Tyler Perry Writing Sci-Fi Movie; Was Disappointed by PROMETHEUS

     June 27, 2012


Prometheus will probably best be remembered as one of the most disappointing films of the past several years.  I still can’t conjure up the vitriol I’ve seen directed at the movie, but I can understand the disdain of those who were excited by the prospect of Ridley Scott doing a big, bad-ass sci-fi film, and then having the plot crumble to dust if you gave it so much as a sideways glance.  Tyler Perry was not a fan of Scott’s latest film, but he’s still a major fan of sci-fi, and now he’s going to try his hand at the genre.

Hit the jump for more, and click here to see Perry in the trailer for Alex Cross (a man who, the trailer informs us, should not be crossed).

Speaking to Blackfilm.com, Perry noted his passion for the sci-fi genre:

TYLER PERRY: I love Sci Fi, I love the Alien movies and the Alien franchise. I was very disappointed with Prometheus, but I love that whole franchise. Those are my favorite movies. I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now.

Can you tell us a little bit about that?

PERRY: No, but I’m writing a sci-fi movie that I’m really excited about.

You may recall that Perry had a brief cameo in J.J. AbramsStar Trek, so it’s not too surprising that he’s re-iterated his love of sci-fi.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of science fiction Perry is going for, but if you go by Star Trek and Alien, it looks like he prefers the extraterrestrial variety.  Then again, maybe he’s just working on Madea Goes to Outer Space or something.



  • Thomas


    • David

      These are the same things people said about inception. I don’t care about plot holes 2001 space odyssey has plot holes, every epic sci fi movie has plot holes. The acting was great, the movie was beautiful to watch, the sory was interesting if not clearly flawed, but again with all else that was going on in that movie I think people brought their own expectations and that was your fault for bringing them.

      • SATAN

        defend the film then. its a like a christian defending the bible.. you cant come up with ONE argument why this was NOT the biggest fail of a film with the most awful lazy script writing in recent years…

        p.s Inception and SO are awesome films. they are not plot holes. they are a viewers interpretation. there is a massive difference.

      • fdsaf

        Prometheus was the best Science Fiction film in 25 years.
        Also Tyler Perry is a massive idiot.


    • OH NO

      Well I was seriously disappointed with every Tyler Perry movie. Jesus Christ lord no! Madea In Space. I really hope his autobiography is called “Tyler Perry : I Just Can’t Seem To Stay Out Of My Grandma’s Panties.” I think Tyler Perry should do a remake of Blazing Saddles except modern with the pendulum of racism in it’s current state. Spike Lee thinks Tyler Perry is bad and so should you.

  • Nomis1700

    Fucking retards. Prometheus is a terrific film of Ridley Scott who’s proven yet again that he is born to make films. I really want to see a (sort-of) sequel to it. And Tyler Perry sucked already. So fuck you Perry, fuck off and die in hell forever with your stupid shitface.

    • SATAN

      defend the film then. its a like a christian defending the bible.. you cant come up with ONE argument why this was NOT the biggest fail of a film with the most awful lazy script writing in recent years… p.s you need to get some fresh air or get laid..

      • Kris

        Of course we can. How about YOU come up with a criticism?
        Prometheus is a MASTERPIECE if you don’t need to be spoonfeed and can figure out the mystery yourself.
        It’s ALL THERE.

    • SATAN

      defend the film then. its a like a christian defending the bible.. you cant come up with ONE argument why this was NOT the biggest fail of a film with the most awful lazy script writing in recent years…p.s you need some fresh air or get laid. you will become one of those people that goes into a bar with a gun. chill out

      • mattinacan

        maybe if i repeat the same things over and over someone will believe me!


    I loved Prometheus, didn’t expect a monkey and a jewbag to appreciate the complexity, layers and plot points involved.

    • A Monkey and a Jewbag

      Prometheus is so complex that it’s plot line mirrors “Alien” exactly.
      It wasn’t complex at all. It was a rehash.

      • JDS

        Jewbag???? what’s wrong with you?

    • Jay

      Either you are just thoroughly stupid
      or you just made a complex comparison between racists and the type of people who are willing to overlook the plot-holes and continuity errors in Prometheus, which is quite frankly hilarious.

      I’m going with stupid.

    • SATAN

      you really are a prick and a racist. remove yourself from the internet

    • MicoY

      Never read something so stupid. I’m wondering how old are you… If are 4 years old or less, you could have some excuses, otherwise you are just a very stupid person. Study and read a little bit more, you are so ignorant that it is hard to believe you are living in our time

  • Shrugs

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this sci-fi film’s writing is superior to Lindelof’s hokum.

