guy gets sucked into virtual world and in order to get home must battle an authoritarian ruler who has designs on the real world.

The sequel also suffers from the same problems as the original and then some.  What little character development is available feels forced and stilted.  Sam still feels hurt over why his father never came home twenty years ago, but it’s nothing a little heart-to-heart while on a traveling on a Solar Sailer can’t heal.  Sam’s character arc is hampered by Hedlund’s weak performance.  He never seems to take much joy or experience any wonder in his adventure.  It’s the kind of stiff, detached performance that can cripple a straightforward adventure like this one.  Bridges doesn’t fare much better although he at least injects some silly life into Kevin Flynn.  It seems that Kevin has become a hippie during his time in the Grid and while it makes sense that his slang wouldn’t have evolved since 1982, it feels more like The Big Lebowski‘s Dude has become stuck in the Grid rather than the freewheeling character TRON.

While the Flynns suffer from poorly executed character development, the supporting cast doesn’t even get chances to change and grow.  Olivia Wilde has some fun as Quorra, an ally of Flynn’s, and looks like she could be a cool and engaging character…until the film quickly shuts her down and tries to pull focus onto light-vehicles chasing each other.  Michael Sheen plays a scenery-chewing nightclub owner and his zany character is a relief in the cold, sterile environs of the Grid.  But he barely has any time to breathe before the film realizes someone is having a good time and moves to rectify that grave error.  Any time “joy” seems to enter the picture, it’s as if an alarm sounds and TRON: Legacy screams angrily, “Who’s having fun in here?!” and then pulls away to either dull conversations or the hi-tech failure of Clu’s face.

If the technology were as advanced as it needed to be, Clu could be a marvel and we would be dazzled by a young Jeff Bridges giving a performance as if he hadn’t aged a day.  Instead, Clu is a grotesque distraction who sets up residence in the Uncanny Valley and never leaves.  Some will argue the problem is in the dead eyes, but my issue with Clu is that he looks like he doesn’t have enough muscles in his face.  Rather than being invested in Clu’s motives for wanting to escape from the Grid, I was left wondering what he would want to do in our world other than scare small children and be a spokesman for Botox abuse.

Most of the other special effects fare better, but they exist in a hollow, poorly-defined world.  It’s awesome seeing light cycles and light jets fight each other, but it eventually all comes down to a black-and-neon blur.  The Grid is a place of nifty architecture and design, but it feels lifeless.  The original TRON at least had the creativity of ascribing personalities to programs.  Programs were made in the image of their user so, for example, an accounting program is an overweight nerd who is probably going to get his ass handed to him in disc wars.  With the exception of a hapless program we see when Sam first enters the Grid, the world appears to be inhabited by supermodels.  Presumably, Kevin and Clu wanted “perfection” and these “programs” are a physical manifestation of that desired perfection.

But these programs, and indeed the whole world of the Grid, are all form and no function.  There’s no culture or reason to the world.  One of the programs, Gem (Beau Garrett), is seen carrying a parasol even though there’s no sunlight and no rain in the grid.  It’s there because it makes her look cool and that, in a neon-laced nutshell, is the rhyme and reason behind the majority of TRON: Legacy: “Because it looks cool.”

And yet that “cool” look eventually wears out its welcome because there’s not much to it.  I remember watching the special features on The Fellowship of the Ring DVD and director Peter Jackson talking about how they put orcish inscriptions on the inside of the gauntlets.  No audience member would ever see it, but it helped add character and detail to the world.  The only details of TRON: Legacy are “needs more neon”.  That visual style is impressive when we see wide shots of chase scenes, but the close-ups are just a muddle of black and neon and it becomes difficult to follow the action.

What’s actually cool and always welcome in TRON: Legacy is the score.  Composed by French electronic music duo Daft Punk, the music pulses with deep bass and skillfully utilizes tempos that range from the solemn (“Adagio for TRON”) to the triumphant (“Flynn Lives”) to the pulse-pounding (“Derezzed”).  It’s a score that works well on its own and is far better than the movie that inspired it.

In his debut feature, director Joseph Kosinski shows he has a strong eye for style and choreographing wide vistas of action, but his TRON seems afraid of its own shadow (if it could see a shadow).  The film either stays away from lighthearted enjoyment and then swings wildly into maudlin, awkward conversations as if inserting emotional beats and character development were as easy as inserting another digital explosion.

