TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Lost Cause”

     July 20, 2014


“Lost Cause” finally gave True Blood fans what we’ve been wanting for years from this show, but most particularly, were hoping to get from this season.  After the promise of a return to the calmer side of things, True Blood did almost anything but that in its first few episodes back.  And even in those few moments when it did slow down, it went all wrong: extended time spent with characters we didn’t know was dull, while favorites were killed off unceremoniously and without much comment.  “Lost Cause” did a lot to right that, making it one of the best episodes the show has had in a very long time.

true-blood-lost-cause-bill-sookieTrue Blood has always been campy and filled with gore and blood spatters, but at its heart it was character-driven (at least, for a little while).  “Lost Cause” returned the show to that, and was an hour mostly filled with character moments with people we’ve grown to know and care about over seven seasons (more or less).

To start, the party at the Stackhouse House was a great, if not entirely unexpected series of events.  Sookie mourned for Alcide (finally, although, the last five episodes have taken place in about a day), but is still attracted to Bill.  Still, the episode gave some time to Alcide, from his father’s toast, to Sookie’s discussion with Arlene, to her curling up in his coat on the bed.  Even Tara got a few mentions from Sookie as well as LaFayette and Lettie Mae, with a particularly moving send-off from the latter.

Jessica and Jason were also finally reunited, after James had a tryst with LaFayette in the bushes.  James has been little more than a yawn-inducing pawn to force Jessica and Jason back together, but other than his dullness, it was great to have scenes filled with actual emotional honesty and intimacy, like when LaFayette confronted Jessica, and when Jason spoke so sweetly about his grandmother’s ring and the plans he had had for his life.  Andy’s proposal to Holly was also a lovely culmination to that storyline, and yet it was still peppered with plenty of True Blood-style humor (from Violet scoffing at the ring to Jason warning Holly and Andy’s kids, “if y’all are fucking, that ends tonight“).

true-blood-lost-cause-alexander-skarsgardAll of these moments were earned, and a nice break from the random blood and guts and chaotic plotting of most of the series.  It made True Blood feel like a small-town drama, which at its heart it is.  As Sam’s girlfriend Nicole doesn’t seem to understand, this isn’t a normal town.  People throw a party about living because this town has known almost nothing but dying.  Things that happen there don’t happen anywhere else.  Bon Temps is a vortex for the supernatural, but be that as it may, it’s no excuse for a lack of character development.

Even Sarah Newlin’s plot had some justification for existence thanks to the turns it took in “Lost Cause.”  Sarah is a character who is really best served in small doses — her return last season with the prison camp, and again this year as a yoga-loving brunette, seemed ill-considered.  And yet, in “Lost Cause” it provided for some great Eric and Pam moments (so happy to have that duo back together), as well as an epic moment of jaw-removing gore that, again, was perfectly earned within the larger narrative (it also gave us the word “Republicunt”).

Pam is struggling with the implication of Eric’s infection, but the episode’s greatest reveal was Bill’s.  As he reflected on his pre-vampire past and the mistakes he may have made (and the home he could never go back to), it seems that his immortality is in question now.  But this being True Blood, there must be an antidote out there somewhere … right?  Who knows.  What is known is that “Lost Cause” was the antidote to a season that seemed lost.  Let’s see this thing out.

Episode Rating: A+

true-blood-lost-causeMusings and Miscellanea:

– Truly, within True Blood‘s canon, this was one of its better hours in longer than I can recall.

– Sarah having a sister vampire who no one knew about was ridiculous but, whatever, Pam liked her so I guess she’s cool.

– Loved that Sarah wanted her mother to call Laura Bush for her.

– “Oh. My. God. I’m a Republicunt” – Pam.  Loved Eric’s outfit, too.

– “We can be assholes” – Eric.

– When LaFayette said they invited the whole town, I assumed he meant just the half who wasn’t trying to kill them.  Where are the vigilantes, anyway?

– Arlene flirting with a vampire … pigs have flown.