  • Nick

    After the shit flicks he keeps putting out one after the other, I don’t think he has much of an opinion in this matter.

  • Jay

    I respect Tyler Perry so much. The guy knows what he’s doing. He has made quick, relatively easy money with the Madea movies and now that he is filthy rich off of those, he can afford to produce, in part, a big budget film that he has a lot of control over. I for one would love to see the man write/direct a sci-fi. He can write dialog for day. Lets see what he does with action/suspense.

    • Kog Dog

      Big words from a buffoon like Perry. He’s about to embarrass himself in a HUGE way. No matter how bad he thinks Prometheus was, there is no way in hell this one trick pony can pull off sci-fi. Period. I dare this guy to make a film with more than one white person in it.

  • RunnerX13

    What else doesn’t Tyler Perry like? What were his thoughts on Brave and Madagascar? Did he see Snow White?

    • LOL

      Oh yeah! What else isn’t he fond of? Does he not like Mexican or Chinese food? What are his thoughts on pasta?

  • Jay


  • Frank

    Tyler Perry, maker of a dozen stupid fat suit movies, is disappointed with Ridley Scott? Is that a joke? That would be like Brett Ratner saying he was disappointed with David Fincher or Michael Bay saying he was disappointed with Antoine Fuqua. Justin Bieber saying he was disappointed with Leonard Cohen.

  • ray

    Big things have small beginnings

  • Zach

    I disagree. I think Prometheus lived up to the hype and was one of the absolute best and exciting science fiction films of the last few years. Your opinion couldn’t be more opposite of mine.

    • SATAN

      you are mentally ill. you probably happy with how LOST ended…. deluded

      • Matthew

        Just because he like the film he’s mentally ill? What the hell is wrong with you SATAN?

  • will

    I don’t know if Prometheus lived up to the hype or not, but some of the backlash directed at it is astounding. It isn’t THAT bad, people. And a third-rate hack like Perry has no reason to be commenting on it.

  • mattedscreen

    Madea in space is not sci-fi

  • NIttyGritty

    Everytime I’m reading an article and come across something idiotic (i.e. bashing prometheus in this way), I realize “ohh, this must be a Goldberg article” and I’ve never been wrong.

    We just have to get used to this idiot.

    • SATAN

      defend the film then. its a like a christian defending the bible.. you cant come up with ONE argument why this was NOT the biggest fail of a film with the most awful lazy script writing in recent years…

      • will

        Actually, I can. It posed big questions, and didn’t answer them. That allows me to imagine or come up with my own, making Prometheus a cinematic experience that could last in my mind for a very long time. Having an A+ cast and stunning visual effects didn’t hurt, either. Also, try not to be such a blatant hater of religion.

      • Ethan

        Well Will, in his defense, he is Satan.

      • juanotaco

        HEY SATAN! Fuck off everyone who liked Promotheus! It was indeed a Brilliant film from the great Ridley Scott. Just because its “Cool” to dislike a movie because everyone else does, doesn’t mean fans of sci-fy will be pulled in to your amateur criticism. Now get out of mothers basement and go get a job you tool.

  • Marlboroliteman

    I’ve never been disappointed by a Tyler Perry movie….I expect them to suck hard and they do.

  • Brady

    Wow…. im really excited to see Madea in space…..

  • Lance

    Why do some people hate Prometheus so much, when they give movies like Transformers and Battleship a pass with a “hey, it doesn’t have to be Shakespeare” shrug? It’s because this film taxed their neurons, isn’t it?

    If not that, my guess is when they saw the Hammerpede for the first time it gave them a partial erection. And that caused them anxiety, and they wondered what it meant. And that in turn led to a conclusion that… nooo!! It’s all Ridley and Lindelof’s fault! They made a terrible film! Awful! Must… hate… Prometheus!

    Go suck on a Hammerpede, haters!

    • SATAN

      defend the film then. its a like a christian defending the bible.. you cant come up with ONE argument why this was NOT the biggest fail of a film with the most awful lazy script writing in recent years… p.s you explanation Hammerpede thing… you need help weirdo

      • mattinacan

        it’s like a christian defending a bible, repeat, repeat, repeat, i am huge dork named satan, repeat, repeat

      • Hunter

        @ satan

        curious if it’s an accident that your repeating the same reply or if your just mentally retarded

  • rocky

    Im loved Prometheus but can understand the reservations by others, the film is not perfect. But I found it intriguing in many aspects and like the questions it left unanswered

    And who’s to say Perry can’t write or make a great sci/fi film. Ridley Scott had himself never done anything remotely close to Alien before his genius showed

  • Joyce

    “Prometheus will probably best be remembered as one of the most disappointing films of the past several years.” Really Matt? Fucking shallow and pathetic.