TRON: Legacy is a frustrating and at times downright boring affair that has visual style to spare, but lacks any depth beneath its skintight black-and-neon exterior.  Characters are poorly developed (if at all), jargon is embarrassingly shoehorned into the dialogue without any consideration given to what arguments about open-source and piracy actually mean, and for all the attention given to the design of the special effects and the vehicles, the actual world and life of the Grid seems to have been either ignored or forgotten.  And while the amount spent on marketing for TRON: Legacy has ensured it won’t be ignored, the film itself is likely to be forgotten.

Rating: C-


  • Junierizzle

    I knew it. Kosinski is all visual.

  • Kamala Gallo

    Disney Digital 3D, Disney DVD, Disney Condoms. Really pisses me off how Disney has to put there name before every little thing they do when it is NO different. Did they invent 3D and DVD? No. They are too full of themselves.

    • Wolstenholme

      I don’t know what movie you’re watching but it isn’t anything near the Tron Legacy I saw. I left mid-movie b/c i just couldn’t stand at what a peice of shit it was


    ur review is full of shit go see the movie for urself… this guy is a perfectionist i guess? the characters were fine and the movie was amazing… this is prolly some fat guy sitting on the theatre falling asleep half the movie thats why he couldnt find character in the actors….

    • Wolstenholme

      I don’t know what movie you’re watching but it isn’t anything near the Tron Legacy I saw. I left mid-movie b/c i just couldn’t stand what a peice of shit it was

  • Nick

    Eh, not surprised. It looked like eye candy in the previews and nothing but. I’ll see Black Swan this weekend instead thank you very much.

  • TurkieSub

    Hit the nail on the head mate the film lacked all character development and decent acting. Daft punks cameo seems out of place

    • B.saisaketh

      I love this movie and the ani was super one in the movie so, am very happen
      To see that movie and thanks for Directeor

  • Talor

    Your review summed up what I expected, still want to see it regardless due to keen visuals. I think I could find worse ways to spend a Sunday evening.

  • vinod

    The movie is not upto the mark. The first TRON is far better. Instead of calling TRON 3D, better call TRON 2D. It is unfit for IMAX.

    I can give 2/5

  • Dan Geer

    While I’ve only read a few reviews, this is the first negative one I’ve read.

    You are right though. I won’t be ignoring the movie. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it more than you did.

  • noni

    this movie seem boring and the hottie Hedlund wearing the ridiculous lamp suit…what a lame. I prefer black swan and the fighter or the yogi bear :D

  • Dallas

    You need to strap on your ball sack and go watch it again … it was awesome

  • Crystal

    I think the movie was both visually and technologically innovative.
    As for the plot and characters, they were neutral. They focused their time on the art.
    Nothing can be perfect, I agree with some of the criticism. But there is no doubt that this movie is pretty enjoyable for the eye.
    Love it though, it was freakin’ amazing.

  • IllusionOfLife

    I quite enjoyed the movie. It’s not pretentious, it’s not trying to be something it’s not. It’s simply a really fun sci-fi/adventure film. Even with the most basic understanding of TRON you should know where to set your suspension of disbelief and clearly this reviewer was unwilling to put away the microscope, stop analyzing and just enjoy the movie for what it is.

    To me, this movie is like a really great roller coaster, you won’t come away with anything profound emotionally or intellectually, but while it lasts you’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll want to come back again and again.

  • Byrob

    The movie was for the most part surprisingly good up until the third act when Michael Sheen character is introduced, from this point on the film just looses steam and blatantly goes into STARWARS territory. However Sheen is completely miscasted or was alloted too much creative freedom because he removes the audience from the established world with his camp performance. 2.5/4

  • Charlie Waffles

    Just thought I’d mention that it was originally supposed to be raining in the Tron world, which is why Gem’s costume was designed with the umbrella. Had to cut it for various reasons, but they left the streets wet in the real world and the digital world to have that “just rained” look.

    Loved the movie, I think the reviews are taking it a little too seriously. It’s just supposed to be a fun ride.

  • Tommy

    Isn’t this what they said when the original TRON movie came out…?

  • redcarp

    Well, I had to stop reading in half of this “review”… It’s all bull**it over and over again…

    I saw Tron Legacy yesterday and all I could say after credits showed up was “I wanna see this again”. The movie was really amazing. Sure You can not take it so seriously. But the lightcycles, disc battles and the whole grid… From time to time during the projection you could hear people saying “wow”. You barely have time to breathe…

    What is Your problem with characters? I liked all main characters especially Quorra and Castor. Both Flynns ware well played as well. This is not a movie about characters development. And guess what, a lot of people won’t mind!

