Collider is Looking for a TWILIGHT Superfan to Review THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 on Blu-ray

     February 2, 2012

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While we have a lot of great writers on Collider, I’ve decided to locate a Twilight super fan to review our copy of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on Blu-ray.  I’m not looking for someone who thinks it’s the greatest movie ever made, and I’m not looking for someone who hates it either. I’m trying to find someone who loves the books and the films and can do an objective review while also writing about all the special features, commentaries, and the extra things on the Blu-ray.  If you think you’ve got what it takes, hit the jump:

robert-pattinson-the-twilight-saga-breaking-dawn-part-2Here’s the deal. I’m not going to mail you our only review copy just because you tell me you’d be good for the job.

Instead, if you’d like to review it, please email me at with the headline TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN SUPER FAN. I’d also like you to provide links to your writing online, or examples of your writing in the body of the email. And I don’t mean a few sentences. I’m looking for enough examples that prove you are the right person for the job. Keep in mind, I’ll probably get a number of people asking for this, so you’ve got to sell me on why you’re the right person.

Also, since the movie gets released soon on DVD/Blu-ray, I’d like whoever wants to do this to live in the USA so you can get the Blu-ray in time to review it before opening day.

Finally, if you’re reading this and think you know someone that would be perfect for the job, send them this article!

Send me your emails asap, because I’m going to pick someone on Monday the 6th!

Finally, if this all sounds familiar, it’s because I did the exact same thing for our Blu-ray review copy of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and it turned out great.



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  • Eric Nixon

    “While we have a lot of great writers on Collider, I’ve decided to locate a Twilight super fan to review our copy…” – or in other words – No one on the staff wanted to watch this garbage, so we’re outsourcing it to some lucky tween or unhappy, middle-aged housewife.

    • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

      not true. not true at all.

      • dpramroop

        congrats to who ever the winner is, gotta be honest , not a twilight fan but the skinny bella and that last 20 minutes with that pregnancy, DUDE, that was insane. big props for the visual and practical effects department.

    • saelynne

      *sigh* another typical “critic” who is so full of the hater attitude and is so immersed in the hater culture. Seriously, you think if tweens and teenage girls or middle aged housewives were the only one who watched the movies, you’re sadly mistaken. You obviously do not know the demographics of fans the Saga has. Furthermore, if it is garbage like you said, then I guess MILLIONS of people happily threw their money just to watch it aye? Piss off!

      • Eric Nixon

        I’ll concede that the film was watched by a larger group than just teenage girls and middle aged woman. All films are.

        However, according to the Internet Movie Database, the two demographics who rated the film highest – 7.1 and 7.2 respectively – were Females under 18 and Females over 45. All other demos ranked it a mediocre (at best) 6.6 or lower.


      • josie

        you said right saelynne, piss off….yea

    • Rachael

      Eric, those poll results are always biased as they are based solely on the type of people who are predispositioned to participated in them.

      I think it is safe to say that teenage girls are more likely to scream about what they love from the top of every internet chat room. But just because they are the loudest does not mean they are the only ones.

      I am a huge Twilight saga fan and I haven’t participated in the poll. And for the record I am not a teenager, a housewife or a middle-aged woman.

      Lots of people love Twilight and we are not all stereotypes.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I have read all of the books and own three out of the five movies. I loved the visualization that the books use to put you right in Forks. The movies were well written and acted out. I would love to see the special editions of the movies though. All I can say is well done….

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  • Obvious

    Yes. Because it’s “so” horrific to be a housewife, part of the billions raising America’s next generation and paying taxes and mortgages while they do it. And yes, those “awful” teens that everyone hates until they’re handing their money over the box office. Remember them? You “were” them once.

    When will this dreary, and dare I say it pathetic, hatred on all things Twilight would stop? If you don”t like, don’t watch — or go to posts that talk about it.

    That should be simple enough to understand right?

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  • Hardworkingteacher

    Thank you obvious, you’ve said it nicely. Safe to say, no one forces you to click. And so, what man-pig, just because WOMEN like it, it’s GARBAGE? Get lost. Leave us who LOVE it alone.

  • andreea

    It-s an amazing movie and it have a lot of fans dont click it if u dont like it!
    I can wait to see the next part…..
    up up 4 Twilight!

