Duh: Lionsgate Will Make More TWILIGHT If Stephanie Meyer Writes New Books; First Trailer for BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 Attached to THE HUNGER GAMES

     February 10, 2012


In case you had any doubt that Lionsgate would make another Twilight movie past Breaking Dawn – Part 2 should author Stephanie Meyer decide to extend the series, Lionsgate exec Rob Friedman is here to alleviate your fears. Per THR, early this morning on a conference call Friedman said, “If [Meyer] wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her.” While the move is a no-brainer, it actually holds a bit more clout than Warner Bros. saying they’d make another Harry Potter if J.K. Rowling wrote another book. Rowling has been pretty steadfast in her conclusion of the series, but Meyer has been a bit more open-ended when it comes to more Twilight entries; the author previously stated that she originally envisioned Twilight as a longer series. Hit the jump for more.

robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-twilight-breaking-dawn-part-2Back in 2009, Meyer commented on the possibility of a fifth entry in the Twilight series:

“I am a little burned out on vampires right now. I think I need a little break. I might go spend some time with my aliens. I might do something completely different. I’ve got to cleanse the palate. I may come back to it. I did envision it as a longer series. But I wrapped Breaking Dawn in a way that I felt satisfied with, so if that moment didn’t come, I’d be okay.”

It’s far from a sure thing, but future installments in the Twilight film franchise don’t seem entirely out of the question. Naturally, Lionsgate would be ecstatic if Meyer continued the series. The Twilight films have grossed over $1 billion thus far, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is sure to be no slouch.

Speaking of the impending Twilight finale (maybe), Lionsgate announced today that the first trailer for the film will be attached to this March’s The Hunger Games. It’s a predictable move, as Lionsgate is also the studio behind the highly anticipated Suzanne Collins adaptation. The two book series do have a good deal of audience crossover, but The Hunger Games is quite a bit more male-friendly. The studio is expecting big business from the Gary Ross adaptation, and the addition of the first Twilight trailer will ensure that Twihards the world over will be there opening weekend. The Hunger Games hits theaters March 23rd.


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  • NorrTron

    WTF? Please, if there is a God in Heaven, do not let Stephanie Meyer blight the earth with even more Twilight!

  • Rue

    NOOOOOO! Please no more Twilight.

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  • Amy

    Twilight has been all over for the simple fact that its been beautifully written and displayed. If you don’t enjoy see in, and hearing about talent; then close your eyes.

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  • Amanda

    Yes More Twilight!! Can’t wait til Breaking Dawn Part 2!! I wasn’t going to watch Hunger Games but I am NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Bella

    I need more twilight

  • Bella

    You dont need stephanie to write another book 4 another movie just make another movie please i crave more twilight its my life its my rverything i need it…

  • Bella

    Please just make another movie please

  • EcilpsedHeart23 aka zakeyah

    Hello everybody i really want another ( Twilight ) movie I dont think SM should do the little alien thingy I think she should just stick with her (Vamps) maybe she can’t think of
    Anymore ideas maybe we should share our ideas & send or post anything that is
    Connected to (SM) About our new ideas it more like past the plate nd maybe she will like our ideas & ppl stay out of this if she wanna make another then let her us twihards Want it u don’t see us tell the (HP maker ) not to make another movie ” If he or she” made another movie we would b happy for y’all but dont make it harder for us to. Convince her to make another ( Twilight movie) anyways

    you know you love me xoxo unknownstar

    • Rosa Rivera

      I soo agree with you

  • Katniss

    MAKE MORE TWIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shivangi

    I like this movi.

  • Blueyez3

    pleassssssssssssssssssssssse make another Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aliens are not important right not lolz …. i went and saw Breaking Dawn 2 last night and omg it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was left open for another part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is so many things you can do with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • parm

    hi, 5 mins ago i have done watching the last part of twilight. and it melts me. like everyone says YES THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER PART OF IT! the ending in breaking dawn 2 isn’t enough to make the people feel its done.. we need more.. so please make more.. u loss nothing yet u earn more.

  • Amit

    Plzzzzzzzz plzzzzz another part……..all the parts are very amazing!!!!!!!!!!and there is so much to do in another part……
    Pllzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz make the 6th part plzzzzz

  • Amit

    Jacob and essemme’s life could be shown in 6th installment

  • evans

    Yes make another movie!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please make another twilight and this time have more black people were also fans to

  • Leepile Dimpane

    I thnk its only fair if u made the 6th installement of the twilight movie because breaking dawn part 2 left us wth so many gaps nd our own “wt happens after”

  • Jenna

    Please another twilight Movies. loved the books I think more books and movies are needed .

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  • abney1024

    more twlight there is more lovers then haters so plz stephanie we need more twlight

  • renesseme

    i love twilight please make another show what could become of jake and renesseme baby if he/she would be part wolf or vampire

  • Carlos Leon

    Yes their has to be a new twilight movie how about a a new threat to the cullens that could literally wipe all of them out.

  • frenky

    se permettete io la farei continuare con una nuova trilogia…. ci sono molti spunti su cui ricollegarsi,
    per esempio incentrare l’inizio su renesme e jacob , vivere gli aspetti della duplice natura di renesme e arricchirla per esempio con una rivalita’ dettata dall’incompatibilita’ di sangue con un altra ibrida, scoprendo solo alla fine del primo capitolo che il mandante della nuova rivale sono i volturi, nel secondo inizierei il film con i parenti di Edward che partono per soccorrere jacob e renesme ma nel frattempo sarebbe bello intricare la saga se anche la tribu di jacob iniziasse a dividersi con dissapori e ci fossero dei risvolti negativi per i vampiri della zona…… la cosa piu accattivante e che solo nel terzo capitolo (che dividerei nuovamente in 2 episodi) farei tornare bella ed Edward per ricongiungersi con lo jacob e renesme e dare inizio alla battaglia definitiva con i volturi….. il tutto arricchito da perdite nei cullen e nuove amicizie….fosse per me andrei avanti all’infinito .!!!

  • Chelsea Bricker

    there is god and please let Stephanie meyer think about it. i love twilight and so do every body else does so let twilight be in the world! Stephanie Meyer is smart because she made all twilight movies and she came up with all the ideas and she is so smart because she knew a lot of people would watch twilight and love twilight.

  • Chelsea Bricker

    there is god and please let Stephanie meyer think about it. i love twilight and so do every body else does so let twilight be in the world! Stephanie Meyer is smart because she made all twilight movies and she came up with all the ideas and she is so smart because she knew a lot of people would watch twilight and love twilight.

  • twilight fan

    oooh! plz just make more twilight series am waiting for it as I’m a great fan of twilight.
    plz make more :)

  • Jeanette Mofokeng

    Yes, please make a new another Twilight movie 6 please!!!! I love it so much. Hope you will hear us about it and others comments.

  • haylee

    Please I love twilight with all me heart please make another twiligh!!!