  • Joyce

    Also, really Tyler Perry?

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  • Hunter

    I was really young when I saw Alien, so I didn’t really remember it so Prometheus wasn’t a disappointment for me. I found the film entertaining and the cinematography was excellent as well.

    I don’t see how Tyler Perry’s opinion is in any way meaningful to anyone and of course his sic-film won’t be a disappointment because its excepted to blow anyway.

  • Nick

    See, what I love about Prometheus is that just about everyone who disliked the film seems to live in a vacuum where all of the positive reactions this film has received, both from critics and audiences do not exist. They see it as an universal disappointing, when in reality it has received very solid reviews overall and at worst had a mixed public reception. SW Episode 1 was ALMOST universally disappointing. Prometheus is controversial. Big difference.

    I have no problem if you did not like the film Matt, I really could care less. But, don’t you dare act like a critically acclaimed film was universally disappointing, to sate your inferiority complex, where you have to perpetually live in the extreme majority (which you do, btw, with ALL of your writing.) It is dishonest and more importantly moronic.

  • tarek

    Prometheus was a great movie for me.
    Ridley took it in a new direction. which is smart, because if it were playing the same psychological tension, it will not work like the first one. We will all say: it’s just an Alien remake.

    the movie was fresh, modern, and the play of Noomie Rapace was breathtaking. I saw in her a worthy successor of Sigourney’s Ripley character.
    Idris Elba was also great. But he didn’t deserve to die. He could have been a very good character in the sequel.

  • Rohan

    I would like Mr. Goldberg to take his time and explain to all his readers his insight regarding Prometheus. He’s calling Prometheus the a disappointment. I thought it was artistic, and much of questions raised in the film are answered if one pays close attention to the plot. Plus, this is a two picture deal, so few things will be resolved in the second installment.

    And, I am sorry, who is Tyler Perry. He’s disappointed with Prometheus. Well, Mr. Perry, we are all disappointed with your flicks. And please don’t do any sci-fi.

  • Marlboroliteman

    One of the most disappointing films of the last several years???
    Well I guess if you were expecting Sigourney Weaver, Alien Queens, facehuggers, and eggs I can see why. I’ve already seen it twice, once in IMAX 3D which is definatly worth the extra $$, and think it’s one of the better science fiction movies that’s been made in the last decade.
    As for Tyler Perry, he makes horrible movies and his opinion doesn’t amount to much. Ridley Scott should be sent three Tyler Perry directed movies to watch and his opinion on them published. I’m sure Tyler Perry wouldn’t worry to much on an established film director critiquing his stellar vomit inducing work. And what a terrible decision casting him in that new Cross movie, he looks waaaay out of place in it.

  • Ash

    Ithink that Prometheus was a great movie that really did live up to the hype and I don’t care what Tyler perry says about anything scifi until he has proof that he knows anything about it

    • Ash

      Oh and Tyler perry is not a good director all does is put out cheap crap every other month

  • James

    I loved Prometheus personally. I saw it twice, both times in IMAX 3D. I will be buying it day one when it gets released on Bluray. Its for sure one of the better films to be released so far this year, my opinion of course. I don’t care for anything that Tyler Perry does either. lol…

  • dudeabides

    go to hell Matt, go to hell Tyler Perry. shouldn’t criticize movies if you a) dont understand them b) can’t appreciate good or passionate filmmaking c) dont truly love cinema through and through. Now those Madea films…those are the “disappointing” films you’re describing

  • Kinks!

    Well if Madea does go to Outer Space, I hope she does us all a favour and brings the douchebag writer of this article along for the ride…

  • Sugreev2001

    Enjoyed Prometheus,not as much as Alien or Aliens…but better than the “sequels”.Hated the religious angle in the film though.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    I honestly think any hate the movie had could of been avoided if they would of just went with Xeno Aliens and facehuggers. Keep the Space Jockey all that but loose the space cobra and zombie superhumans (how did mohawk turn into a super badass zombie again?) I just think it was originally supposed to be a prequel and it got jumbled up in trying to make it seem like they were deep and doing something different. That only works if u do it well. Pull an xenomorph alien baby out of her and not a squid and I bet people would of went gaga.

