A Closer Look at Roger Deakins’ Cinematography for TRUE GRIT

     February 1, 2011


Cinematographer Roger Deakins received his ninth Oscar nomination this year, this time for his stunning work on the Coen Brother’s True Grit.  Naturally, the Academy has never given him the award because that would make too much sense.  No offense to the other nominees this year, but it’s time for Deakins to get his due.  After the jump you can check out a video that highlights his incredible work on True Grit and see why Deakins (yet again) deserves to win Best Cinematography.  The 83rd Academy Awards will be held on February 27th.

Via THR.


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  • Guy

    Sure it was beautiful, but its got nothing on Black Swan’s cinematography.

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  • Mathieu

    Now, I’m no Nolan-fanboy – far from it – but surely Wally Pfister’s superlative work on Inception deserves recognition? If it only wins one award, the camerawork is without question its strongest suit.

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  • Al

    For his work in “the Assassination of Jesse James” alone, Deakins deserves and oscar but when you include amazing works like fargo, Shawshank Redemption, No Country for old men, True Grit, etc. it’s just absurd that he hasn’t won yet. Pfister will win eventually, probably for a Chris Nolan movie though Inception’s cinematography wasn’t as impressive as Dark Knight. I actually think his work on Insomnia is some of his best.

  • Mike

    So glad this movie is getting the recognition it deserves. I was sure it was going to get next to no attention. Awesome feature video though. Deakins definitely made this movie look stunning.

  • christophercantos

    a serious man is really complex work but he nails it even with the film delicate tone. it was a great comeback from him after a dissapointing cinematography with doubt. i still can’t get over with those canted shots. Deakins never makes a mistake but those shots feels out of place.

    anyways, he looks like a lock this year. and he definitely deserves it back in 2008 with Jesse James, even for No Country. i love There Will Be Blood(i actually think it’s the best film of the decade and no other reached its greatness until this year with The Social Network), but Deakins deserves that award in 2008. everytime i study the cinematography of No Country, i’m just left with awe how great it is, and how simple it was shot. Deakins great skill is doing simple photography but making it great

  • Sharon

    Deakins should have won in the past. It is obvious that Black Swan’s camera work surpasses True Grit. They should not give the award because of the nominee’s number of nominations, but for the actual work that is voted upon that year.

  • Lisa

    Deakins is The Man!! True Grit was glorious to look at. Black Swan, in contrast, was nausiating! Not great cinematography-great ballet costumes and ballet set design! Not great camera!
    Deakins deserves!!