– Jason: “Well, you did meet in a prison camp.” Jessica: “People in glass houses …”

– “Fuck you to death and hello to life!” – Lala.

– What was going on with Alcide’s dad creeping around eavesdropping with Sookie?  I assume he’ll come into play when she starts giving her attentions to Bill.

– I mostly find Violet irritating, but she does have some good lines.

true-blood-season-7-episode-5-deborah-ann-woll– Lettie Mae: “People think in crazy, because I used to have a drinking problem.” LaFayette: “They think you’re crazy because you just stabbed somebody, Auntie!”

– Gone with the Wind fans, wasn’t that scene Bill remembered when he opposed the war essentially the exact scene from Twelve Oaks when Ashley Wilkes stands up and opposes the war?  Seriously, it seemed like it was verbatim.

– “I’m moving forwards, but I’m gonna need your help to do that” – Andy.

– The show did a nice job of having Sookie hear only good thoughts from people at the party.  Again, not ignoring her powers.

– “Thank you for seeing me the way I can’t see myself sometimes” – Sookie.

  • Redjester

    Granted, I haven’t seen this episode yet, but an A+ for a TRUE BLOOD episode?? Really??

    • verasgunn

      It is a damn good episode, a lot of great lines and a really great pacing on it.

    • LEM

      It’s one opinion not a rotten tomatoes culmination of ratings. We’d probably rate it much lower if we ever get around to watching it.

      • misty swamp

        I never and would never go by rotten tomatoes’ ratings. They mean nothing as they don’t list every single member’s written review. Also they appear to have a small TB regular audience anyway.

      • LEM

        I thought they were an aggregate of all reviews so i just used the example.

  • CarrieBaby

    I think Alcide’s dad was eavesdropping so could leave Alcide’s jacket behind for her

    • Stacie

      Yep, that was exactly why. He had taken all Alcide’s stuff out of Sookie’s house, including the jacket that was left over the chair. After heard Arlene say she put on Terry’s jacket to feel his arms around her, Mr. H brought it back in for Sookie and left it on her bed. Or, at least that’s what I think we were supposed to get from it.

  • James Alistair Dorian Matthew

    can some one tell me why Americans cant get the idea that someone can be bi. James and Lafayette where having sex , that does not make James gay means he is bi coz he likes having sex with Jessica.

    • LEM

      Oh so it’s just Americans?

    • misty swamp

      Hello from across the pond. Which americans are you specifically referring to? Please be aware that the characters on TB are fictional, and as everyone knows with TB, all is possible.

    • Georce Johnson

      Viewing everything in the world through shallow, nationalistic prejudice is no way to go through life.

  • LEM

    Republicunt has been around for awhile.

    • pococolo

      Part of some misogynistic Demodick’s War on Women, used in lieu of debate or factual statement as a sexist insult to any woman for the grave offense of disagreeing with HARD leftist ideology on any point, no matter how big or small.

      • doctor_robot

        wait… conservatives use factual statements?

      • pococolo

        Absolutely. Like, “We’re nearly 17 trillion in debt and continue to borrow (fact)”, may be that’s not a good idea (opinion), to which too many on the left too often respond with ad hominen attacks such as, “You want to starve children and kill grannies (opinion), too often followed by some misogynistic name calling to a women who disagrees (lefty war on women who disagree with them).

  • LEM

    Allison, did you give up on The Leftovers or will they be reheated next week?

  • misty swamp

    07.05 Love the Yakuza element added to the story, and after Newlin! Brutal and merciless like angry
    vampires! Seeing Eric strong and fast again was great. Loved the
    Pam/Eric “OMG I’m a republic**t” scene where they looked great! This
    season is actually getting better and better!

  • TheBigGuy

    You say it was in the bushes, even though Jessica clearly says she caught him having sex with Lafayette in the car. Who knows…..they might kill every guy Sookie was with and pin her with Sam or herself. All I know is these last 4 episodes are going to be interesting.