Watch TRON: THE NEXT DAY, a Clip of New Footage from the TRON: LEGACY Blu-ray/DVD

     March 12, 2011


We know that Disney filmed additional footage specifically for the DVD/Blu-ray release of Tron: Legacy, but the nature and intent was in some doubt.  It was first reported there might be a teaser trailer for Tron 3, but that appears untrue.  (Another Tron sequel still hasn’t been greenlit, mind you — though it’s close.)  Some of this footage has surfaced online as a 10:27 clip  titled “Tron: The Next Day.”  The focus is bridging the decades between the two Tron films, and the story ties heavily into the “Flynn Lives” viral campaign before Tron: Legacy‘s release.  Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, and Dan Shor make appearances.

The current over/under on this leaked clip is about four hours, and I’m betting on the under.  So watch “Tron: The Next Day” while you still can after the jump.

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Tron Legacy 3D BD art

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  • FlynnLives!!!

    Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap! AMAZING!

  • Strong Enough

    i liked tron legacy but if theres no tron 3 ama so laugh at tron fanboys lol

  • Lobo7922

    I think this is legit, but maybe this is not a teaser for a upcoming movie but director cut footage ;)

  • rey

    That was interesting.

  • Josh

    Obviously it’s a narrative transition that won’t be featured in the films. Disney has been innovative with this campaign and here they’re at it again. Looks much more story-focused and honoring of the original than Legacy; sorta evocative of The Social Network. These films will get stronger. Expect 3 and 4 to be impro Ed.

  • MrInvisible

    This is awesome. Really ties together the 1st and 2nd films. Can’t wait for the other teaser clips.

  • The Evans Program

    I am SO GEEKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! “Sign me up TRON” … “”Good to have you back RAM” AWESOME!

  • Mr. Noc


  • Rosencrantz

    RAM! Green light the sequel already, Disney. Flynn Lives!

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