    It’s movie focused on visuals and fun. Thanks god!

  • Mark

    This movie is fail

  • fred

    OMG this review is so far off the mark its ridiculous! why is this douche writing reviews?!?

  • Rick Chung

    Tron: Legacy dazzles visually, struggles dramatically ::

  • Matt Goldberg And His Terrible Review

    Long time follower of Collider, first time commenting. I just can’t sit here and not respond to Matt’s utterly ridiculous, scathing review. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for f*ck’s sake, I find myself wondering what planet you’re from, if you’re an angry person in general or just trying to get people to comment on this site in particular. You gave this film a C- ? Huh? What? I see your an associate editor here @ Collider so I guess that means you’re, uh-hum, dare I say, “qualified” to review films. In my opinion (judging from other comments above, it looks like I’m not alone) you should stick to associating or editing or whatever else you do for Collider. ‘Nough said. Next point: Lighten up, Matt. This film is supposed to be fun, exciting, entertaining and visually stunning. You know what . . . it was all that and then some. Me and a buncha friends went and saw it twice today back2back to soak it all in. While I’m preaching, this site should have more than just one person review a film. Talk about a Negative Nancy. What happened, Matt, did you submit a character driven, drama laden Tron spec script to Disney and they told you to lighten up too. I mean, c’mon buddy, the filmmakers are not going for the Best Picture Oscar (though I’m sure they’ll win for sound effects, visual effects and the score has to be nominated and win or something’s wrong with this world.) In fact, the only thing you did get right in your review was commending the ultra-savvy, pulse pounding, foot tapping score by Daft Punk. Talk about a game changer. Matt, take a mental flush and see it again; try IMAX or regular 3D or both– I noticed you failed to mention what format you saw the film in too. I’d say that’s pretty g’damn important if anyone’s supposed to take your poo-poo review seriously. This movie was made for you to enjoy yourself and “ooh” and “ahh” and go hell yeah that was an f’n visual feast as you leave the theater. Both times I saw it, people around my friends and I were cheering and overall thrilled with this latest addition to the world of Tron. Some people even clapped when the film was over. I mean damn. Can’t remember the last time I saw that happen during a film’s credits. Maybe you need a break from Collider, or a tall glass of eggnog with massive amounts of whiskey to chill you the F’ out. But in all seriousness, I strongly recommend you do yourself a favor and go see the film again. And this time, check your pessimistic, analytic, and overall crappy attitude at the door, it’s ok to enjoy this movie, it won’t hurt. Who knows, if you have an open mind next time, you might want to re-review the film . . . But please, take the stick out your a$s first.

    I give your review an F- . . . You flunked this one up BIG time.

  • rimwall

    watched tron legacy. cool!

    bring the “kid inside you” to watch it. bring your kids too.

    awesome! escapism in pure form!

    escapism being the operative word. YOU are viewing the grid in SAM’S EYES.
    SO YOU BETTER BRING your “young man” mindset to the movie.

    if you bring your “bean counting, mortgage worrying” mindset, then
    you will be LOST and DE-REZZED at EXACTLY the same time that the
    first PUDGY accounting programs died.

    you missed the whole point of the movie. for escapism to work, you have
    to be in SAM’S MIND THINKING SAM’S THOUGHTS. it’s all in the mind dude.

    now to nitpick on your nitpick

    “Sam’s character arc is hampered by Hedlund’s weak performance. He never seems to take much joy or experience any wonder in his adventure.”

    he’s trying to survive in a totally alien place. with no understanding of
    the rules of this new world. i don’t want SAM thinking of joy and wonder.

    THAT WOULD be like the writer of this review dying in the first few minutes
    of CRYSIS because he was drooling at the beautiful lens flare. noob

    look grandpa a parallelism.

    “It seems that Kevin has become a hippie during his time in the Grid and while it makes sense that his slang wouldn’t have evolved since 1982, it feels more like The Big Lebowski’s Dude has become stuck in the Grid rather than the freewheeling character TRON.”

    you’re the only human in a desolate unfeeling universe.

    what would be your coping mechanism?

    the hippie “unique” mentality is a natural human reaction to the blandness
    of IMPOSED universal unfeeling perfection advocated by clu.

