Paramount Developing Comedy Based off YouTube Video “Ultimate Dog Tease”

     February 14, 2012


Before you even say it, “Yes, they’ll turn anything into a movie.”  Variety reports that Paramount is in talks with Seinfeld writers Alec Berg and David Mandel to develop a movie based off Andrew Grantham‘s YouTube hit “Ultimate Dog Tease”.  In the video, an owner taunts his dog with promises of food only to reveal that he has already eaten the meal.  If that sound stupid and unfunny, that’s because it is.  But it also racked up 93 million pageviews, so here we are.  Paramount will develop the movie through its low-budget label, Insurge, which recently produced The Devil Inside.

In case your parents haven’t already forwarded it to you, hit the jump to check out the video.


  • Unfunny dog

    I dont get the appeal of the dog vid. It never made me laugh once.

  • Jay

    It’s hilarious. Once again, we are subjected to Goldberg’s sullen joylessness.

  • Tim

    I never saw that before and I found that hilarious!

  • Enigmatic

    I giggle every time I see that video.

  • dogg

    If you can’t see the humor in that clip, check your pulse. You probably laughed your ass off in the first Transformers.

  • Suzy

    It’s just a dog waiting for something. Not funny, just boring. WTF?

  • David Stewart

    “Paramount Developing Comedy Based off YouTube Video “Ultimate Dog Tease””
    It seems that suddenly in the past few years everyone under a certain age is using the phrase “based off”. I can only guess that some character on a popular TV show used this phrase a lot.
    There is actually NO such word-phrase in the English language. “Based off” is, in fact, meaningless. Something can NOT be “based” and “off” at the same time.
    I believe the meaning you kids are attempting to get across is actually the meaning conveyed by the accepted English word-phrase, “based on”.
    I am sorry if I am coming across as a “douche”, but you are writing professionally, and if you want your work to be considered as having anything worthwhile to offer it needs to meet certain standards of literacy.