  • Sandy

    I have never been so intrigued over a movie as I am over Twilight Saga. Since the very first minute to the very last minute I have been thoroughly addicted as to what was going on and was going to happen next. This is a Saga I do recommend to anyone who has not seen it yet. It keeps your interest up and your imagination to the point that could this really be true. A very well written movie. The special effects are so realistic. Never been a fan of anything but, am hooked now and can not wait for part 2.

  • Avantika samuel

    Its a great movie , every time i see it ,it makes me love the movie more. But when ever edward or jacob leaves bella , it makes me to hate it…. But after every part their is always a suspence which makes the movie intersted. Just hopeing in next part edward and jacob don’t leave bella because it makes her sad…. Hopeing for best.. Love u twilight character guys

  • Samantha

    I you like twilight especially the new one fine. No big deal. But don’t get mad because someone voiced their opinion need you agree with it or not you shouldn’t get so offended. I’m an eighteen year old girl and I thought it was stupid, slow, and boring. If you don’t agree fine, I don’t really give a shit. But if I get one reaponce saying I’m stupid, or I don’t know what I’m talking about… Suck it. I don’t want you opinion I never asked for it. I’m not offended by this because it’s no big deal. So enjoy whinin about someones opinion. Fuck off.

  • piyush

    This movie was awesum i can’t wait for the next part ….nd at all the un thoughtable thing tht bella turns into a vampire th was awesum to nd asusal the role done by edward nd jacob was gud ………just waitin for the the nxt part of it

  • sue brook

    im 52 and i love the movies iv got them all so far i cop a bagging cause i love twilight but i dont care love them all wouldnt mind joining the family at all

  • Sharon

    I have fall in love with the movie the first time i’d watch it,i can say,i’d watch it several time.i love the way Bella came went she is pregnant -she turn out like a zombie and the last part of the film -her transformation,when she return the Beautiful Bella. It facinate me. I am waiting for the last part impatiencely. Every day i connect myself to see whether there is a date it ‘ll be realise in my small island.

  • Trina Brewer

    I do like all the twlight movies cause im a big fan of the twlight movies and i cant wait to see the second part of breaking dawn two.

  • Anikó

    2010-ben láttam először a Twilight első részét. Nem gondoltam volna,hogy ennyire tetszeni fog!! A kolléganőm rajongva mesélt a filnről és úgy döntötten,hogy megnézem. Nem csalódtam!! Sőt!! Alig vártam,hogy a következő részeket láthassam!!!! Annak ellenére,hogy tinik a főszereplők,szerintem egész jól visszaadják azokat az érzéseket amelyek a filmben kellenek. Láttam más filmekben,hogy az “ünnepelt” színész alig adott át valami érzést,amikor olyan helyzet volt,teljesen érzéketlen volt a tekintete!! Ellenben a Twilight szereplőivel, azt adják vissza amit kell!! Alig várom már a következő részt!!Mindig lesem a híreket,előzeteseket!!!!!! Amúgy akinek nem tetszik nem kötelező megnéznie!!!!!!! DE ajánlom minden érzéketlen nagyszájúnak!!!!!!

  • jeannie

    The movies took me by surprise. My daughter Jessica made me go see Twilight with her. It was love and first sight. My daughter Amy gave me the books to read and they blew me away. My girls and I see the movies together and see how they compare to the books. We are in agreement on most everything but our teams, I am team Edward, Amy is team Jacob and Jessica is torn between both. Our ages range from54 to 24 and we all see the movies and books in a different light. I like them for the old fashion romance from a different time. The girls like the romance but like the fantasy of them. I know that everyone thinks the books are just for us middleaged women or teenager. I am pretty sure a man said it and I would like them to know that all our husbands are hooked on the movies too. The love the fight scenes. There is something in the movies for everyone. Little did Stephine know the her dream would effect so many people. Whoever did the casting for the movies was spot on. Thanks Stephine for the wonderful entertainment.

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  • Dinaz

    Well I first heard of twilight on of my friends posted something about it and i just thought ‘Oh dear another non sense teen movie!’…Then in 2011 they showed it on tv so i recorded it thinking it will be good enough to watch when im really bored…Oh boy was i wrong!!! I LOVED it so much i couldnt wait to watch new Moon and Eclipse so i bought them the following day, read the books within a month or so and could not wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Its a very captivating story, the books are great and the actors are amazing as well! Oh and im not a teen or middle aged woman either. Im 28 happily married with a 2 and a half year old daughter who actually loves the wolves in the saga..hehe

  • James

    Did they get someone? Was the review published?

    • James

      I guess not? Even after the mention on the Lexicon?

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