TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2 to Be Slightly Less Dark; New Season Will Use 3 or 4 Directors

     August 22, 2014


Although True Detective was a show that plumbed the depths of time, death, futility, and other fun topics, I never considered it a downer show.  Russ’ misanthropic observations were always balanced out by Marty’s reactions and the sheer charisma of McConaughey’s performance.  Saying “Time is a flat circle,” is more fun in a Texas drawl.

But since True Detective is an anthology, season two will be a whole new ballgame.  According to Variety, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told the audience at the Guardian International Television Festival in Edinburgh that the new season “won’t be quite as dark as the first.”  But then he added, “It’s still dark. [Creator, writer, and executive producer Nic Pizzolatto] explores the darkness in people’s souls. … It’s not as dark, but it’s not a light ride. Nic likes looking into the crevices of the soul.”  Hit the jump for more.

true-detective-posterFilming on True Detective season 2 is expected to begin next month in California, and according to THR, Lombardo confirmed “There are three cops. One of the characters is female,” and went on to say, “We’ll probably be announcing casting soon.”

As we’ve previously reported, it’s looking like Elisabeth Moss, Colin Farrell, and Taylor Kitsch will be playing the cops.  It’s rumored that Moss’ character is “a tough, no-nonsense Monterrey sheriff whose troubled upbringing has driven her to gambling and alcohol,”; Kitsch is “a motorcycle California Highway Patrol officer who’s put on leave after soliciting oral ex from a beautiful girl he pulls over for drunk driving,”; and Farrell is playing a cokehead cop with anger management issues.  With main characters like these, I already feel like we’re entering darker territory since we now have three fucked-up leads instead of two (not to mention two additional characters possibly played by Vince Vaughn and Michelle Forbes).

Part of the show’s tone will also come from the direction.  While Cary Fukunaga did a masterful job directing season one, it was exhausting and borderline impractical to put it all on the shoulders of one person.  Lombardo says they’ll be using three or four directors on the new season.  I’m curious to see if they follow the tone set by Fukunaga in season one, or if they’ll be using their new story and new setting, California, to go in a radically different direction.

With filming set to begin next month, I assume we’ll get a slew of announcements regarding the cast and directors in the near future.  HBO is aiming to air the new season next summer.

  • MudFlapp

    I love the first 6 episodes of TD Season 1.
    The last two, especially the end was like a buddy cop movie.
    So season 2 will not be as dark?
    So will they just show reruns of Brooklyn 99?

    • LEM

      The performances were great but the story wasn’t anything special. I think the best scene in the whole season was when he had to get out of that housing area with the guy in tow.

      • wat

        Yeah easily the best scene. The entire show was amazingly done, though.

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  • YodaRocks

    “Less Dark”!?
    The whole awesomeness of season 1 was because it was so dark. They are ruining it!

  • stephens

    His characters name was Rust, not Russ

  • Bo

    Didn’t like the first season. While watching the whole thing I thought is was light-weight existentialism 101 for the masses and a herd mentality. Then the last show/ending with the heavy dark guy literally ‘seeing the light’ made me laugh out loud. All that yammering heavy stuff and he turns out to be a wiff? A punk? Pretty funny, but didn’t surprise me as I dismiss the writer as being an inauthentic light-weight. Hated both the actors and their characters also. It was at least watchable as both Mad Men and Breaking Bad were not! In the least! So we’ll see. I’m interest because Colin Farrell is the real deal. We’ll see what he can do with this writer’s stuff, but I fear for the worse.
    (Now the fanboy trolls who loved this junk can come out swinging because they are too immature to deal with an opinion different from their own.) Don’t disappoint me guys and gals!…lol…also sorry for any mis-spelling, but use it as an excuse to disagree with my assessment.

    • Stibbs

      Mad Men and Breaking Bad not watchable? I know everybody is entitled to their opinions …so I’ll just give you mine.

      You’re a winner. Yes you! You just won 1st prize in “the dumbest shit I’ve read all day” contest. Congrats!!!

