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An impressive sci-fi short film called True Skin has been released online.  We don’t post shorts here on Collider too often, but increasingly the short film industry is being used to launch feature film ideas.  Earlier this year Fox hired Wes Ball to adapt his post-apocalyptic animated short Ruin into a feature film, and the short True Skin looks to be going the same route.  Director Stephan Zlotescu is taking meetings at production companies and studios this week to adapt True Skin into a full-length feature film, and for good reason.

The story takes place in a not-too-distant future in which humans regularly augment their bodies with robotic parts.  Our hero comes into possession of a mysterious chip that gets him into hot water with some nefarious forces.  Zlotescu’s visual effects background is put to good use here, as the short displays some truly impressive visuals and promising story beats.  Hit the jump to take a look.

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  • Scullibundo

    Somebody likes Altered Carbon.

  • ledbetter

    Deus Ex.

    • DogmanBoyDude

      Cyborg concepts have been around forever, Deus Ex didn’t start that. And also Deus Ex isn’t in silly Enter the Void rainbow land.

      • Diashi

        The guy didn’t say Deus Ex started the cyborg concept… And he’s right. You watch the first 3-4 shots of this and all I can think of is a Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan-fiction film.

        Deus Ex Deus Ex DeuxExDeusExDeusEx….

  • paul tracy

    i have not doubt that a studio wants this. Just take a nice look at what studios are dishing out these days. it fits right in there…

    ~ p

  • Tim

    Not sure what’s up with the cynicism of the other comments, but thought this was pretty cool. And those Enter the Void visuals were ANYTHING but silly.

  • xenomorph8472

    JC Denton…

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  • Spider Jeruslam

    Looks like a terrible version of master storyteller’s Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan.

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