TV News: FRINGE Gets a Mom, Sheldon Lands a Cougar on THE BIG BANG THEORY, and a New G.I. JOE Cartoon?

     December 9, 2009


While we usually like to post every news story as a separate article, sometimes it’s a lot easier to group shorter stories together.  Saying that, if you’re a fan of Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, or G.I. Joe cartoons, I’ve got some news to share.

The first bit of news comes from Michael Bell (the voice of Duke on the G.I. Joe cartoon series in the 1980’s) via Toynewsi.  In a recent podcast, Bell said he has auditioned for the voice of General Hawk for a brand new 26 episode run of G.I. Joe.  While it is unclear if the new show will be similar to G.I. Joe: Resolute or more like the 80’s cartoon, with voice casting underway, expect an announcement soon.

For fans of Fringe, EW is reporting  Irish actress Orla Brady (pictured after the jump) has landed the role of Peter’s mom/Walter Bishop’s wife on Fringe.  While she won’t debut till early next year, it will be very interesting to see how she is introduced, as fans of the show know where she must be coming from…

Finally, for fans of The Big Bang Theory, as you can see in the image above (via EW), on next week’s episode, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) lands a cougar.  Unfortunately, she’s Leonard’s mother Beverly (Christine Baranski).  If you saw the previous episode that featured Leonard’s mother, you could sort of see this coming.  But that doesn’t mean the episode won’t be a lot of fun.

Here’s a recent image of Orla Brady: