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Summit has released 8 new images from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 .  They’ve also released hi-res versions of the three images that were released last week.  You may think I have nothing nice to say about this series, but I will say that my interest for Breaking Dawn is piqued simply because I’m a fan of director Bill Condon.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  The film stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is set to open November 18th.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:

In the highly anticipated next chapter of the blockbuster The Twilight Saga, the newfound married bliss of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is cut short when a series of betrayals and misfortunes threatens to destroy their world.

After their wedding, Bella and Edward travel to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon, where they finally give in to their passions. Bella soon discovers she is pregnant, and during a nearly fatal childbirth, Edward finally fulfills her wish to become immortal.

But the arrival of their remarkable daughter, Renesmee, sets in motion a perilous chain of events that pits the Cullens and their allies against the Volturi, the fearsome council of vampire leaders, setting the stage for an all-out battle.

The suspenseful and deeply romantic Breaking Dawn continues the epic tale of supernatural fantasy and passionate love that has made The Twilight Saga a worldwide phenomenon.

Currently in Production. U.S. release via Summit Entertainment, November 18, 2011, and November 16, 2012.

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  • whoa

    This looks…. different haha

  • zootcatchy

    just release it and let’s finish with this crap

    • giovanni

      Couldnt agree more

    • David Con


      • Tanvi naik

        if u people r not intrested in this y r u people watchin this movies n visiting its sites just mind ur own buissness n dont comment if u dont lyk…

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  • TwI_MomS

    For us fans it’s hard to wait with all these photos.

    • bella

      you have to like me bella

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  • Dogg

    So…why’d they pick the most Frankenstein-looking guy they could to play a vampire? I heard he had his neck bolts removed to play the part. Just seems like a long way to go is all.

    • Martine

      You people are so simple minded. If you think that either Robb or Kristen are not very beautiful and talented people, then there is something wrong with your eyesight, or else something wrong with the way your brain processes things. get yourself checked. Fast.
      Also I am so ashamed of the women who do not realize that for once we are being portrayed in a positive manner. After all the cheap versions of female leads that get their power by being chosen, or by a freak of birth, not by wanting to be powerful and by taking risks. Like Buffy who is chosen to fight vampires by a council of men, and doesn’t want anything more then to be a normal, pretty girl. Here we get Bella. A girl who choses to take a risk and is rewarded by becoming a powerful immortal, with an enviable life. Not because she was chosen, but because she chose. Bella is not some pathetic drama queen who is always crying, or moping, or trying to chose between two men. Bella is always fair. She never blames Edward for the danger that other vampires bring to her life. She realizes that the action of others is not his fault. Unlike say Sookie from True Blood who chases a guys, and then changes her mind and blames everyone for everything. Bella’s love is steady. She doesn’t just love Edward when he pleases her. She loves him at all times. Though she is quick to disagree with him when she thinks his actions are unwise, she always does so with kindness. Bella always says exactly what she means. She is always very clear and states her feelings like an adult should do. But mostly because Bella realizes that choosing Jacob would mean choosing to not change. Thats the worst choice of all. I am finally proud of how women are portrayed in a fictional series. Theres a lot of reality to be learned there. There is no power in being selfish, sarcastic, rude and entitled. Its people like Bella who get things to happen. Which is for the best.

      • Ken

        Yet she can’t “live” with Sparkly. It’s hardly woman empowering, its practically like Romeo and Juliet. I think you should widen your viewing of movies to other things rather than Twilight, women have actually been increasingly portrayed in a better light. I still think Twilight is dragged down by its material, which isn’t that good. So I blame Stephanie Meyer rather than the directors for making an average movie. When comparing it to another popular, and far better book series Harry Potter, HP gets far better critical reviews and is more renowned. It isn’t even American

      • Mary

        “Its people like Bella who get things to happen.”

        By being a selfish, sarcastic, rude and entitled submissive doormat. And she’s supposed to be a positive portrayal *how* again?

      • reniefuwa

        Wow. Your entire comment was just one big “citation needed.”

      • Zoe

        “Bella is not some pathetic drama queen who is always crying, or moping, or trying to chose between two men.”

        Honey, I’m not sure what series you are talking about, but it clearly isn’t Twilight, the series about a girl who does nothing but whine even about things like people in her new school being nice to her or her father calling her mother when she got in a car accident. The girl lost her will to live when her boyfriend left her. How in god’s name is that a feminist hero?

      • Alexis Faith

        “Also I am so ashamed of the women who do not realize that for once we are being portrayed in a positive manner.”

        And I am ashamed of the people who do not realize an abusive relationship, moral dissonance, sheer sexism, or that Twilight portrays women in anything BUT a positive manner. Bella is the most selfish, self-centered, self-serving, uncaring, materialistic, and all around manipulative person I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading about or knowing is based on an actual person’s morals and standards of her own life.

        You say she’s so great because she “chose” him. Newsflash: some of the greatest people are actually completely normal folks who had some of the strangest crap happen to them. What made them strong wasn’t any sort of choice on their part to let it happen, but rather what they decided to do about it in response. It’s called “adversity”, something that everyone has to deal with in life and something Twilight as a whole completely lacks. In addition to morals, standards, or any sort of love that isn’t instantaneous or based in infatuation and lust.

        By “choosing” him, all Bella did was choose to continue her severe co-dependency issues and remain in a relationship that is abusive and unhealthy. That’s not positive. That’s just stupid and sets a bad example for women everywhere.

      • SOS

        I like how your 9,000+ word essay about how Bella is better than all the other heroines out there in the genres across different medias because she’s ~*like uuuuuuus*~ was spawned from a comment on *Rob’s* looks.

        That comment that inspired your insightful, brilliant, ~*witty*~ essay never dissed or even mentioned Bella whatsoever.

        Who is the simple minded one here again?

    • Tanvi naik

      look guys…..its not bout how bellas nice or ask r they gud lukin or not the good lukin part depends on indivitual n if u dont really lyk them then y do u talk bout their luks so much when indid u really dont lyk their luks……
      n bout being bella a drama queen i dont really see a point in it for ur undrestandin in eclipse before the fight of cullens wid the immortals she’d said to jacob that she dosent want 2 make choice cauz if she has to she’ll choose edward n she didnt want to hurt him cauz she loves both of them…..this is not at all dramatic as she said all this very clearly n shes loyal 2 edward too….keep that into consideration…..

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  • Carmen Havar

    Love Rob! He is so hot! So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men can’t handle a strong woman. I won’t cry for all the hunger in my heart. I’m dying to have a baby. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I want my son(s) to look like him. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter but I’m excited to see what the future brings.

    • aussie

      get a fucking life you sad person

      • Maria

        Wow. Some people think that by using “the F bomb” they’re actually making an important statement. Why don’t you get a dictionary and expand your vocabulary? Like, try learning some words that will make you sound like an “educated” person.

        WAIT A MINUTE. What am I saying? You don’t even know the meaning of the word “educated”! You crawled out of a cave just the other day!

        As the saying goes (paraphrased, and you probably don’t know the meaning of this word, either):

        “You can take the person out of the cave, but you can’t take the cave out of the person”….

  • moviefreak


    • a gal

      I think u would b d biggest YAWN……. to see……..

  • Racheal Dormardy

    Twilight??? Really,people actually watch this crap, 10 years from now all these so called twitards will look back asking themselves how they were suckers for these terrible books/movies,as a woman I think its quite sad that young women of today look up to this Mormon propaganda about a suppressed weak woman by the names of “Bella” “Swan” really,arrgh,

    • Unknown

      I don’t understand why everyone sees Mormonism as a silly religion. There is pretty much no relation to the “Mormons” in the book. If you don’t understand the religion then don’t bash it!

  • chris gault

    what a bunch ignorant people posting here. if you watch or read twilight and don’t understand the attraction of this storyline for women then you know nothing about the opposite sex.

    and to Racheal Dormardy … it’s just a story … and as for it being “Mormon propaganda” the author actually goes out of her way to keep silly religion out of the storyline.

    • Phoenix

      I happen to be female, and I find nothing good or sexy about Twilight.

      Bella is an unlikable brat, Edward is a creepy stalker my dad would shoot if he ever came 20 feet of my proximity, and the rest of the characters seem flat and uninteresting (with very few exceptions).

      This book is disgusting and support crap like abuse and pedophilia. It’s also telling girls idiotic morals like “everything falls on your lap if you’re whiny enough, it’s not like you have to WORK to find your happiness” or that “the only road to happiness is with a man and if you can’t find a boyfriend, then your life is meaningless and you should kill yourself”.

      I think YOU have no clue about the “opposite gender”

      • ParamoreFanN1

        Well, if that’s what you think it’s okay, but twilight is a book that talks about something way different. It’s just the way that Bella thinks and I’m sure it doesn’t compel anyone to imitate this way. It’s a book that’s pleasant to read, now, in any situations there are people that will overdo it.
        If you dont like something , you’d better not talk like this before you understand what the book realy talks about..

      • Tanvi naik

        Its not that bellas lyf is only centered 2 edward n if she didnt found a boyfrnd she will b sad in her lyf n kill herself ….we all hve a day in our lyf when we all change our thoughts about some thought bout our lyf…. the same thing happened wid bella whn she met edward that was the dae 4 her when she changed her thought bout a thought in her lyf and loved him unconditionally , unaffatinatlly, and passionatly ……u r sayin this cauz mayb that day has not came in ur lyf ….
        Besides ur sayin bout havin a clue bout opposite gender
        a girl or say bella she dosent only has edward of opposite gender in her lyf she has her dad , edwards dad brother(emmet, jasper), jacob n all she dosent have to think of all in the same way her fellings 4 jacob r totally diffrent 4 jacob even if the fact that she loves both of them still she trusts him for her daughter and is even redy to leave both of them n die in a fight in breakin dawn 2 ……its not necessary to know the opposite gender its necessary to fell the correct way when u know how the one feels bout u even if the feelin is of hatered or love ….its not always necessary know some1 better the immediate feel can also b correct 4 a person whom u dont know…..

  • Pills26

    The only reason I’m excited for this film to come out is to listen to rifftrax’s brilliant take down of said film.

  • Nazli

    ok, I’m a girl, a teenage girl who’s supposed to be the main target of these books and I’ve wrecked my brain trying to understanding why people like this piece of crap. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone but what is it about this series that is so appealing to people? you’ve got an extremely boring plot with no originality, flat-as-a-wall characters with no personalities (all you know about them is how pretty and physically perfect they all are), and on top of all that you’ve got Stephanie Meyer’s TERRIBLE writing (I’ve read fanfictions with a more mature writing style). so what’s the big deal about this series?
    and I’m sorry, but the person above me ,who said Bella was a character with female empowerment, needs to check her facts. Bella’s character single-handedly sets feminism back a couple of centuries. She’s a weak, pathetic and utterly stupid girl who does nothing except cause trouble and then wait for her knights in the shining armor(be it Edward or Jacob) to come and rescue her. She’s completely obsessed with this one guy and her entire world revolves around him so when he leaves her, she basically gives up on her friends, family, and pretty much her LIFE and turns suicidal. I’m sorry but if you think that’s female-empowerment, then you really need to get yourself a copy of “feminism for Dummies”.
    I’m sorry for this really long rant. I’ll just end it on one thing: SPARKLING VAMPIRES!!??? really?? poor Stoker…

  • twmmy

    I just wanted these pictures don’t come out at the WFE promo time. Why the Summit want to ruin Rob’s carreer with these? He gets too much hate because of Twilight.
    I liked the first book as a teen love story. Hated the second book because Bella’s stupidity. Read the third and the fourth book because wanted to know what the hell will happen? Nothing. I think the author wrote the last books for money. And she reached her goal. And Summit made the films for money. I think they won’t reach their money with the last installation – too much time between the films, the couriosity will fall down.
    But I think Rob is a talented young man, who portayed Edward very well. I hope his carreer will last so long.
    And sparkling vampires? Kissing a frog ? Speaking snakes ? Red riding hood’s wolf? Vampires sleeping in coffins and turn bat?Blue people on another planet ? Stardestroyers? All are tales. Some tales live hundred years, a tale is living from 1977, some tales are living only few years. Everybody finds the tale in what he/she is interested. Let the people enjoy their tale. Don’t blame them. We are not the same. It would be the worst thing in the world.
    And I like War and Peace too. Everything must be on it’s right place.
    And I hope I didn’t make too much mistakes, english is not my first language.

  • Scottie Witcher

    I can’t wait to Breaking Dawn comes out on dvd

  • Dane

    This shit is horrible & terrible at the same time. But the Wolves r the best part of the movie

  • Maricela

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Taylor es Hermoso!!! lo amooo se ver lindisimo ahi corriendo kon la invitacion al matrimonio de Bella en la mano! , quiero ver amanecer ahora ya!!!!!! ♥_______♥

  • sarah

    those are amazing pics i cant wait for bd to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • djalkj

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    • a gal

      This is not any kinna ad point okay….this is twilights official site better get that clearly in ur mind……

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  • Honeybee

    I have to say after reading most of the posts on here that to me the simple minded people are the ones who need abuse other individuals for their opinions.
    Everybody’s tastes are different and of course there will be those that don’t like the twilight series.
    Personally I really enjoyed all the books and the films so far have more than lived up to my expectations. Obviously some stuff is missed out but they’ve done great job with keeping the important bits in there. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out to see if that too lives up to the book! It will be interesting to see how they deal with some of the more graphic scenes.

  • Jenni

    I’m confused on why there are so many negative comments on this because if you’re not interested in the twilight subject then how did you end up on this site, read the exerpt, look at the pics and then decide to comment?

    • nz2oz

      I was just thinking this when reading all the comments. Mind you it does make for entertaining reading…

      • richa

        ya i agree. I,m new to this site and i found this comments really interesting.

  • Jaid

    I just wanted to say that I personally enjoy the writing and the movies. Some people dont, some think its garbage. Thats fine, but bashing people because of what they enjoy is not okay. Be respectfull to others and stay off sites with content you dont like. That kinda seems to make more sense rather trying to hurt someones feeling or being an a$$ just because you dont like something. Get a hobby and find another site that you like. Just saying.

  • melissa

    All the movies and books r great. I can’t wait to see breaking dawn.though in a few years we will look back and say I can’t believe my obsession I had with the series..but I’ve gotta say the perfect people were picked for the movies and they did a great job!

  • MeanGirl

    I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy….

  • Lacey

    I couldn’t stop laughing at all that was said on the earlier posts. First of all, can I say that I have met Stephanie Meyer in person during her Host release. I have been to Forks, WA and felt first hand the aura of the town, the smells, the vastness of the forest; it is a beautiful town and imagined myself in Bella’s shoes. But if anyone has heard Stephanie talk about the book, she explains how she wrote the book as if she was writing a movie script. The way she described things from smells, the details, and all the little things that create a “world” for a book, were exactly dead on when I visited Forks. It was exactly as I imagined because she did such an amazing job creating a place we would all like to visit.

    Everyone will have their own opinions of how “Edward” or “Bella” should look like or act, because of what our own personality says about us and as we read any book, not one person is going to have the same idea of how someone will look. Stephanie created Bella around her own looks, big brown eyes, long brown hair, clumsy, etc. Stephanie Meyer NEVER ever wrote a book before Twilight. It was her first book and it began because of a dream she had (the meadow scene which we all love so much!!) was where her ideas took off from. Please respect each other’s opinions. But do give the books and movies the respect they deserve. Most people have fallen in love with the characters because we see ourselves a lot like that at one point or time with our own love lives or life decisions, choices, or what our destiny is…… I didn’t read a whole lot before I read Twilight (except for college books) and I finished all three books in two weeks and waited impatiently for the release of the last. Twilight has changed the lives of many including mine. It really taught me how to truly love and to reflect on family and the values and ideas behind love; vampire or not. The fact that the author built up this intensity with the characters and the fact that Robert P. and Kristen S. could portray that from the very first scene is amazing. They are talented actors in every aspect. Try to understand the art of acting and emotions and mix love into it….the whole idea is meant to touch those ideas we have in our heart and mind that don’t get explored very often. I am also a huge fan of the Underworld series so the idea of vampires are so vast from each other. But Stephanie had never seen an actual vampire movie, so her idea of a vampire could be very possible and we have all been shown that vampires are gruesome and pure evil so to see something different i think was refreshing to many and that is what makes it appealing.

    These are all just my opinions and so think what you may, but for those who just think twilight sucks because they just think they should disagree and want to be different and don’t have actual ground to explain why it “sucks”, then I find that very interesting. Back your ideas up based on facts and true ideals. Twilight has become history whether you like it or not and I guarantee that if Stephanie Meyer hadn’t come up with the idea, someone else would have eventually.

    That’s my two cents :)

    Can’t wait for BREAKING DAWN baby!!!! Woo hoo!

    • renesmee8

      lacey that made so much sense . i myself am actually 43 yrs old but i guess young at heart . i am captivated by these books . just an excellent story has clearly all the ingredients to be as it is , worldwide phenomena . loved this since i seen the 1st 1 , had never even read the books at that stage . its really interesting and sure it has many perspectives to it . its certainly not just aimed at teenagers hence the birth of twilight moms website . i would looooooooove to go to forks . have been checking it out on internet . oh by the way theres a book called twilight and philosophy , makes good thought provoking reading . i highly recomend this

    • renesmee8

      gr8 post . i am 43yrs old . twilight is bloody awesome . really want to go to forks . on twilight moms website . maybe read twilight and philosophy , its very good giving many different perspectives x

    • res

      This is the best comment ive heard since i got to this page. evrybody will hv their own opinion i just think that urs made sense by far and i totally agree wth you. i think that the books will make sense to people who have imaginative and great minds, i mean its a story after all not meant to be taken seriously if u a reader u find gud things in any book that u read and i found something special about the plot of this book that ive neva read anywhere else its creativity and great thoughts. the movies were acted out nicely by the respective actors and i think they did a great job potraying stephenie’s great imaginative mind i enjoyed it.

    • a gal

      Best comment…..!

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  • Ria

    ol parts of twilight n w8g to see brkng dawn i jst luv d couple rob-kris i personaly love them

  • Jamie

    I find it amusing that all these people who ‘Hate’ Twilight like it enough to click on the link to look at the photo’s and then waste their time and energy writing responses to fans comments. I like the books, the movies are Ok and I’m not ashamed to say it. Its just a book. Just like Harry Potter. Just like Lord of the Rings. IT’S JUST A BOOK!

  • Keli


  • eunice

    I can’t imagine someone hating the twilight series it’s crazy.twilight’s the best.

  • dame


    • Maria

      I’m coming to this “discussion” pretty late, but the movie will be out in a few minutes, so I want to say “BRAVO” to you for your comment!! I couldn’t agree with you more! Instead of wasting their time coming here to bash The Twilight Saga, all these haters should be going elsewhere and spending their energy on things they actually LIKE AND ENJOY. Sadly, though, the world is full of people who feel a need to dump their negative energy on those of us who are enthusiastic and excited about something, whatever that is.

      There are far too many people out there who will jump at the chance to criticize something they don’t even understand, just to make themselves feel “superior”. By hating and criticizing these books, they think they are somehow more “intelligent”, more “discriminating”, more “mature”.

      I guess I’d feel sad for all these people, as well as sorry for them, if they weren’t so freaking ANNOYING. They accuse Bella of being a “whiner”, yet they go on and on about how much they hate Twilight! As if they could change a Twilight fan’s love for the books with all their ridiculous rants! If that isn’t WHINING, I don’t know what is.

      I think it’s all the Twilight haters who need “to get a life”. Leave us Twilight fans alone, for crying out loud! We happen to be romantics. We happen to have imaginations. Sorry, but you can’t buy such things in any store. Too bad!

      Don’t criticize something just because it doesn’t touch your soul, your heart, and your mind. Go find something else to get excited about!


  • madlady13

    I just wish they would not wait to long to show the last two parts and to the person who tried to compare TRUE BLOOD which is the best show at least on my list you dont know what u are talking about

  • unknown 1

    You are all super funny for getting so worked up about this. Its fiction. its for entertainment. if you dont like it, read/watch something else. lol

  • Alejandra

    Me lei los libros,me encanto la historia,he visto las peliculas me gustaron,este tipo de historia es para romanticos definitivamente,si no lo eres no lo vas a valorar correctamente,tiene fantacia si, pero si no hay inmaginacion que gracia tiene,Me gusta por el romance en si,verdadero con sus altas y vajas pero constante. Jacob buen amigo pero no sabe amar,el amor no busca lo suyo propio,no es egoista,ni jactancionso,ni hace dano,no manipula al punto de danar ala otra persona que supuestamente ama.Los que no an leido los libros,no pueden enter todo el constesto de la historia,en la peliculas tratan de ser lo mas fieles posibles ala historia,pero hay muchos detalles sueltos,pero en si me encanta la historia.
    Con respecto a harrit potter,es super fantaciosa las he visto peliculas bien hechas,pero de ahi que dejen buena ensenanza ninguna,no hay amor,ni romance,mas bien mucha malda,y brujerias y maleficios,sin embargo mucha gente le da buena puntuacion,por efectos especiales,pero no hay nada realista.Odio,envidia,amista entre sus amigos si,
    Pero bueno para todo hay gustos.
    Me quedo con mi saga de Twiligint y el amor entre Edward y bella
    Esward es carinoso siempre pensando en el bien para bella,la proteje,la ayuda,le da su espacio todo lo que puede,es tierno,romantico y respetuoso y se sacrifica por bella,aun que alla tomado una desicion equivocada para evitarle a ella el peligro,cosa que nadie nos puede evitar,busca siempre darle lo mejor de En lo material y emocional, la familia Culen quiere que ella disfrute de una vida humana,antes de que le sea quitada,quieren que ella viva cada faceta de una vida normal,para que cuando llegue el momento ella se sienta que vivio todo,Los Cullen quiere que ella viva lo que casa uno de ellos no pudo,para el bien de ella,pues no quieren que ella se arrepienta depues de tomar una desicion equivocada,A un que bella siempre se mostro que sabia lo que queria y hacia donde queria ir,Jacob un muchacho joven inpetuoso con buen cuerpo,pero inmaduro en alguanos aspetos emocionales,egoista siempre,manipulador si,buen amigo si,egoista me refiero a que solo buscaba lo que el queria de bella sin importar los sentimientos de ella y lo que ella deseaba,se enfoca en el y que el es lo mejor para ella,la chatajea con el beso y que se va a matar en la pelea por ella eso no es amor,el amor da libremente sin esperar nada acambio,El que da amor lo da para felicidad del otro y al mismo tiempor es feliz por ello.No ahoga ni subjuga ala otra persona lo deja creser ser el mismo.Edward se preocupa por bella, en que estudie, en que viva, en que ame, en que realice sus suenos eso es amor,
    En fin es para romanticos,sonadores,y el que le gusta tambien la emosion,me encanta los lobos,me encanta la cultura india,En esta pelicula hay de todo un poco,disfrutenlan y cojanle lo bueno,y lo malo desenchenlo.

