Chuck Lorre Developing TWO AND A HALF MEN Relaunch Without Charlie Sheen

     April 28, 2011


Though I’m essentially mystified by anyone who actually misses the comedy series, fans of Two and a Half Men may be interested to know that the canceled sitcom may actually be reborn without Charlie Sheen. THR is reporting that series creator Chuck Lorre has definitely come up with an idea to reboot the sitcom and take it in a creative direction that would not bring the fired actor back to the series. Apparently Lorre has met with some close associates as well as series star Jon Cryer who will have a significant role in the series along with a new unknown character. Would this really be a Two and a Half Men relaunch or just a spin-off?

Meanwhile Sheen is still trying to get back on the show by clearing the air with cast members and winning their support. But for Now Lorre just doesn’t want to work with Sheen again, and even executives at Warner Bros. are saying that Sheen won’t be allowed back. However, apparently there’s still rumblings that the original Two and a Half Men could return for a ninth season (really, it’s been that long?) with another actor replacing Sheen. I’m sorry, but I think we’re just going to have to take Old Yeller out behind the barn and shoot him in the head. This is getting out of hand, and I can’t believe a sitcom like this needs to be resurrected. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

  • Sylvester Malone

    I hope that they finally cancel this series. I am bored of it. Charlie Sheen had such a promising career and I am so disappointed to see the direction that his life and career has gone. He has done some great movies in his time such as Wall Street (1987), The Three Musketeers (1993), The Arrival (1996), Shadow Conspiracy (1997), Postmortem (1998), etc. I always wanted him to just do mainstream movies, particularly serious films and dramas, try to reach his full potential as an actor, join the A-list and try to win an Oscar. But now I have just given up on him. He hasn’t surpassed his father, Martin Sheen who still gets better roles and does bigger movies and he has become the laughing stock of Hollywood.

  • jake

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    yea enough is enough already. I feel bad for the remaining cast and the staff but I’m sure they’ll find other work.

    Honestly sitcoms with laugh tracks get on my nerves anyways. The trend of this type of show needs to die off.

    Seinfeld and Married with Children were the only exceptions to laugh track sitcoms, the rest are all garbage IMO

  • Scared for Movies

    Just watch Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, & Community. Three much better comedies. Oh yeah and Big Bang Theory sucks.

  • Jesus

    Well at least they’re being shameless, to keep the essence of the show intact.

  • Corin

    Well I’m sure if somebody was handing you bags worth of millions and millions of dollars then you’d find it “worth it.”

    I agree the show is over the hill, and maybe not even worth it to begin with. You could say the same about every hit show though, none of them are nearly as good as they get credit for.

  • Aidan Williams

    This is so exciting i hope they choose Steve Carell he would be a perfect actor to play a character on the show. I am such a big fan of the show.

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