TV’s PRIMEVAL Is Coming To The Big Screen

     May 14, 2009

primeval_bbc_image__3_.jpgI’ve heard good things about the British sci-fi series “Primeval”.  I’ve never actually watched it because I just couldn’t find time for yet another series about time-travelling dinosaurs.  I mean really, how many times is that old idea gonna get recycled?

Currently in its third season, the ITV show (airing stateside on BBC America and the Sci-Fi Channel) is about a scientist who dashes around England investigating your odd dinosaur sighting.  I was thinking about catching up on what I’ve missed with the DVDs but now it looks like I won’t have to bother.  Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers has just acquired the feature film rights to “Primeval” in a high six figure deal.

Writer/producer Akiva Goldsmith (“I Am Legend”, “Angels & Demons”) is set to produce along with Kerry Foster who told Variety how the series ended up on the WB radar:

“There is a solid mythology to the series, but the movie has the dinosaur element of ‘Jurassic Park’ and the time travel element of ‘Lost,’ and it just feels like the kind of big movie that Warner Bros. does well.”

Goldsmith will be looking for an outside writer for his big screen “Primeval” – which should not be confused with 2007’s riotously-bad alligator horror movie of the same name.  The producers are planning to set the feature -length “Primeval” in the US, which I believe is a bad idea.  I’d have trouble swallowing the whole “wormholes with dinosaurs” concept if not for the cast’s spiffy British accents…