      • Bo

        Come on, man…really? I’m entitled to my own opinion, but yet you operate on such a low level that ya gotta do ‘the dumbest shit I’ve read all day’ stuff? Come on, man! You liked those shows and haven’t enough basic self-esteem to handle that someone else might not? Shame, shame on you…lol…and I threw those two shows out there like I was fishing with a bare hook…and you swallowed it? My, my, my Stibbs. But hey, thanks for ‘your’ opinion…it only re-affirms my thoughts on the level of intelligence required to ‘like’ those two very, very awful shows…lol…relax, Stibbs. I’m only and was only having a bit of fun here and you swallowed the bare hook…sorry, man.

      • blahblahblah

        Could you go back to troll school… lol… because you’re doing a bad job of it… lol…

      • Stibbs

        Sorry for pointing out you’re opinion has about as much relevance as a flat-earther. Please continue being the faux-intellectual snob you are.

      • J


    • Redjester

      Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and True Detective aren’t good television? There’s no accounting for taste, apparently. Oh, and that ‘Colin Farrell is the real deal’ comment was hilarious.

      • soup, herman?

        To be fair, Colin Farrell can act when he’s working with a decent director (Seven Psychopaths, In Bruges).

      • Redjester

        I actually like Colin Farrell as an actor and agree that he was excellent in films such as In Bruges. But you can’t follow-up “Matthew and Woody can’t act” by professing your love for Colin Farrell’s acting chops, lol… That’s kind of a no-no. That’s kind of like me saying “Boy, that Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix can’t act for sh*t! But that Matt Damon, he’s something special!”

      • Wirehedd

        I would have used Keanu Reeves as opposed to Matt Damon.

      • Redjester

        Nah. Colin Farrell is to Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Matt Damon is to Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix. Anything more would be an exaggeration as Joaquin and Daniel are superior to even Woody and Matthew and Colin is superior to Keanu.

        Yes, I’m infusing logic into the discussion.

  • Colin Christian

    I’m happy they are doing a second season,but I have zero expectations on it,the first season was the best thing on TV in years,they will never beat it,so I just am happy I can watch that whenever I want.

  • agent777

    Shouldn’t of ripped of Machen, Chambers, Bierce, Lovecraft and Lynch all in the first season. They don’t have anything left now.

    • Strong Enough

      shut the fuck up

      • Cat

        Do your research before you dismiss someone’s comments. I wanted going to give Pizzolatto the benefit of the doubt until I checked it out myself. Now I’m just disgusted with the guy.

        Read this or google it for yourself:

      • Strong Enough

        I know about it and its bullshit. Thomas Ligotti hasn’t even said anything on it. just a bunch of fans on a stupid website.

      • lord jim

        how the hell is this bullshit?I liked the show but your comment is ridiculous.

      • Strong Enough

        because the author himself has said nothing on the topic. not even a fucking peep from him. If i was a writer and I thought someone stole my work I would have said something.. But not Thomas. know why? because its all shit.

      • lord jim

        You can´t be serious dude, did you even tried to read the article?There is not a single lie in the article, buy Ligotti´s book for heaven´s sake, if you liked True Detective you will love it anyway, then you can compare it by yourself, before claiming bullshit and making an idiot out of yourself, just because you are a fan of the series.Ligotti is a very recluse character – yes those still exist, not everybody tries to fight hollywood just to loose like Harlan Ellison.

      • Strong Enough

        I already read it. and I am amazed at you riding so hard for these knuckleheads but really. no one gives a shit. like i said, when Ligotti says something then it’s a problem. until then screw the overweight internet fanboys ya dig?

        When you’re an artist and someone messing with your work, it doesn’t matter how reclusive you are, you say something right? Alan moore does it. why can’t ligotti? oh yeah because it’s horseshit.

      • lord jim

        Just because nobody inluding Ligotti gives a shit doesn´t make Pizzolatto a good writer, and I´d respect him more if he would write according to his talent, instead of stealing from better people, he is just an asshole.And I did like the show, but I have no hope for the next season.

      • Strong Enough

        REALLY? so we are going to act like The Secret Fate of All Life isn’t one of the best pieces of TV this year? Just cause you’re nippictking one speech by Cohle the rest of the brilliant writing and planning in TD is void? shut the hell up man lmao.

  • Redjester

    Shame, I was kind of hoping they’d go even darker.

  • Gary

    What the hell does “hit the jump” mean? Is it a blogger’s trendy, hip or cool way of telling the reader to read the next damn line or click on a link?

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