  • kween nix

    If you don’t like the books or movies, then shut up, change the channel, get another book, whatever you have to do, keep your opinions to yourself and stop cracking down on this series because you’re a bubble-headed nitwit! Nobody wants to hear negative things about this series ESPECIALLY since this site is for people who like the book. Go make your own damn site, name it whatever the hell you want, and leave us alone. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions true, but stop trying to ruin this for other people!!!!! WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, THAT SIMPLE

  • Jessica

    Very excited for this movie to come out! I also am going to pick up tickets here
    http://breakingdawn.alturl.inf… if you guys are interested you should check it out.

  • sushhh

    twilight saga suxx.. edward n bella suckkk.. jacob is the bst… i hated those books n i couldnt finish a bit coz it was so boringg.. there is nothing intresting about twilight vampire diaries rocksss… i just checked this site 2 see new pictures of jacob but ntg more

  • csmith

    I think you are all dumb, not the fans, all these people that are reading so far into a STORY. wow people did you really search the internet to find a site where you can all bitch about twilight? REALLY? you all tell people who watch and read twilight to get a life but i think its clear who really needs a life.

  • tani

    love twilight ossom………. can’t wait for it

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  • toni

    I have listened to all of your comments and have come to the conclusion that most of you should instead of reading the books and critizing every word you read and every movie you have obviously watched and shut the hell up. For those of us who do like the books/movies it really doesn’t matter what you say. You want to rant and rave go ahead, it’s just wasted energy on people who will just ignore you anyways. I happened to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the movies. It relaxes me. I am looking forward to the new movie and for your information so is my husband. We aren’t some teenagers you can bully into saying it’s wrong to see. I’m in my 50′s so remember there are those of us older adults which you people apparently are not, who happen to enjoy those kind of movies. I like true blood too. I like all vampire movies. I like to see how they differ from each other. In other words, if you don’t like them don’t see them and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • ankur

    i will continue to luv it’s all series bcoz every cast and crew members have made a great effort here…..i wish them all the best fotr their upcoming and continuing sucess and series.luv u all…..

  • catherine

    I love twilight it is just such a good book and movie i can’t wait till it comes out on DVD!

  • shai

    waitng eagerly for the magic of twilight to cm over……
    itz 1of da best movies evr had made…..
    the great perfomance by al the members pf twilight ….
    weldone every1….
    lv u lotzzzzz edward…..

  • Moo

    wow you people really need something better to do then to analyse every little part of this book and movie. Ok seriously supporting abuse and pedophilia, setting feminism back, serious topics kiddies and if you want to discuss them i suggest you actually relate it to real life and not a work of ficton, because it is just that fiction, a story.

  • Big Booty Girl Pictures

    You can definitely see your expertise within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

    • Tanvi naik

      im totally happy n satisfied wid ur views only writers who viulise such pictures in mind have the passinon of understandin lyf so clearly…..twilight is not a book she wrote its her perspective her view of knowing,making others understand lyf….

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  • Rensemee

    i think all the pics are really good and i love edward cullen which is Robert pattison i admire Bella and Alice rosily

  • Poorvi Kalkani

    I like Twilight series ……………………………. very much

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  • AISH

    I love u bella and edward..
    I had watched all parts of twilight..
    I enjoyed them very much.

  • nokty

    i love the twilight saga………….. everything about t ………….every character…………… t z all awesome and f anyone has a problem they should get a life cause this is the best book n movie ever
    the books are just the best i love twilight like nothing on this planet
    get a life you haters f u any better cum up wit something of your own

  • maahi

    i like it

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