AMC Renews TURN for a Second Season

     June 23, 2014


Well at least one of AMC’s new series will be returning next season.  With no more Breaking Bad to look forward to and facing the end of Mad Men next spring, AMC has given a season two order to the Revolutionary War drama Turn, which debuted earlier this year.  The show revolves around America’s first spy ring, as Jamie Bell plays a farmer-turned-secret agent living in Long Island, working to aid George Washington and turn the tide of the war.  I haven’t seen the show yet myself, but I’ve heard positive things.

The ratings for Turn haven’t been through the roof, but they’ve been solid enough.  On the other hand, AMC’s other new drama, Halt and Catch Fire, has not been faring as well.  The show had promise with its intriguing premise and talented cast, but it’s thus far failed to really take off (its Mad Men/Breaking Bad ripoff vibe is certainly off-putting).  Regardless, the ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead returns this fall, and though Better Call Saul was postponed to early 2015, AMC has already given the Breaking Bad spinoff a season two order.



    As long as they don’t make them caucasian immigrant “settlers” instead of the real Americans that they were and are it could prove interesting. But, fiction changing history just ends up in a big hated mess of crappy nothing. And remember, fiction makers, relatively few Americans of that time ever used the terms Indian and Native American. DON’T eff that UP!!

  • Conor

    So, what exactly is exuding the vibe you wrote of for H&CF?

  • jay

    good this show started off slow but picked up steam during the second half of the season.

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