Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, Michael Bay, and Rupert Wyatt on Warner Bros. Shortlist for New TWILIGHT ZONE Film

     September 30, 2011


Warner Bros. is looking to the big leagues to helm their untitled Twilight Zone film. Variety reports that there is “mutual interest” between the studio and three filmmakers to take the reins: Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, and Michael Bay. Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt is also in the mix, but the report states that Nolan, Cuaron, and Bay are the top picks. Unlike the studio’s 1983 Twilight Zone, this new pic will have only one director, and WB is definitely looking to the A-list. Apparently Nolan is the front-runner to get the offer (which isn’t surprising given his very close relationship with the studio, and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the Twilight Zone pic), but Variety’s sources are unsure as to whether he’ll actually sign on as the project is apparently similar to Inception. Apparently Harry Potter David Yates was on the shortlist at one point as well, though his prospects have waned as of late.  Continued after the jump.

Bay is apparently keen on the script, but may be hindered by the fact that he’s itching to get to Pain and Gain, the bodybuilding passion project that’s been in the works for a very long time. Cuaron and Wyatt have the most favorable schedules, as Cuaron is close to wrapping Gravity and Wyatt has yet to commit to his Apes follow-up. As much as I love Nolan, I can’t help but hope that Cuaron is the man that gets the job. He’s a true visionary, and his take on the trippy material would undoubtedly be more than a little mind-blowing. But really, each one of these directors would bring something completely different to the pic, so we’ll see how things shake out in the end. Here’s the trailer for the original 1983 film Twilight Zone: The Movie, which took the anthology approach and was directed by Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, John Landis, and George Miller.


  • TheTrickster

    Michael Bay? Really?

  • Collin V.


  • Fett

    The original 60′s Twilight Zone television show is a historical landmark in the history of film. It can easily be said that the show changed not only television and filmmaking but as well as how we tell stories as a whole for the better. A new updated film could be decent, it could be scary, it could be a lot of fun as a throwback to an older style of filmmaking if handled the right way but its impact would be nothing compared to the original even if it was done by Nolan or Cuaron. I just dont see the point in resurrecting the idea of a new twilight zone when that has already been done before and failed quite miserably.

  • Aaron


  • joe kerr

    why michael bay? i thought the twilight zone was more like stories of suspense. where do explosions, cleavage and bullet storms fit in twilight zone’s world?

  • Markeetundra

    You know what? I’m gonna play devils advocate here and say I am curious to see what a Michael Bay Twilight Zone would look like. I like his visual style when things aren’t moving super fast. Lets see what a suspense driven film would look like with Bay behind it. One things for sure is that its gonna sell.

    • IllusionOfLife

      I’ll give you a hint of what it will look like: Victoria’s Secret model, army men, explosions, embarrassing sex jokes, overlong car chases, embarrassing racist jokes, and horrible pacing. Michael Bay shouldn’t be used in the same sentence as Twilight Zone or any of the other directors on this list.

      • tarek

        So true…

      • tarek

        And why not inviting some indie directors ? They will bring some freshness. And as executive producers, we will have Nolan-Jackson-Del Toro-Coen Bros.

  • Nick

    One of these things is not like the other….

    • Julie

      was literally just thinking that. Even saying Michael Bay in the same sentence as Chris Nolan makes me feel icky. Unless it’s “Chris Nolan tells world Michael Bay sucks. World quits watching Michael Bay movies. In Nolan we trust.”

      • John

        Sometime during the press for Inception, I recall reading that Nolan’s DP Wally Pfister said that they watch Michael Bay movies to get a sense of how to shoot the action.

        Anyway, I agree with everyone else that Nolan is the superior filmmaker here.

  • oMaR

    Christopher Nolan. Although im not sure he will do it..

  • Eric Nixon

    Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, Michael Bay, and Rupert Wyatt – we’re going to play a game called, “Which of These is Not Like the Others.”

  • sheryl

    BACK, MICHAEL BAY, BACK! *brandishes cross and garlic*

    • tarek

      LOL. ^^

  • AlexHeyNa

    Of course if Chris Nolan did it, it would be awesome, and a huge money-maker at the box office. But I think I’d rather have Alfonso Cuaron do it for an assortment of reasons, but the main one being… I’d rather see Nolan do more original stuff once he’s done with Batman. He clearly can do anything with any kind of material, but he’s better at telling his own stories. Inception and Memento are by far two of the greatest concepts in film history, and I’d LOVE to see more of that from him. And it’s not like he would have a problem getting the studio to let him do whatever he wants, what with the box office numbers for The Dark Knight, Inception, and soon The Dark Knight Rises.

    But this is just one man’s opinion. Hopefully Nolan and the studios agree.

  • junierizzle

    I think anyone would be an interesting choice, it’s quiet a list.

  • DerkaDerka

    Cuaron!!! Although Nolan could probably tie the story together nicely I don’t think he can do trippy. For a movie about dreams Inception was was rather mundane.

  • IllusionOfLife

    At the risk of being redundant…


    The Twilight Zone series was about presenting social commentary in a subtle, nuanced way that shallow TV producers of the 1960s wouldn’t pick up on. Michael Bay wouldn’t understand the meaning of “subtle” or “nuanced” if they punched him in the stomach (and yes, I understand the irony of that statement).

    My top pick is Nolan, his style is most similar to The Twilight Zone and I can see him doing something really neat, but literally any of the other directors are about 1000 times better than Bay.

  • joe

    i thnk Nolan may not be right for this.
    Cuaron or Yates are better options imho.
    Guillermo del Toro and Sam Raimi could be a viable options too.

  • trooper

    nolan won’t do this film as he has already stated what he wants to do after TDKR i doubt very much he would even go near this ezpecially if it’s similair to inception

  • Titus

    Ditto to most everything AlexHayNa said. Nolan should be doing his own original work after Batman or at least stuff that he has written by himself or with his brother. (I would *love* to see him write/direct the next Bond film.)

    • Desert Rat

      Hell. Yes. Kind of. I think. Maybe. Actually, no. Bad idea.

  • tarek

    Please, not David Yates again!

  • fgbngvn
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  • Marshalsify

    I’m gearing for Joe Dante to remake the Nightmare at 20,000 Feet segement this time around as part of his beloved Gremlins trilogy and if the WB studio get Richard Matheson one final time to penned the new Twilight Zone remake if it’s good and decent enough!