Fan Asks Director David O. Russell to Cast Nathan Fillion in UNCHARTED

     December 20, 2010


Back in October, we reported that actor Nathan Fillion had begun a Twitter campaign to get himself the lead role in David O. Russell’s adaptation of the video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  Last month, we learned that the role had gone to frequent O. Russell collaborator, Mark Wahlberg.  However, it looks like no one told Fillion fan, “gregblessing27″, as he asked Russell point blank to cast Fillion.  While I agree that Fillion would be a better choice for the role than Wahlberg, O. Russell clearly feels comfortable in his relationship with Wahlberg and Sony, the studio behind the film and the game, probably prefers to have an actor with Wahlberg’s name recognition attached to the project.

Of course, it’s unknown if Uncharted will be O. Russell’s next project as he’s also considering Old St. Louis and The Silver Linings Playbook.  Hit the jump to check out the video and be uncomfortable.  O. Russell’s new film, The Fighter, is currently in theaters and you should check it out even though it doesn’t star Nathan Fillion.

Video via JoBlo.


  • Edward Lee

    It’s pretty sad when this d-bag can’t land scratch like this on his own but he has to resort to having his fans push his agenda.

  • some rando

    The Captain would need to “tighten it up” a bit. Drake is suppose to be able to climb stuff with ease and be able to jump/shoot/run, etc…

    No offense to Marky Mark, but Fills is the way to go

  • nick

    “…Sony, the studio behind the film and the game, probably prefers to have an actor with Wahlberg’s name recognition attached to the project.” Aren’t they trying to get Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci? Is that not enough name recognition to get us Captain Reynolds? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Mark’s, but I’d rather he do the Entourage movie and let Fillion have this.

  • Bruno

    I totally agree with the choice of Mr Fillion as Drake. But I was wondering: Ryan reynolds could be good as well. Of course I believe he is overexposed at some point, but I though he would be considered as one of the favorite for the role…

  • DL

    A lot of Uncharted fans are unhappy with the casting of Wahlberg as Drake. Before the news, Fillion had been suggested on many a message board, as well as actors such as Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and the voice actor Nolan North, among others. In my opinion, any one of those actors would be a better choice for the part than Wahlberg.

    I find Wahlberg just doesn’t have the charm and intelligence (or what comes off as intelligence on-screen; I don’t mean to make judgments on Mr. Wahlberg’s actual intellect) to pull off a role that’s basically Indiana Jones for a new generation. Could you imagine him as Jones, or worse, Han Solo? I just don’t think that sort of thing is his strong suit. He can be really great when cast right (like Boogie Nights or the upcoming The Fighter), but awful when miscast (like The Happening and Max Payne).

    Maybe it’s too much to hope this makes O. Russell give his casting more consideration, but I will anyway.

    And re: Edward Lee — I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what Nathan Fillion did. It’s a Twitter campaign for goodness’ sake, not Sean Young storming onto the Batman set in a Catwoman costume. Besides, Fillion already had a lot of fan support for the role long before he ever said a word about it.

  • FincherFan

    Guys, it isn’t happening. Nathan Fillion will NOT be Nathan Drake, so get over it. With a director of Russell’s caliber, I’m sure that we will get an excellent movie, so just hope for the best WITHOUT Fillion.

  • Blain

    There is only one Nathan Drake: Nolan North.

  • elikias

    Wahlberg is just one of the reasons why this movie will be lame. Having heard O. Russell’s ideas for the movie (the adventurer family BS), I’m much more concerned about that. I’d rather have O. Russell replaced than Wahlberg at this point.

  • Bogie

    I love that this guy did that and It shows that these games do create a real emotional connection to the character as you go on the journey of the game with them and really would just like the people who have the control to dictate the movie to take it as seriously. I would love to know if David or Marky Mark even played the game. I really think it should be a prerequisite to be in control of the movie. They should at least have to watch the cut scenes all the way through. I really enjoyed Uncharted 1 and 2 and can’t wait for 3 next year but If the casting and directors storyline move forward I have no interest in spending money on the movie.

  • Stamp

    When I saw the picture for the story and hadn’t read the headline I thought that they had changed their mind and cast Fillion….damn that was a great couple seconds.

  • F O russel

    Uncharted 2 is my favorite game and this asshole is going to to ruin a film adaptation. I like marky mark but he doesnt fit for this role and neither does fillion!!!!!! This whole idea this douche bag has for the movie being based around a family of treasure hunters???? what the fuck has this asshole even played the games?

  • junierizzle

    No offense but Nathan Fillion is more of a TV actor not a FIlm actor.

    What’s with all the love for Fillion???

    • Bogie

      Every TV actor wants to make the leap to movies and sometimes it just takes that one great role that fits you well enough to enable you to do it. Fillion has been very successful on TV but I’m sure he got wind of people suggesting him for the role since Drakes Fortune and probably feels like this could be his chance especially with fan support. The one thing most fans don’t get is HOLLYWOOD doesn’t give a shit about fans or what you want and will do what they want with the property they own. They will put out a mediocre product most likely PG-13 to grab a large audience and of course change the story as much as they want in order to appeal to people who don’t know or care about Uncharted.

  • Simon Stewart

    The love for Fillion is because he is blatantly right for the part.

    Oh and a kindly pay a quick trip to IMDB. Yeah…. Fillion has obviously not been in many films eh?

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  • Brian

    Fight for Fillion! Has a nice ring to it dontcha think?

  • Anon

    I’ll agree that Marky Mark doesn’t fit the part, I’ll do you one further and say that if I ever considered the remote possibility that producers actually listened to fan input, they intentionally chose the complete antithesis of Nathan Drake just to piss them off… Drake is tall, charming and a lovable smartass. Walhberg is short and serious.

    That said, I don’t know how much I would mourn the possible butchering of this franchise. I LOVE the Uncharted games, they’re the gaming equivalent of Indiana Jones, but at the risk of pissing off the fellow gamers here, I don’t think alot of games are quite on par with other mediums as far as storytelling goes. Uncharted stands out amongst other games with its narrative, but I would argue (with a few exceptions) that such an honor is like being the world’s tallest midget. It works as “the equivalent of Indiana Jones” in the gaming community, but in the movie community it’s not “the equivalent” anymore so much as it is “just like Indiana Jones”

    While I’m rambling, I’ll throw out my own casting thoughts. To be honest, I don’t think Fillion is the best possible Nathan Drake, I’ve always found his “smarminess” to be a bit hammy. My choice? The guy from Psych… James Roday I think? He’s got the hair, the smartassery, and although he’s been a bit doughy looking lately, he potentially has the build. Oh, and if you think Bruce Campbell wasn’t made for the role of Sully well, I don’t think I like you good sir.

  • cartouche

    Fillion is the man for this role. His role in “FIREFLY” and then in “Serenity” has cemented his legacy in the minds of SCI-FI geeks an I agree. He is a great actor with a sharp wit and comedic timing, so this is where the love comes up.

    I like Wahlberg but he is too afraid to let loose in movies (the other guys) and it never looks like he enjoys the roles. If you know this game, Drake has bravado, braun, and comedic chops. These are things that Wahlberg lacks with the exception on bravado..

    While I would like the chance to see Wahlberg redeem himself for the last few movies he has done, I think Fillion is the best choice.