    It also had to much visual aid of Alien in it. The space jockey in the chair, hallways, ship crashing, all of this stuff (to me) seemed like from the trailer that it was gonna be based on LB426 and this was the ship the crew from Alien got on. That seemed intentionally done in the trailer. Then come to find out its not the same ship at all and it was just randomly meant look that way. What are the odds? Planet that looks that way, same kind of ship, space jockey in seat, ship crashed on the ground. It just seemed like an Alien prequel was what was gonna happen. Entertaining for what it was but I wish it would of just been a real Ridley Scott prequel to Alien.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Fuck u Collider! Every time I write some long thought out comment it never posts. I write little short dumb ones and watch this will post….My butt smells and there’s nothing u can do about it….Fix this stupid ass shit!

  • Strong Enough

    Damn everyone is so sensitive on here

    emotional ass b*tches

  • sense 11

    Big words coming from a man responsible for a whole bunch of cinematic abortions.

  • Alex

    Two things: 1) Matt Goldberg, a professional sycophant, has no right to talk shit about Ridley Scott. If you write snarky comments for a living about actually talented people you’re not much of a man. 2) Tyler Perry has no right to criticize Prometheus because he’s Tyler Perry.

  • musicglade

    Prometheus indeed a good movie, interesting story line, liked it enjoyed it , but FCKING BORING cant wait for the movie to finish… but still the movie was good can rate 7 /10 …

    • mike

      wtf??? How could you possibly describe a film as F-ing boring then rate it 7/10???

      By definition a movie which fails to entertain is utterly without worth!!!

      An intelligent human being shouldn’t give two craps how well directed, lit, blah, blah, blah it was if it fails in the only truly important way…

  • Chesterfield

    Boondocks really ripped that guy a new one, didn’t it?
    That image with Perry standing before he “Madea…” poster tells me everything I need to know about him. I now know how interesting I find it that he’s a sci-fi fan, how relevant his opinion on Prometheus is, and I know whether I’ll see his sci-fi film: It’s not, it’s not and I won’t.

  • thisfella

    Prometheus wasn’t a good movie. It’s a failure with individual elements that work very well. Cinematography. Art direction. Some of the music. But Lindelof only brings up ideas. Not only does he ask questions and not provide the answers, but he really has nothing of value to add to the subject. “I believe it because I choose to,” says Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw. Oh, epistemological voluntarism. Neat concept. But examine the character’s motivations for believing these things. Not only are they irrational, they’re not even in some way paradoxical or interesting. She believes we were created by aliens, rejecting Darwinism, which is well established, and very important to her as part of the legacy of science (I imagine). She’s also a devout Christian, and thinks there’s no problem here because it doesn’t tell us who made the aliens. Huh? The belief is incoherent because it’s real purpose is for Lindelof to get self important. It has nothing to do with the character. There aren’t ideas. There are topics. Creators. Fathers. Belief. Lindelof doesn’t have anywhere to go with his pretensions, so all they do is drag the film down. Also, when the mile-long space-ship is falling on the two ladies in their space suits, they try to run away from it lengthwise. For a while. It’s the climax of the film. One of them. Also there are too many endings. Also, who gives a shit about the mythology of the Alien franchise? The particular rules of alien reproduction and the origin of xenomorphs had nothing to do with the success of the first two films. And let’s be honest, it’s a pretty short list of people who actually geek out on 3 and 4 and AvP and AvP:R. For a reason. Brand recognition is not a justification for a film.

    This film has got to be the best directorial work Scott’s done since “Blade Runner” (though I think that was the last fully fledged movie he made). There are some very striking images, and he does a pretty good job early on setting up an ominous tone. Some of the most effective CG I’ve seen. David the android wasn’t even really a character (classic Lindelof, his motivations not really mysterious, just incoherent), but I liked watching Fassbender chew scenery. Irish guy with a German name.

  • Yu Sheng Wu

    I’m thinking, Madea in space?

  • xavier

    why me post no appear?

  • Adrian

    Wasn’t Blade Runner originally met with harsh public reception? Look where it is now. I see how this works. The flustered, aspiring film-makers, caught up in the heat of bashing on the film everyone else seems to hate, just need 20-30 years to come to their senses.

  • THomas K.

    Quick question…
    What exactly are the “plot holes” in Prometheus.

    Only big problems I have with it were dialogue in 2-4 scenes TOPS, and the scientists “experiment” more.
    But the way I figure it is they just landed, they wanted to take a look around, they only go twice in a 24 hour span, first time is cut short by incoming storm, second by Holloway’s infection breakout.