    “If the technology were as advanced as it needed to be, Clu could be a marvel and we would be dazzled by a young Jeff Bridges giving a performance as if he hadn’t aged a day. Instead, Clu is a grotesque distraction who sets up residence in the Uncanny Valley and never leaves. Some will argue the problem is in the dead eyes, but my issue with Clu is that he looks like he doesn’t have enough muscles in his face.”

    clu is supposed to have dead eyes. you want a tyrant to have lively eyes?
    again the blandness of universal perfection.(according to clu of course)

    as for the “he looks like he doesn’t have enough muscles in his face.” is clu trying to be human?

    i’d say its the perfect look for clu. a confused program felling betrayed, refusing to emulate human emotion on his face.

    dont forget clu is flynn’s creation too. SAM IS NOT THE ONLY son portayed here.
    CLU is also flynn’s son. and if the writer missed the cain and abel
    story- arc here-

    well that’s what happens when you bring the mindset of the “overly critical
    mother-in-law” to a kid film.

    “The Grid is a place of nifty architecture and design, but it feels lifeless.”

    THIS WORLD IS A REFLECTION OF CLU’s RULE. it’s not supposed to be full of life.

    “But these programs, and indeed the whole world of the Grid, are all form and no function. There’s no culture or reason to the world. ”

    again you’re in SAM’S mind. seeing this new reality thru the mind of a young man.
    you’re also trying to survive in what seems like the whole universe is
    against you.

    stopping to smell the culture= “get his ass handed to him in disc wars.”

    so i say watch the movie and most importantly “bring the kid inside you”
    i brought my kid and he was kind enough to explain all the things i missed.

  • rimwall

    ok you want a deep story for the villain

    why didn’t clu change his face after flynn (his father and creator) turned
    his back on clu’s ideology.

    tron/rinzler changed face, so why would clu still choose to look like his creator.
    remember rinzler’s cry “fights for the users” thats tron!
    did you see rinzler glow change from red to white while he was falling
    totally breaking clu’s hold him. and finally realizing he was tron!
    -sob- made me cry and gave me goosebumps.

    why would clu who already rules his own reality choose to risk everything
    in a bid to change his creator’s reality?

    clu cant even turn flynn to accept his ideology- and he expects to turn
    a whole world of individualists.

    clu’s hold on tron/rinzler even failed in the end. now there’s a message for
    tyrants- free thought is impossible to imprison.

    clu obviously knows how to turn adversaries into minions ala tron/rinzler.
    so why choose to kill NAIVE but super intelligent isomorphs. when they
    could be used to his advantage

  • rimwall

    last note – for deeper insight into clu’s character then look at
    the actions and decisions that the character makes and also look at
    the decisions they didn’t make. you will learn more about them.

    that’s the way its we do it in real life- remember.

    in the absence of verbal cues, then we judge and form opinions
    of people based on actions and decisions they make,
    compared to the other decisions they could have made, or should
    have made.

  • Tron 1982

    Tron Legacy is devoid of original thought or ideas. It plagiarises ideas from the original Tron and steals the iconography from The Matrix (as so many films have done before). This film is an insult to the original 1982 film, which was a piece of under rated futuristic genius. Tron Legacy really is not worth watching and if you are an original Tron fan I guarantee you will be disappointed. In a nut shell: wooden acting, poor story line, poor 3D (really very poor indeed). Positives: some quite good set pieces with the bike racing and dog fighting at the end, but other than that very dull. Oh and yes, technology is not sufficiently evolved to re create a young Jeff Bridges. In a few shots it is almost there but most of the time he looks like a rubber faced Max Headroom. 5.5/10

    • Akumetsu

      5.5/10? Shame on you! It was a 3.5 at BEST.

      I marveled at the original TRON when I saw it in the theater.. 5 TIMES. In comparison, I’d never pay to see the piece of steaming fecal matter that is TRON: Legacy again. Ever. Not even as a rental.

      People are exhorting the new TRON film as “visually stunning”? Please… digitally dreary would be a better turn of phrase. When I saw the light cycle race in the first film, and was taken at grid-level, turn by turn through that race, I actually felt physically dizzy afterwards. It was a thrill! That same feeling was totally and utterly missing in this awful sequel.

      The devil is also in the details. the iconic Recognizers were the bullies of the Grid in TRON. Now they’re just cargo carriers… with *thrusters*? In a digital environment, why does such a vehicle even NEED thrusters? It takes away from thw wonder of “how did they…?” thought that gets indulged in long after the film is over. I remember my young nerd mind wheeling with all manner of guesswork as to how a Reco defied gravity rules and propelled itself, contemplating all forms of digital pulse technologies. It made me *think*… Not so this instalment of the franchise. Sad.

      Let’s not forget how the concept of “original ideas” has died here… Tron himself pulls a “Darth Vader”, a la Return of the Jedi at the end of the film for example.

      The film, in reality, is nothing more than a vehicle in itself. Daft Punk stands to sell thousands of copies of the soundtrack (there wasn’t even much of a nod to Wendy Carlos, the original TRON score composer!). There is word that there will even be a “couture” line of clothing based on the costumes of TRON: Legacy… How’s that for sad?

      For those whinging about “suspending belief”, there’s a difference between suspending belief and simply “settling for something” and rolling over to let Hollywood rape your wallet. Moviegoers in general need to wake up, realize that you’re paying a LARGE sum of money to see a film and demand equal entertainment for your hard earned dollar instead of saying something is “good enough”, or worse, actually making *excuses* for crappy films. it makes me wonder just how many are simply sttempting to justify having wasted the money to *themselves* by being gung ho about this terrible piece of dross.

  • Daft

    The first Tron was commercially unsuccessful? Did you actually research that or just plagiarize all the other journalists that are repeating this lie? Tron made back double its budget and had a majority of positive critical reviews.

    Oh and I agree. Strap on your balls and see the movie again.

  • Giamann

    Saw Tron: Legacy last night in IMAX/3D, and all I can still get out of my mouth is WOW. Matter of fact, my wife firmly attests I uttered that non-stop throughout the entire movie. From the moment Sam is transported onto The Grid and that first “new” Recognizer drops down over him, with the entire theater rumbling and vibrating around me, I was totally and completely blown away by this movie. It was one hell of a ride. I take my hat off to Disney, regardless of some people who just don’t seem to understand….. IT’S ALL ABOUT HAVING SOME FUN. You people searching for existentialism via an action movie are really ruining the whole Zen thing, man.

    Lighten up, strap on your sack (as many others have recommended), and channel that inner child you shelved away during the course of your adult obligations.

    I didn’t go into Tron: Legacy expecting Academy Award winning performances. If I want that I’ll fire up a real heart-wrencher at home and cry my silly self to sleep. I went into Tron expecting, and demanding, to be walloped upside the head with a neon brick.

    Tron delivered. BIGTIME.

    Like any movie, there were lame parts, the four girls dressing Sam in his Light Suit felt contrived and lame, and the CGI on Clu’s face was a bit strange (although no more so than Avatar in my opinion).

    Visual effects, mindblowing. Artwork, gorgeous. And the soundtrack, absolutely phenomenal (Daft Punk really knocked it out of the park on this).

    And please drop the Star Wars/Matrix/insertanothermoviehere comparisons. In an age where it’s all been done, you can cross link just about anything if you’re jaded enough to obsess about it. Lighten up.

    Tron Legacy succeeds in doing what it was designed to do: Leave your jaw on the floor.

    Enjoy seeing Black Swan. That’s 1 more seat for me at the next Tron screening.

  • eraser

    erase the spaces and enjoy
    bit . ly / myowncollection

  • Matlock

    I really enjoyed the film and saw it twice in IMAX 3D. Critics like these love to tear these types of films to shreds. They absolutely live for it. They are the same elitist indie pricks that are responsible for giving movies like “The Kids Are Alright” such high tomato meters. Nothing against that movie though, Ruffalo was great in it. I’m just saying TRON LEGACY deserves better.

    Harry’s Aint It Cool News review is the best that I have seen. I always love reading his reviews:

  • cece

    i havent seen the movie but i think the reason why people think it isnt that good is because there comparing it to Tron back in the 80′s. but its its own movie not Tron. Yeah, based off of it but there remaking it to try to make Tron and Tron Legacy more popular.

  • Followthelegacy

    My thoughts on the movie just after it finished were “just Awesome!!”

    Loved the story and effects (which were not overplayed) and all the actors were cool cause they weren’t pretentious and didn’t faff about with romance. Plus Olivia Wilde was not just eye candy, which every critic says, even though she is very pretty, she does some great acting in the film.