    Also, read a lot about how the reason the Engineers wanted to destroy us because we created religions.
    Which, if they produce “Paradise”, will be some awesome, ballsy, shit.

    Personally, seeing it in IMaX 3D was pretty amazing, great movie experience. Also seen it in 2D, 3 times as well.
    Whether you liked it personally or not, you cannot insult the pacing of this movie or Ridley Scott’s ability as a filmmaker.
    It’s far from perfect. But it is kinda-amazing.

    It is exactly what I pay to go to the Cinema for.

    I honestly think the movie’s far connection from the “AMAZING!!!!” Alien franchise.
    1st- Cheap horror, that suprised based on Ridley Scott’s filmmaking abilities.
    2nd- Bigger budget sci-fi action, Cheesy as all hell dialogue, “expands” universe.
    3rd and 4th- Projects that got destroyed by the studio.

    So the masses of Alien fans who LOVE them and find them nostalgic, looked at Prometheus as the piece that would solidify to others, what they already “knew”… The Alien franchise is special.
    So stop taking it out on another film.
    Take your anger out on Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection.
    THEY “Expanded” your Alien universe.
    Blame them.

  • ISeemToBeAVerb

    Perry’s opinion of the film is shared by a great many people and is as valid as anyone else’s. I’ve never seen a movie or tv show of his but the guy IS a true Hollywood and American success story.

    But anyway since he’s a sci-fi fan I’d like to see what he’d do with the genre. IF and only if it is NOT a comedy. If that’s the case my Tyler Perry record will remain intact.

    • mrm1138

      It’s nice to see a rational response on this board. I, too, was disappointed with Prometheus (although it was because I expected to love it but came away only liking it with reservations), so I’m certainly receptive to Perry’s opinion. I’m also kind of interested to see what Perry would do with a science fiction film. I always find it fascinating to see what writers and directors do when they step out of the genres that have made up the bulk of their work and do something outside their comfort zone. I’ve also never seen one of Perry’s films because they just don’t appeal to me, but I’d definitely check this one out.

  • tarek

    this guy has directed direct-to-trash movies… so…

  • Dannyboy3030

    Madea in Space. Hilarious.

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  • presidente

    the negative energy in this place is astounding,

    first: why hate on perry? if his movies and plays don’t’ appeal to you then move along, he is a millionaire for a reason, and prob will continue to be one after this is read. I don’t really like stuff but I wont bash it.

    Second: the alien movies were ahead of their time,but not tech wise, the concept was new and fresh. it took the worst evil you could imagine and brought it from out of a human host(like taking all the black of your soul and making it alive; cold,UN-remorseful, killer mentality,parasitic,etc)

    Prometheus is to me, how the religious aspects affect the universe,
    faith=survival , no faith(all other characters)=death
    Like we should have faith in one another and not rely on some engineers who makes parasitic WMDs to give us the answers

  • curo

    I think the biggest problem i had with Prometheus was that I went into it, nerdy as i am I was anticipating the movie wanting it to be the official Alein prequel, with simple explaination of the alien. In reality, it was always the unofficial alien prequel, officially it’s own unrelated series. Yeah it has an alien in it but the explaination of it’s origin is purposefully non-linear. It makes sense in a way, for when Ridley Scott made alien he wasn’t trying to make a monster movie, he was trying to make a “haunted house movie in space.” I think Prometheus lives up to that.

  • ipisking

    The opening title sequence (Done to Pigs in Space intro)

    Madea in Space!!!!

  • ART

    Yeah… I’d be down for Madea in space. Maybe she’ll bump into Paul. Anyone smell a so bad it could be good genre mash up?

  • Dirtsandwich

    After some of the stupid shit I saw in Prometheus, Perry can’t do any worse. Wouldn’t it be funny that he writes a story/screenplay that actually is decent? Just because he does Madea doesn’t mean he can’t write SciFi. At least he could say, “Hey, I tried.” Well then what’s Ridley/Lindelof’s excuse? This is their field.

  • brucewayne

    I don’t get the absolute hate for Prometheus. I thought it was okay, not a great sci-fi film. As for Tyler Perry, I think we should take a suggestion from South Park and bury him deep underground where he can’t assault us with his shit-ass movies.

  • brucewayne

    I don’t get the hate for Prometheus. It was okay, certainly not terrible. As for Tyler Perry, we should take a hint from South Park and bury him deep underground where he can’t assault us with his shitbag movies.

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