    Music and sound effects were very good indeed! Didn’t play any terrible cheap electronic sounds or musical garbage and had a good mixture of techno with some orchestra, which was perfect for the film!

    The only people that will not like it are highly paid annoying critics who don’t know anything about any Tron film or hardcore first Tron film fans. But it’s great because it’s only rated PG (no swearing no sex no drugs hardly any offensive violence) and is suitable for families and just about anyone!

    The bottom line is that this was a very VERY! Good film

    All you people who want to see a great film this year go and see Tron Legacy! And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • Cheryl

    I didnt like the movie ! I cant even explain why. The music what the played almost the whole movie was freaking annoying and brainwashing. I like techno in some ways, but jeez dont mind f*ck my brains with it. And the effects wasnt so nice either, too much lights to my eyes.

    The end was nice though.

  • Sonie

    I enjoy the movie…..sure it was kind of boring but…i love it…. It was a COOL AND STUPID movie at the same time… LMFAO

    see yaa

  • John

    I watched Tron Legacy in 3D with my wife, 8 year old son and 80 year old mother-in-law. They all loved it. As for me, I really loved. It has a feel like no other movie – completely the opposite of Avatar where every scene felt lifted from another movie. The music and visuals combined to create something truly memorable and truly moving. The plot was actually pretty interesting, and once again not totally derivative of other movies. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Octavius

    This movie was fine. But that’s it. It was just fine. I wanted to be amazed so I saw it with my friend. I was bored. The only fun I had was when Castor/Zeus came on the screen or when the kid behind me yelled, “That Frisbee exploded that guy into cubes!!” But all my joy went away when the second sceen Castor was in he gets killed and when the kid behind me started screaming, “Betrayal! Betrayal most foul!!” as he got pulled out of the theater halfway through the movie by his mother. I give it five stars for beauty and five for characters (all go to Castor) but zero for plot. Only see it for the crazy guy in the movie or for the crazy guy in the theater.

  • Jordan

    That review was spot on. But I’m someone who would say the same about all 3 Matrix movies. So, some of us need a little move depth in out character I guess.

  • Badaapple

    I go to the movies to enjoy myself.. not analyze the movie. I either get it or I don’t in most cases.. I go purely for the action and effects.. The visuals in this movie are the best I think I’ve ever seen… the soundtrack is awesome.Your Grade of C- is ridiculous. Most action,adventure,sci-fi movies I’ve ever really liked always reviewed poorly.. I think its because most reviewers are expecting some kind of message in the movie. The message was clear to me.. sit back and enjoy the spectacular visual ride! Ebert slammed the movie too… when I saw that I knew I would like it.

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  • InFormed

    I read your review and must say it is way off the mark and missed the entire point of the world of Tron. The world is artificial in nature, created from the mind of a single man. In essence it resembles a computer program, some parts finished and polished, some parts unfinished. Some parts elaborate and some disconnected with the whole. This is not a natural world, its a world created without the input of nature at all. It is imperfect in its perfection.

  • InFormed

    So I read your review and must say it is way off the mark and missed the entire point of the world of Tron. The world is artificial in nature, created from the mind of a single man. In essence it resembles a computer program, some parts finished and polished, some parts unfinished. Some parts elaborate and some disconnected with the whole. This is not a natural world, its a world created without the input of nature at all. It is imperfect in its perfection.

  • Elorien

    Sheesh. I must not have seen the same movie because I absolutely love Tron: Legacy! Technologically, this is what the 80′s Tron wanted to be. I remember as a kid going to the big screen with a couple buddies from elementary school and being blown away by how cool everything looked and I thought the story was neat too. Speed ahead to 2012 on my high end home theatre system and my wife and I shared the Tron: Legacy experience together and we felt like kids again! Only this time it was more like high school and we were absorbed into the perfectly (our opinion), executed neo-retro digital glass world where life was breathed into the stark glowing circuitry by the tasteful inference and suble undertones of love, selfless love -”taking one’s self out of the equation.” This wasn’t about Oscar worthy performances but a seemless integration of analog and digital and where the line is drawn (perfection vs love / love=perfection). The actors did excellently in folding themselves into this landscape and producing the right emotions to fit into the plot algorithm. Wonderful, and we watch it often!

  • Brad

    I could not disagree more with the writer of this article. Which film were you watching? It wasn’t the same one I saw, which I thought was absolutely spectacular!